Monday, May 23, 2011

A Weekend with my Honey

Oh my gosh! I don't think we've ever done so many things in so little time. Did I mention how much I love Groupon?  Seriously, we've been able to do some amazing things by using coupons! Houston Entree, Groupon, Living Social, Cheap Eats in Houston, Travel Zoo.....I just keep my eyes open for great deals and save a ton of money doing fun things.

This past weekend I had a Living Social Escape voucher for a two night stay for two at Canyon Lakeview Resort that also came with a wine tasting for two at Dry Comal Creek Vineyards.  I had also purchased a Groupon from San Antonio for a half price helicopter ride.  Before our trip I signed up for a birthday special for Gruene River Grill so that I would get my entree for free.  There are ways to enjoy life on the cheap.

Friday we left for the hill country. Every single time we go to the hills we try to figure out a way to move there. Still no luck.
We arrive at our lodge around 7pm.
 It had a motel style feel to it. Bedroom windows against the front walk area. There's Vincent Van Go parked in the background.

Barn swallows had nests along the roof line. So cute! I love their little flat heads.

The view from the back deck. The lake is in the background.

The view from the living area towards the hallway. It had two bunkbeds in the hall. Cozy?
The view from the hallway. The stairs in the corner went to a closed door upstairs. We could hear everything up there! Even their conversations. Walls were just a little too thin.

I really liked this bathroom sink!

The property did have some nice trails and beautiful views of the lake.

Wildflowers were blooming just for us. :)

Sunsets over the lake were peaceful and beautiful.

Where would we be without smartphones. They take pictures. They post to facebook. Good for using your Groupons. :)
Friday night we went into Gruene for some dinner. It was incredibly crowded. We had to park in a field about 5 miles away (I exaggerate a little) and walk to the restaurant. We listened to a live band over an awesome burger served on a sweet sourdough roll.

Back at the lodge we lounged on the back porch and listened to a man a few doors down give dating advice to two divorcees. Interesting to say the least. Then lightning started to light up the sky and the breeze picked up. A heavy rain descended on the tin roof as we sat on a porch swing. I honestly think that was the highlight of the trip. Just being still for a moment with my Chuck and listening to the rain and watching the sky light up. It was one of those moments. Know what I mean? Peaceful.

Saturday morning Chuck made breakfast (really lunch since we slept until 10:30) and then headed out to enjoy our free wine tasting at Dry Comal Creek Vineyard.

 We tasted sixteen different wines. Whew! By the end of it we were good friends with the people at the tasting bar. Funny how spirits liven spirits. As we tasted we made notes on the wine menu about which were our favorites.

These were not exceptional wines but would be good for a nice summer dinner on a patio. Nothing you would break out to impress guests though. That being said, we left with 4 bottles of wines that we enjoyed. I'll share pics of those tomorrow. ;-)

They offered a drink called a Spicy Diver: Sauvignon Blanc with sweet spicy jalapenos. You were to drink the wine and chew the jalapenos 27 times (they were specific about this) before swallowing. VERY good stuff! 

After the tasting it was time for some munchies at Gruene River Grill where I got to use my birthday coupon for a free entree. (my birthday is on the 28th but the coupon could be used early)
Ribs, for her pleasure.

And maybe a cocktail. It IS the last day on earth,after all, right?
Time to head back to the lodge.

Deer. Have I mentioned that this place was crawling with deer? Everywhere! These things would crawl in your lap if you weren't careful. We bought some bread to feed to them.

Chuck and I were both bit and drooled upon by overzealous deer.

Kisses. How sweet!  Still, he plans to get some venison for the freezer this fall. Cute but tasty.

This was supposed to be the end of the world. Apocalypse now? Later? Zombie deer?

The grounds also had some beautiful peafowl. The peacock was strutting his stuff for the ladies.

"Get my good side."
Being Saturday and the end of the world and all that jazz, I decided to break open a bottle of wine that I had been saving for a special occasion for about 3 years. End of the world and 40th birthday are something to celebrate, yes? OK, so it's not my birthday until next week but since the end of the world was arriving a week early I thought I better go ahead and celebrate now.
Absolutely wonderful. Well worth the wait.
Eventually we did get hungry again and Chuck fired up the grill and we invited a deer to dinner with veggies. Mostly vension though.
Ok, so it was really a T-bone steak. :)
We walked around the lake and looked for fossils. Built a sad rock cairn that fell over.  Just enjoyed each other's company.

I think I've forgotten how to just be. I'm always running around and doing stuff (groceries, bills, playing taxi, school, cooking, exercise, blogging, etc) that it's actually difficult for me to relax and enjoy the moment. I'm looking for the next thing to do. This weekend I got back in touch with just enjoying the moment at hand. I think sitting on the porch in the evenings did it for me. Listening to soft music and enjoying a glass of wine with my hubby at my side and a cool breeze in my face. It was exactly what I needed.

Sunday it was time to head home. I had one more Groupon to use before we left for a helicopter ride in New Braunfels.

The rides were offered at a place called Texas Ski Ranch. They had a large pond with a pulley system that wakeboarders could hold on to and ski and jump off ramps. It was so cool!

They also had giant inflatable balls that you could get in and roll down a hill. You can see it in the video of the helicopter take off.
Ready for the flight. Not nervous at all.

Take off!
The wind was blowing us around pretty good up there. I stayed calm because the pilot was calm. Chuck and I both got a touch of motion sickness though.
Beautiful views.

That's the Guadalupe River in the foreground.

This gorge was made in the flood of 2002. The only time the lake had flooded its dam.  The gorge uncovered dinosaur tracks and can be viewed by appointment. I definitely want to go back and hike this!
The lodge was nice but I don't think it's worth their rates. We went because we got a great deal but I don't think we'd go back unless we got another deal. There were no paper towels and they never did supply the deer feed as advertised even though I called and asked. The tub did not drain. The pros are the view, the porch and having a kitchen available.

It was a great weekend with my sweetie. I think we both needed the quiet time away.


  1. Love that last picture.
    Let's go again!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time. I wish Dail and I could get away alone for a few days but it can't be arranged anytime soon. Maybe in the fall. It is just that we both hate to leave Nicholas behind. We are a threesome in his eyes and he doesn't like to be away from us very much.

    I love deer but don't like venison. They are just too lovely to eat. I would love to be able to pet and pamper a deer though. It looks like a lot of fun. My dad was a deer hunter but I just could never get into the venison he brought home. I think I will stick with cows and chickens.


  4. Can I tell you just how jealous I am of you all the fun places you went to! I need to subscribe to more of those sites. I think I get living social! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I couldn't see the videos...they were marked private when I clicked on them. Boo!!!

    This looks like a really fabulous weekend! The deer are so cute!

    Can't wait to see what is in store for next weekend!

  6. Videos were private - I'll check back later to see if you've clicked whatever box needs to be clicked so we can see them. :)

    Love the all the deer pictures. Tame wild animals are pretty cool!

    Sounds like a great weekend, and I know exactly what you mean about needing to slow down and just be. Glad you got your relaxation on.

    Oh, and I think the helicopter would make me motion sick, but wow, what amazing views! Never knew that gorge existed!

  7. What a lovely time, thin walls and all. You made a memory right? And that's what's important. I need a review of that Cakebread Chardonnay. It's my one day I'm buying a bottle of that wine, wine. Also, what kind of martini is that? And no, I don't have a drinking problem, I just want ALL the details lol!

  8. I think I have the videos working now.

  9. LOL, love Zombie deer video!!!

  10. Amazing... I'm totally jealous too! I want to be just like you and your hubby, you do fun stuff, you eat good, you truly enjoy life and you have 2 really cool kids!

    Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!

    Now if I could just figure out a way to have children and earn more money :)


  11. That last pic is absolutely fabulous! Glad you enjoyed the time with your sweetie. :)


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