Thursday, May 12, 2011

Iron Maiden

Wednesday is weight day, as in lifting weights.  I started ChaLean Extreme last week. It's a 3 phase program with each phase lasting 4 weeks.  It requires 3 weight training sessions per week and 2 cardio sessions. There are three different circuits per week, per phase. The weight sessions range from 30-36 minutes.  I haven't started the cardio yet. (What am I waiting for?!)

So Wednesday marked the beginning of week 2 for me.  I was able to increase the weight on a couple of exercises (I am supposed to keep track of how much I lift for each exercise) and am going to increase the weight even more next time. I put a "+" beside weight amounts that I feel I should increase next time.

Burn Phase, Circuit 1, Week 2, 12 reps each:
  • sumo squat with hip lift
  • lunge with posterior fly
  • push-up with leg lift (my nemesis)
  • dead lift with posterior fly (not sure about combining an exercise that normally uses heavier weight with an exercise that normally uses lighter weight)
  • lunge with core rotation
  • bench press and leg lower (holy abs work! on the ground)
  • squat with side bend
  • forward-lean lunge with dbl. arm posterior fly
  • chest fly with hip lift (on the ground)
It doesn't matter how high I have the fan going I always sweat buckets with these routines.

I also have noticed that I am ravenous on workout days. Give me food, any food! I try to make sure I get a little extra protein on weight days. Lunch was leftover tikka masala (chicken) and dinner was a double bacon cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce.  Lots of fats and protein=very satisfying.

And I lost 1.2 pounds yesterday! Woohoo! Makes it 175.2.  Yes, I had gained a little bit.  It happens when you overindulge on vacation.

Also got in a lot of walking exercise yesterday while shopping for....gasp....Rachel's prom accessories.  It can't be!  She's my little 5# 12oz. baby! When did she grow to be taller than me and going to prom?! 

Rachel and Charlie are both homeschooled but we have a terrific support system in the Houston area and they get to do a ton of cool stuff. They take classes at museums and private classes and there are social meetups and stuff like that.  Our group also has a prom and graduation ceremonies.  This is Rachel's first prom and her first date! Am I ready for this? Someone bring me a drink. No, not water unless it's fire water. Not only prom but now boys are involved.

There are so many emotions tied up in this that I wouldn't even know how to begin to sort them out. Happy for her. Nervous for her. Love to see her becoming such a lady. Hate that I am losing my baby. It's going by too fast. And sometimes I'm ready for her to grow up a little.  Want to handle everything for her. Want her to take responsibility for her own life. Ugh. Therapy is the only answer. LOL Kidding.

We found some gorgeous shoes and accessories after visiting lots of stores. She is going to look gorgeous! I have an appointment with a spa to get her hair and makeup done today. I figured it's best to leave it to the pros for an event like this.

This afternoon a bunch of her friends are meeting at a park to take pictures so I'll be getting some too.  Then they're all going to Olive Garden together. It's a close group.  Then to prom. (No, those aren't tears in my eyes. It's allergies. *sniff sniff*) I also got her a picture frame that comes with a pen so that every one at prom can sign it then she can put in a group picture. Pretty cool. They sell them at Michael's and I think they're great for just about any special occasion like birthdays, holidays, etc.

Perhaps I'm rambling today. Maybe I'm having an emotional roller coaster. Maybe I'm not ready for all of this. But I'm definitely proud of my sweet daughter.


  1. It's completely understandable as to why you're feeling emotional about all this! The one who made you a mama is growing up. Makes you realize even more that you've got to treasure every moment, doesn't it?

  2. awwww, hang in there. I'm sure you will be ok :) I bet she looks amazing!!!

  3. I would be nervous as a mom too! My younger brother is turning 10 and I already think it's going too fast!

    I've heard good things about Chalean Extreme so thanks for sharing a bit about what it's about! I'm currently doing P90X

  4. How exciting for Rachel, and it's another stepping stone toward watching your baby move to adulthood - no wonder you're all verklempt! They grow up, whether we're ready for it or not. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  5. Sounds like an exciting night for your young lady. I hope she has a nice time. It is so hard to see them grown up.

  6. So excited for your daughter! :)

  7. What a wonderful time for Rachel right now! I am sure she will be beautiful for prom!

  8. Awe, what a great time for your daughter! My daughter is 6 years old right now and I know that time will fly by and I wish I could just slowwww it wayyyy downnnn!

    Great job on the workouts and the loss ! Whoop !

  9. A delightful the post. If you like I'll believe the tears are from liftig the heavy weights....NOT.

  10. Must be allergies!
    Yeah, to prom corsages!


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