Monday, May 16, 2011

Growing Up & Camping Out

What a whirlwind the weekend was!  I'm back and brought back a nasty case of allergies with me. :)

Thursday Rachel had her first prom so I was a busy girl with that. She got her hair and makeup done at a local spa.

On the way home I suddenly remembered that the girl is supposed to supply the boutonniere! It's 3pm when I have this sudden epiphany. I called Kroger and did a little begging and they got one ready for me. Whew.  And boy did I feel old all of a sudden. How could I forget this? 

Rachel met up with a bunch of friends for a pre-prom dinner at Olive Garden.  Here she is with her date:
Sorry the pic is so fuzzy.
She had a wonderful time.

Next morning we sleep in and finally start getting our gear together for the camping trip at Huntsville State Park.  After over two hours in traffic we arrive and get set up.

Home Sweet Home. "Welcome" mat is an alligator that says "Warning: Trespassers will be delicious!" :D

Sometimes you need a helping hand to hang lights in high places. Rachel on Chuck's shoulders and in the background is a friend who came to see us.

The view of the lake from the campsite was beautiful. And we got a constant breeze.

This little titmouse stayed around us the entire weekend. Sometimes it would land right at your feet.  It was gathering food for its babies. :)

Campsite at night. Peaceful and relaxing sipping on some bubblegum vodka and listening to Marty Robbins.

Saturday we hiked for about 4.5 miles. Beautiful day. The morning actually started out a little chilly!

Rachel making friends with the locals.

Pretty passionflower.

It got pretty cool at night. In the morning we'd all be huddled in blankets and sleeping bags.
I haven't camped in a tent in a while and forgot how hard the ground can be.  But you'd be amazed what you can sleep through when you're really tired.

Charlie and I had some serious allergy issues going on. *sniff sniff*

It was a great trip and I think we were all a little sad to see it end.  You sure do sleep good in your own bed after being on the ground for a couple of nights!

Glad I'm home. Now to get back to exercise, low carb, and blogging.

Edit: My head feels so fuzzy because of these darn allergies. So if I said anything that didn't make a lot of sense it's because there's not a lot of sense going on in my head right now. :) Probably not the best time to blog, eh?


  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I don't know if this old bod could stand sleeping on the ground after being so used to a pillowtop bed. Rachel looked lovely for her first prom. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. She's gorgeous and looks so cute with her date!

    Looks like a great camping trip too!

  3. Your girl is just lovely. I'm so glad to hear she had a great time. Her date was cute, too!

    Love the camping photos!

  4. Wow...what a great looking camping trip. (love the welcome mat) Sorry your allergies are driving you crazy though - not fun!!!
    Your daughter is lovely!! Have a great day.

  5. Rachel looks absolutely stunning :)
    Hope your allergies get better soon!

  6. Love the beautiful pictures of Rachel and her DATE!!! Scary word! Glad she had fun!

    Camping...sleeping on the are hardcore. Unless it is a king size pillow top you won't find me on it.

    Except at yoga...sometimes we rest on wooden block and after flopping on those for awhile the yoga mat does feel like a pillow top.

    Hope you lose the allergies!

  7. Looks fun, but I am spoiled and I dont do tents. i loved when my DD did the prom they are fun :)

  8. Love you blog!!! And omg. The progress pics??? Fantastic!

    We used to camp out growing up and it was sooo much fun, but these days, my idea of camping is a Howard Johnson's with a black and white tv. Love that soft bed and shower!!! :)

    I added you to my Cool Links page over at my blog! Cheers!

  9. I think it's a riot that Rachel, the beautiful princess, went from the prom to the tent. Now, that is adaptable.

  10. Awwww, great camping pictures. Lovely dress for prom, she is so pretty!
    Damn, now I'm hungry for Olive Garden! LOL

    Glad you had fun, but sorry to hear about your allergies.

    p.s. Your entire post made perfect sense! LOL


  11. Love it all - especially the camping - what fun!

  12. Rachel was just lovely and what a cutie pie her date was! I hope she had a blast. :)

    You guys and your camping adventures - too much fun!

  13. Oh, she looks so lovely with the hair and dress. Her date hit the jackpot!!!!

    Saline rinses. A lot of saline rinsing. Keep the gook moving outta there. You use Zyrtec?


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