Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun! Adventure! Terror!

I'm home!!  The hill country was great but it's always nice to sleep in your own bed.

So this is a three-part blog entry.  I kept meaning to get to the wifi spot at the condo but I never seemed to get around to it.  I thought about you all though!

Part 1: FUN!
Love me a road trip.  We stopped at Buc-ee's on I-10 as always and loaded up on beef jerky and a super, Texas-sized Monster.
Finally arrived at the condo. Very nice.
The living room

Rachel's apartment

The master tub with jacuzzi...that we didn't use once.
Got some sleep after eating at the worst Mexican food place ever. Dinner was washed down with some Pepto Bismal.

The next day called for swimming! I got a pouch for Rachel's camera that allows you to take pics underwater.  They can be found at Academy near the kayaks. Very cool.

But sometimes the plastic gets bent and makes some odd distorted photos. This is Charlie.



Swimming always makes me hungry.  How about you?
Dinner called for grilled t-bone steaks, broccoli and salad.
Chuck at the grill

Deliciously tender steaks.

Meat makes you happy!
Friday morning Chuck cooked eggs and bacon and we were off for to see the sights in Gruene. It's a small town next door to New Braunfels. A favorite place of mine, for sure.

One of the most popular dance halls in Texas. And the oldest.

Great restaurant that used to be an old cotton gin. Overlooks the Guadalupe River.

Everyone is happy. :)

Cheers! To a great vacation.

Chillin' outside of the wine tasting room.

Front porch of the Grapevine wine tasting room.

Lots of cute shops with sparklies.

True. True.

And the sun goes down over Canyon Lake. The view from the pool.
Mexican martini, por favor.
Redfish with a crawfish sauce and sauteed veggies. Yum!!

Rachel's tiramisu

Chuck and I split a creme brulee. His first one. :)

 It was a great day. I wish you could have been there to share it with us. Nice to get away from all your troubles and just relax.  Watching the kids have a good time is always one of the best parts of the trip.

Tomorrow: Part 2: Adventure!


  1. Thank you! I enjoyed that vicarious vacation... though I probably would've investigated the tub ;)

  2. So glad you had a wonderful time. I am envious that you got some time away for a real vacation. It will be a while for us. Everything looks great for you. Love the photos!

  3. Looks like a blast!


  4. Looks like great fun! You sure do know how to party!

  5. Looks like a FAB time was had by all! Can't wait for the next parts.

    P.S. Do you even realize how tiny you look in photos now?

  6. I LOVE the Gristmill!! We eat there every time we head down south!

  7. Nice pics. And I love the "Diet" sign! I'm glad you got to enjoy your time.

  8. Sweeeet! This looks like such a fun time. I love the pool pics and vids!

    Swimming does make me really hungry. Sometimes when I get back from the pool I don't even bother to take my suit off before whipping up a protein shake.

    Can't wait for Part 2.

  9. What a great vacation! Jeff always stops at Buc-ees on his way to San Antonio - I've never been but feel I must, now. And Gruene is so pretty. We used to go there quite often - it's just such a nice throwback to a quaint way of life.

    Loved the pool pictures!

  10. What a great trip! Love all of the pictures. I am jealous that it is warm enough to go swimming there! Can't wait for Part 2!


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