Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?  We typically keep it low key around here on that day. I was looking through some pictures of past Mom's Days and saw that we usually spend the day together outdoors hiking or geocaching followed by a dinner.  Usually the dinner is at home because we prefer to avoid the crowds.

This year was a little different. I got some goodies:

A Soda Stream Genesis.  I saw Carb Tripper had one and kept talking about it. I asked some questions and decided that I had to have one. LOVE it!  I can make root beer, coke, red bull, dr pepper and diet flavors too.  No aspartame in the diet ones. Yay!  Makes a liter at a time from your own tap water (or filtered water). Tap the button a few time to release CO2 from the canister. Add flavoring. Gently shake. Enjoy.
Mine came with a box of different flavors to sample. I like them all except the diet cola one which tastes like Diet Pepsi. I'm not a big Pepsi fan. The rest are great.
Very tasty and quick to make. No more lugging in bottles and boxes. That alone is worth the price of admission.
I also got some candles and a few bottles of fancy handgel.  These were all things that I picked out myself. They got me exactly what I wanted! LOL

The best gift of all was the cards that the kids made for me. These I'll treasure.
From Charlie. I love the top picture of me on the ziplines. LOL

From Rachel. Couldn't have made a more perfect card. There was more on the back. Love those kids. :)
For the super cool part of the day we had tickets to ride in a WWII era C47 plane that used to be the private plane of the president of Mexico. Thanks, Groupon!  This was to be the kids' first time to fly.
Arrived at 9:50am.
We each received a laminated ticket that the pilot used to keep a head count.  Each flight can hold 16 people so he knows when he hands out 16 tickets that it's time to fly. The tickets had a brief history of the plane on the back.
The Southern Cross.

They told us that these holes are gun holes.

Pretty bare bones. 16 seats and some windows.
 They fired up the engines and we sat on the runway as they powered up. The plane started shaking.  That's when I got a little nervous.  Then as we started down the runway Chuck took this video of the kids' first flight experience. Do they look nervous to you? ;)

Once we were in the air we could take off our hearing protection and walk around. It was a windy day so every now and then the plane would dip or swoop and you better be holding on to something!

A few people got motion sickness and didn't walk around at all. One poor guy lost his breakfast in a trash bag. 

I'm glad we didn't go in the summer because there is no AC in the plane.  A morning ride is advisable.
Large windows for viewing.  Be careful walking around and keep your knees soft!

The San Jacinto monument.

They didn't even care if you walked right up to the cockpit.

So much to see. The world looks so peaceful from a distance. I think she had a great time. Love to see that smile.

Battleship Texas

Charlie was a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. He just wanted to stay in his seat and look out the window. He'd never seen anything like this before.  We forced him to get up to see the cockpit because that's not something you normally get to do.  He had a great time.  I don't think he wanted it to stop. But he did get a touch of motion sickness. I think we all did.

Love the stripes on the wings.  Chuck told me they put them on there during the war so they would be easily recognized by our allies and they wouldn't shoot us down.

No! Don't assume the crash position!

Kemah Boardwalk.

 After the flight they gave each lady a flower for Mother's Day. Very sweet. I like that added touch of class.

I was literally on cloud nine. I smiled for hours afterwards.  If you think you might want to ride in a super cool plane and have an experience of a lifetime, just go to their web site and check their calendar for more details. They usually fly out of Fort Worth.
We went home to let "some people" overcome the motion sickness chilled at the house for a while then went to my in-laws' house to give my MIL her Mother's Day gift: a collage picture frame with pictures of the kids.  It looked great and I think she really liked it. YAY!

We had planned to cook steaks but by the time we left the in-laws' house we were all starving.  One place seemed to be on everyone's minds.

Located in Kemah. We flew over it that morning!

"Prepared in a Texas state of mind."
Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
The outdoor seating area is one of my favorites.  They have live bands every night.

Had a boudain ball as an appetizer. It's a sausage/rice mixture. Soooo good.

No WAY I can eat all that! Chicken fried steak fingers. Very tasty.  Someone said that calories don't count on Mother's Day. I subscribe to that way of thinking. ;-)
It was a fantastic day. I love spending time with my family. The kids got along well (mostly because it was my wish for the day?) and I only had to remind them a few times that it was my day and I wanted them to be nice to each other.  By the end of the day we were all exhausted and had no trouble going to sleep.

I felt like a very lucky lady yesterday.  The flight was a nice thrill but the best part was being surrounded by people who love me and each other.  There is no price tag for something as wonderful as that.
In other news, I'm sticking with my workout schedule and am I sore! My legs were screaming when I had to climb the stairs to get on the plane. But that's good. Means I'm working the parts that need to be worked.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day too.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Kelly. The plane trip must have been exciting. We stayed home and just relaxed. I'm glad you had such a lovely day, dear. :)O

  2. You're always having some kind of adventure! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Looks like a GREAT day, Kelly! I got homemade cards from the kids, too - isn't it hilarious the things they come up with?! Way better than Hallmark :)

  4. What a fantastic mother's day! love the cards from the kids and I've been eyeing that soda maker forever!!!

  5. Love everything!
    Most of all, I love your family and your love of life!
    You are one person who is truly and actually alive and loving it!

  6. Love this post!!! What a perfect day!

    You are absolutely beaming in the video! I think Rachel and Charlie look a wee bit nervous, but I applaud them as I will no longer get on an airplane.

    The cards were great!!! The food looks fantastic! What more could you ask for? The perfect day!

  7. You guys have the funnest adventures! What a great first plane ride for the kids; how cool that you could walk around and even go to the cockpit!

    Love the cards. And the necklace is so you - perfect! I'm laughing about the Soda Stream after just having read Carla's get all the fun toys! Glad you had such a great mother's day. :)

  8. Oh my goodness, that looks like an INCREDIBLE day Kelly. Glad you had a great Mother's Day!!! I LOVE those cards that your kids made!!! Have a great day.

  9. What a perfect day!

    Love the cards, too. Very sweet.

  10. Fun, fun, fun. Looks like you all had a great time.

    Love the cards BTW.

  11. What a fun day, beats the 2 soccer games that I went to, although, watching the kids play soccer is one of my favorite things to do.

  12. Wow! That looks like a really fun day! :)

  13. That looks like a great day - I love seeing all the sights from that viewpoint. It's like whirlwind tour of the greater H-town area!


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