Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meaty Monday

Even though it was a Monday it was a pretty productive day. 

*15 minute cleaning spree: I set the timer and we all clean like crazy for 15 minutes.  If you're doing it right you'll break a sweat. It's a frantic cleaning episode.  You'd be surprised how much you can get done!  And 15 minutes is nothing. Just a blip and it's done.

*School with the kids: We added Texas History to our studies because there is a Texas exhibit at the museum. Yesterday we started with the rivers and Indians of Texas.  It was fun reading about the Indians because a lot of the places mentioned were places we've been.  Once we rented kayaks and paddled on a lake near the Trinity River and had lunch on an old Indian midden pile island completely made out of shells.  Very cool.

*Strength Training, Chalean Extreme Burn Phase Circuit 3, week 1. Week 1 complete! Yay!  Lots of squats, lunges and lateral raises. I'm still lifting light. Much lighter this time because my arms were still sore from Saturday. It's only 30 minutes long but I was sweating! When I'd go in for a lunge sweat would fly off my face. Awesome.

All 12 reps each:
  • Sumo squats with overhead press
  • lunge with calf raise
  • squat with lateral raise
  • lunge with frontal raise
  • squat with calf raise
  • sumo squat with delt raises
  • squat with double overhead press
  • lunge with lateral raise
  • sumo squat with calf raise
* Drank my water: I had no trouble getting in all of my fluids for the day. I kept making liters of raspberry flavored sparkling water with my Soda Stream. I had to get used to a sparkling drink that wasn't sweet. 

*Protein! I was so hungry after working out.  Needed some protein to build those muscles, right?  We went to a meat market Saturday and got filet mignons for $1.99 each!  20 of them babies.  Also some HUGE strip steaks and some marinated chicken and beef fajitas. All on sale.  Next time I'm getting the pork tenderloin stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. mmmmm.

Funny story: (keep in mind these steaks are already individually wrapped in bacon)
Lady at the meat counter (regarding the steaks): how do you want these wrapped?
Me: In bacon.  (she looks confused)
Chuck: LOL  Wrap them in twos.
Me: *palm to the forehead* (Oh, she meant how many wrapped together for the freezer.)
Duh!  But it would be awesome if they had sheets of bacon to wrap them in. Just sayin.

My meaty dinner: 2 filet mignons (wrapped in bacon), broccoli and a salad with cilantro, cucumber, parmesan, bacon bits, and parsley.
Oh, and a glass of wine. :)

Was finally satiated after that.

*Sleep: I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  I just can't get my mind to quiet down enough to let me slumber. And when I do get to sleep I'm up again within a few hours. Not nearly long enough.  Last night I had no trouble going to sleep. I passed out and slept all night through. YAY for me! I feel human again. :)

For a Monday, I'd say it was a pretty good day.


  1. LOL @ bacon wrapping! I think you might be onto something there... ;)

    Sleep disturbances are the worst! Glad you had a better night!

  2. Bacon wrapped fillets sounds awesome to me. The should have thought of that as it is a popular way to eat fillets. Sounds like a great Monday and good for you on the great workout. I'm trying to get myself motivated to do something today. Need some kind of exercise.

  3. Glad to hear you finally got some sleep!

    If you need some help with eating those filets, don't forget, I'm within driving distance now :D

    Oh, did I ever tell you that I can finally buy those Carb Check bagels now? Yep, they're right there in the H-E-B down the street. YAY!

  4. Well, bacon DOES make everything better!

    Me: go to bed around 9 p.m. every night. Fall asleep fast because I'm tired. Wake up 1:30-2:30. Stay awake until alarm goes off at 4. Get up exercise. Do this Sun.-Fri. Friday night go to bed with Ambien. Sleep all night, wake up approximately 10 hours later. Feel fabulous, finally!

    Lather, rinse, repeat thanks to mid-life hormones.

  5. mmmmm bacon! That's funny, that is totally something I would have said!
    I like the idea of a 15 min cleaning session. May have to give it a whirl!

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic Monday! :)

    Dinner sounds yummy! Great job with your workout! I'm your newest follower!

  7. If I get four hours of sleep in a row at night I consider it a miracle. I really should have a baby NOW - what the heck, I'm up all night anyway!

  8. Ha - I would have asked the same thing!! Score on the meat - I got some marinated pork taco meat for $1.49 a pound this past week - can't wait to try it out tonight.

    Great job on getting all your water! I do great during the week at work, just after work and on the weekends.

  9. Bacon for wrapping paper...I think you are on to something here.

    The filet mignon look delicious!!!

    Yay to completing Week 1...even if Chuck had to do your hair. :-)

    I can remember my arms being so sore I couldn't lift them up to comb my own hair!

  10. Sounds like you're doing great girl! Keep it up =) ... Those steaks look soooooo good! =)

  11. Girl did that cow moo when you bit into it? Just messin' with you, I am a medium well person myself.

  12. Bacon wrapped fillets??? SO Yum!!! Bacon wrapped birthday presents? Maybe not so much! Happy to read that a good night sleep found you!!!! Have a great day.


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