Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shooting a Moving Target

I've been reading a book called Unleash the Warrior Within.  It has some good advice on choosing targets (goals) in life and how to stay focused.  It's been helpful for me to learn how to identify which goals are truly important to me and are the easiest to attain. I was surprised that "hiking the Grand Canyon" fell so low on my list after the points were tallied and "cleaning house" was ranked so high.  The book continually reminds how difficult it is to hit a moving target and we should stay focused on one target.

At the same time I've been reading The New Evolution Diet. Does anyone else read more than one book at a time? Maybe have several beside the bed that you read? Anybody? It's an "ok" book but one thing that I've taken away from it is the idea that we shouldn't be so concerned about losing weight but changing body composition.  We don't just want to lose weight, we want to lose fat and gain muscle. That's the real goal. What good is it to lose a lot of weight but still be flabby and jiggly when we move? No, I want that firm body that looks good in clothes. (and out)

So what's my target here? I've been looking at a target weight of 150 pounds and when I reached that goal I was going to join Bayou City Outdoors, an outdoor adventure and social club. But now I'm reconsidering my goal (target).

I have an image in my mind of what I'd like to look like. I have no idea what weight that actually represents. 150#? 140#? I just know that it's important for me to fit in size 8 clothes again (it's what I wore in high school and I think I look best at that size) and I want my belly shrunken and my arms to be thinner and my legs more toned. That's what I really want. But should I change my target?

Changing a target changes what "weapons" you choose and weapons choose which movement you use (all from Unleash the Warrior Within). If I change my goal to a certain image instead of a number, what "weapon" will I use to achieve that target?

Weapon 1: food.  I will have to eat low carb because that's what my body responds to. Having issues with insulin, PCOS and thyroid it's the best way for me to eat. Believe me, I've tried other things. Some things work a little. Low carb worked the best for me. And out of all I think it's the easiest for me to follow.

Weapon 2: exercise.  To achieve a tight body I need to strength train 3 times per week. Cardio should be intense but is not as important as the weight lifting. So 2 days a week of some kick-ass high intensity interval training including plyometrics (which I dislike).

Weapons determine movement.
Movement: planning menus, choosing what I'll eat at a restaurant before we go out, making it a priority to exercise in the morning before the day gets the best of me, getting plenty of sleep, walking.

I think weighing in is still important because it is a good way to see if you're on track. It's kind of hard to gain 30 pounds and say "well, muscle weighs more than fat". It keeps me honest.  But the main goal is the image that I see for myself. And I think that when I reach that realistic image that I will be at goal. Size 8 and firm. I'm 5'7" so anything less than size 8 on my frame just doesn't look good.

Where am I now? Size 12 and firming up but not as much as I'd like. Some of my size 12s are getting loose. I may try on a pair of Rachel's 10s to see how far I have to go before I can shop a new size.  I know I've been eating out a lot lately and not always having what's best. The rest of the time I stay right on plan and work hard when I exercise. It's still not enough. That means I'm still not 100% focused.

Guess what: it's not happening today. We have a beer dinner scheduled for tonight. Fun opportunity that I did not want to miss. Life happens now, not when I reach goal. You may not agree with splurges and that's ok. I understand.  I've just made the choice to enjoy some things right now.

This weekend is my big 4-0 (I swear I'm still 17 inside....maybe 21). I will probably have a nice celebratory meal with the family in San Antonio (got a great deal at Travel Zoo!!) and do a lot of walking. Tonight I will enjoy my beer but be picky about my eats. There will be sliders so I'll remove the top bun on one and eat just the meat of the others. There will be seared tuna salad and parmesan chicken. And I'm going to love every minute of it because life is way too short for regrets.
Rachel has been hired to make a teacher appreciation cake! Yesterday we went all over town getting the ingredients for her cake and found one place that would rent the book cakepan that she wanted. I'll post pictures when she's finished.

While out shopping I happened to stop by DSW (it was so close to Michael's!) and got a cute pair of sandals.
Oh dear. Time to do the toes. Gosh, it looks like my big toes have been broken! My toes were gripping the sandals because I was leaning over to try to get a picture of the shoes. LOL
And a cookbook that I had ordered with a coupon came in the mail. I see more steaks in my immediate future. :)
Yesterday I posted some pics of our wine tasting at Dry Comal Creek vineyards.  What I didn't post were the wines that we ended up buying:

This wine was so fruity and light that I think it would go great with a light summer dish. Maybe a grilled chicken salad with some melon on the side?

Another table wine that Dry Comal Creek uses for their sangria. It's not very heavy but has a nice flavor to it. I also like the novelty of it. It is wine used from their foot stomping contest in August.

On the back of the bottle are the names of all the participants in the foot stomping contest. You know I want to do this!

One day they had bottled some juice and when they opened the barrel it had a different smell to it. They knew who the mother was for the grapes but not the father so they bottled it anyway and called it Mongrel Bastard. On the label they put the names of other famous "bastards." The wine itself is very fruity. Not available in stores and only available until they run out because they have no idea how to replicate the "mistake". I got two bottles. :)

NOT from Dry Comal Creek was this 2005 Bordeaux. It was a pick from Cook's Illustrated on Wine. They send out emails about select wines with discount prices.
I may have purchased more than one. ;-)  This is ready to drink now but I may just have to save a bottle for when I reach my target.  An interesting blog post about the estate.
All of that wine and a beer dinner tonight. I better get off this computer and get in some exercise! Don't worry, I'm still keeping my weight under control and my clothes are fitting looser. After next weekend it will come off even faster because we'll be staying home for a little while.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy life to the fullest.


  1. Oh fun. Just catching up on your weekend posts. LOVE the time away with your honey! And all the wine!!! Like you, I want to grape stomp....but not in those gorgeous new sandals! :) Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendations! I love the idea of rethinking these things as "weapons"

    Shoes look adorable!

  3. Love the sandals and the attitude. The book sounds great. I wish you the best in working toward your new goals.

  4. I'm thinking you need to flip that target list around and move Grand Canyon up... but it sounds like you're already headed that way! You are so right. Life needs to be enjoyed and LIVED right this very minute. I have passed up too many things in my life because I felt I shouldn't "yet" or "until" I got to my target weight. The past couple of years of my life with the (too many) deaths have convinced me otherwise and I have been trying diligently not to put things - and living - off. We are not guaranteed even our minute. Live it up Kelly!

  5. Girl you guys seem to be having a great time every weekend lately!Love the sandals

  6. I didn't do any cardio for 2.5 years after starting Pilates. I simply was so big that moving hurt my knees like mad. So, I didn't.

    Now, I can walk with ease, though I can't jog/run. But because I read The New Evolution Diet (I liked it a lot, mostly for the fasting workout info and the exercise info, I already was eating pretty much how they do), I added some sprints. I want to add some more weight ligting. I do strength training now.

    Like you, I have an idea of what I want to look at. It's not the 135 lbs I weighed in H.S. I don't want to live deprived. I want a sustainable weight and for me, that's gonna be larger. I also likely won't have plastic surgery, so tightness, not so much. I have that loose skin thing, my flesh doesn't FIT right, so from my upper thighs up to my upper arms, wobbly. I have very strong abs, but that pannus ain't gonna let it shine high-powered. ; )

    I like both those books a lot you mentioned, mentioned them on my blog earlier this year, and they are USEFUL for us fatfighters. :) I still do the fasting workout at least 2x a week.

    Target. Weapons for it.Target. Weapons for it. Focus. Yep.

  7. I read more than one book at a time too! Depends on my mood :)
    I think it's totally normal to have a number goal but as you get closer to it, if you are happy with what you see then you will know you're right where you should be

  8. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that reads several books at the same time! I usually have 3 or 4 going at once. My nightstand is a scary place :D

  9. How are you almost 40? I could have sworn you were 10 years younger than me, and I'm only 47 (for another week ;) ). I'm sure you will have a celebration in the way of the Motley Schu crew - can't wait to hear all about it!

    I tried on those exact same sandals - they are so cute! I didn't buy them because I kinda have a lot of sandals at the moment. Oh, and you are right...it's hard to take a picture of shoes when you're wearing them!

    So making changes and choices...I think it's good to reevaluate your priorities and goals periodically. Not being married to a specific number is a good thing, in my opinion. Feeling good with where you are is. I think you will know when you get there.

  10. I read several books at once, add me to that list.

    I love ploymetrics! I'll do plyos for you if you do ab work for me.

    I've floated around with goal weight/size. I really don't have one in mind other than I'll know it when I'm there.


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