Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day on Earth..... a "thirty-something."  This is it. The Big 4-0 strikes tomorrow. Seriously, where does the time go? I'm still 21, I swear!  I have no plans to age gracefully but to fight it kicking the whole way. I want to be a 70 year old parachuting bungee jumping tightrope walking snowboarding ziplining sitting by a lazy river reading a book & sipping wine. Well, hell. Guess I've already aged on the inside. ;-)

The plans? San Antonio Riverwalk, baby. Got a good deal at the Crowne Plaza and I'm bringing a fine bottle of wine and my family. Gonna be fun.
Exercise: ChaLean Extreme Burn Phase Circuit 1 Week 3
I was able to increase some of the weights by 5 pounds on some of the exercises. Lateral raises are still tough.
  • sumo squat with hip lift 10#
  • lunge with posterior fly 5#
  • Push up with leg lift
  • dead lift with posterior fly 5# (moving to 10# next time)
  • lunge with core rotation 10#
  • bench press with leg lower 10# (tough!) sore chest today
  • squat with side bend 15# (I feel it today!)
  • forward-lean lunge with double arm posterior fly 5#
  • chest fly with hip lift 10#
I know the weights seem light but I'm working slow (as in lifting slowly) and I'm slowly increasing. I'll get there. :)
I actually got a blister on my finger from lifting weights! Sweat was running down my face, neck and back and flying all over the place when I'd lunge. Pretty cool, really.  Time to bust out those weight lifting gloves.  The gloves combined with the massive dial-a-weight dumbbells is going to make me feel like She-ra.

Wait, no. That's not right.  Here we go.

Got my haird trimmed and lightened Thursday. I walk in and Connie says, "You've lost weight! Dang, it makes your boobs look huge!" LOL Love the honesty that can only be found at the hair salon. Hugs to ya, Connie.
Lunch: We went to BJ's Brewhouse for some lunch yesterday. I had the seared ahi tuna salad.
Being close to my birthday and all, I got a triple chocolate pizookie for free. I had a couple of bites and shared the rest with the family.

Complete with candle but, thankfully, no singing. :)
Received two free samples of Quest bars in the mail yesterday. Here are their selling points:
 A picture of the sampled peanut butter bar. Mmmm.

Tilt head sideways to read. Try it! It's fun! ;-)
 Vanilla Almond Crunch. Love. Love. Love.
 "Sampled" vanilla almond crunch. Tastes sinful.
There was a paper in the box that said to try heating them in the microwave for a few seconds for a fresh-baked cookie experience. Haven't tried that one yet but I bet sprinkled on some low carb ice cream. Oh yum.

Ingredients for vanilla almond crunch: Protein blend (whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate), chickory root fiber, almond butter, dry roasted almonds, raw almonds, water, natural flavors, sea salt, lo han guo, sucralose.

Yay! No soy protein!

I really really like these. They're only available online though. :(

Do you want to try them? Go HERE and get a couple of free samples sent to you.

Have a grand weekend.  If you feel the need to send birthday gifts such as cash, tequila, fine wines, chocolates, diamonds, whatever...please feel free. LOL

Hugs to all my blogger buds. Wish you were here with me to celebrate. I'd take you down the Riverwalk for some fun and, of course, to the Life is Good store.


  1. Yippee - first one to comment and wish you a happy 40th birthday weekend!

    Oh, and alcohol and chocolate have no calories three days prior and three days after your birthday!

    Have fun at the Riverwalk!! Hugs!

  2. Love the riverwalk! well don't take this the wrong way or tell Chuck but you look like you're 32 (my age) and you have good looks lol so don't worry about 40! it's just a num!

    Happy Birthday!


  3. Have a great time!!! US only for the bars...I swear I am going to get a PO box just over the border. :-)

    Can't wait to see the celebration pics!

    Happy Birthday Kelly!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy SA...I love the place!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your weekend in SA - blow out the thirties, because the forties are gonna be great!!!

  6. OMG Happy Birthday. Tomorrow is my birthday also...Sweet. Ok, it might not be my 40th. But, hey close enough(Not really). Just wishful thinking lol. Have a wonderful B-day.

  7. Have a happy birthday Kelly and don't fear the 40s. It's a good decade and you will be part of the cool club now :D


    That looks yummy, that pb bar. Mmmmm!

  9. Can't wait to see you!! Ahhhh!

  10. Welll, it's after 3AM, so it should be your birthday already. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweets!

    I saw that bar on Netrition and ALMOST ordered it. I may yet try it.

    Have fun on your big day!

  11. I wanted to wear gloves at CrossFit,
    And the trainer said "We're not exactly
    a glove kind of gym!"

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  12. Thanks to Anne H. for the music!!! Happy Birthday Kelly!!! ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♩♪


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