Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tikka Tuesday

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today I am of an average mind as it was just an average day.  Nothing wrong with an ordinary day. It just doesn't contain a lot of action.

A small new shop opened in my area that sells Indian-Pakistani groceries and fast food. I needed some paneer so I made a little visit. The shop owner was very kind and smiled a lot but there was a language barrier between us. I could understand little of what he said and he could understand little of what I said. But we managed. 

There were so many spices, flours and staples that I had never seen before.  They had a freezer section with ethnic bread products by Pillsbury!

I ended up ordering some chicken curry and saag paneer and purchased a block of paneer (a type of cheese) for future use. The curry was tasty but had chunks of chicken with bones. Yuck.  The saag paneer was good and very spicy.

At home, Charlie was sick. I think it's just allergies. Poor guy.  We're both sneezing and snorking.

I got a new book in the mail (I'm like a kid when a package comes in the mail): Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard "Mack" Machowicz who is the host on Future Weapons. I call him the Gun Whisperer.

I just finished the introduction but love what it has to say so far.
Some quotes that hit home:

"Whatever you want out of life comes down to your ability to focus. No one really ever teaches us how to focus other than just to say "focus." We are supposed to understand exactly what that means and, maybe for the most part, we get the gist of what it means. But, the challenge is that focus is like a laser beam: move a little to the left or right or add a little fog or some distance, and the laser either misses the target completely or diffuses to such an extent that it acts like a poor flashlight."

"You don't have to like it, you just have to do it."  (I say this one all the time!)

"If you want something bad enough, you have the power to make it happen--no matter what other people have to say, no matter how  tough the odds at first appear to be."

"Anything we wish to accomplish is available to us.  All we have to do is focus on the moments we place ourselves in, bring our very best to those moments, and not quit until we make them a reality."
And this is all before Chapter 1!

The book is supposed to help you "develop the focus, discipline, confidence and courage you need to achieve unlimited goals" and can apply to any aspect in your life.  This is something I need at this time of year when my resolve starts to slip and I become a little too carefree with eating and exercise.  I've looked over my weight graphs for the past couple of years and every summer I gain weight. Realizing this about myself, I have decided that this summer will be different and I will have to be more aware of my tendencies.  I'm hoping that this book will help me in my resolve and help me stay focused on the target: weight loss goal/fitness.

So far the weekdays are pretty easy for me. The weekends hold a grab bag of challenges. We are busy so restaurants become an easy dinner option and along with that option comes temptation. This is where resolve weakens. This is where focus becomes paramount to my success.

I've already kicked it up a notch with exercise. Next week I'll be scheduling in some cardio on the off days of my weight training. So far so good! 

Exercise: some functional fitness. I mowed the grass and starting a push mower can be a nice workout. ("start, you damn thing!")

Eats: some munchies like an egg foldover sandwich, a few bites of watermelon, a cheese stick, some nuts.  Wasn't terribly hungry until dinner.

Chicken Tikka Masala over cauliflower "rice" and saag paneer

The tikka masala is homemade and an absolute symphony in the mouth. It's hard to put into words how wonderful this dish is.  We were really surprised at how well the cauliflower rice turned out! It had the texture of rice and did not impart any flavor to the dish. It just gave you that feel of rice without all the carbs and empty calories.

Cauliflower Rice: break cauliflower into florets and place in microwavable bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Heat on high for 4 minutes. Let stand 4 minutes. Run through grater in food processor. Done.

We went to bed with happy tummies and got another night of rest. Two nights in a row sleeping!

See you tomorrow. :)


  1. Dinner was fantastic! I can't believe how well the "rice" turned out. I am having this for lunch today, and I can hardly wait.

  2. When I lived in Zambia, I was taught to make Chicken Curry by an Indian woman whose husband was a professor at the University. "Real" Indian Chicken Curry is always made with the whole chicken, bones and all. It's us westerners who have changed the meat to boneless, skinless chicken breast lol!

  3. I just went to an Indian grocery store this Saturday and I loved it :) My boyfriend is Indian so I try to cook indian inspired food at least a few times a week. Your dishes look so delicious and healthy!

    LOVE IT!

  4. You dinner looks wonderful. I have never tried Indian food but you are making me want some. It sounds great.

  5. Those are some great quotes! I LOOOVE chicken curry! Would you please go over to my blog and "refollow me" i had to recreate my blog, it said it ddin't exist :( thx

  6. Oh my - I LOVE Indian food!! I'd never thought to serve it on cauliflower rice, thank you for that great idea. And love the quotes from the book. Words to live by for sure. Have a great day.

  7. I have only had Indian food maybe once or twice...ok, maybe once. I should try it - you make it sounds so good! Love your "rice" - what a great idea.

    Any book that is inspiring and gets you to focus (haha) is so worth the read - I just ordered something that was recommended in my comments today. Whatever works, right?

  8. I love paneer! I would be all over that store like nobody's business.

    I was thinking about cauliflower rice, but sometimes I have trouble with substitutes and being disappointed, you know?

  9. I have a Paleo book with the cauliflower rice, and have been too lazy to look for my food processor (bought years ago and NEVER USED, still ina box somewhere). But I realy wanna try it.

    We're huge fans of Indian food, so your food pics today are KILLING ME. Palak panneer, matar paneer, dal, aloo chole..eggplant bharta...I adore the vegetarian stuff and cheese veggie stuff. Mmmmmmmm......

    I have one of the quotes you excerpted on my blog sidebar. He's very inspiring, right?

  10. Can you believe I have never eaten Indian food? I really need to because it looks so good!

  11. I am a big fan of Indian food...yum!

    I wish you success with retaining your focus during the summer!


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