Friday, June 17, 2011

Foodie Friday

A quick post before we head off for the mini-vacation.

Good news: I lost 3 pounds this week! Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that.

Lunch- breakfast taco with turkey sausage crumbles, egg, cheese and salsa on low carb tortilla

Dinner- low carb burger with bacon and cheese and cholula sauce from Mooyah. Yum!
I had to play taxi to Rachel for her Gavel Club meeting so we were out on the roads a lot yesterday.

I had a voucher for some chocolates at Expression Fine Chocolate in Houston so I went by there to pick up my order. She was very generous with how much she gave me! I just told her I wanted a sampling of things she was making during the week.  When I arrived at her shop this was waiting on the counter for me.


chocolate dipped orange peel and biscotti

chocolate dipped cherries


the best turtle I've ever eaten

Rocky Road fudge

chocolate covered espresso beans
Charlie was very impressed by the edible gold leaf on the truffles. He was sure that if he collected it he would be rich and was amazed that people actually eat gold. Wait until I bring home a bottle of Goldschlager!
And Rachel had a free slice of cake coming to her from Dessert Gallery so we braved the Houston rush hour traffic and got her a slice of chocolate cake, Chuck a piece of tres leches (I had 3 nibbles and it was heavenly), and Charlie two chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies.

After dinner I settled down with a glass of 2005 Bordeaux and read aloud from the Hunger Games to the family. A very nice close to a busy day.

OK, I'm off to see San Antonio. You sure you don't want to come? :)

PS: The cauliflower I made in the last post wasn't from a recipe. I just heated up some frozen cauliflower and added what I'd normally add to a baked potato. Very tasty.

Have a great weekend!


  1. My gosh, I want to pick up those samples!!! You hit the chocolate jackpot - how wonderful!!!

    Have a great time this weekend. :)

  2. Holy! That's a lot of chocolate. It's heaven for me :)

    Congratulations on 3 lbs loss! Have a great weekend!

  3. Must steal Kelly's chocolate. Now.

  4. I'm with Helen!! We're gonna steal it while you're away ;)

    Have fun in San Antonio!

  5. That tres leches cake looks divine. You find the best deals! Have a great time in SA!

  6. I would love to come. Not just cause you made me salivate like mad over the choco porn, but cause you guys seem like a super fun crew. What a lovely family. Wish we were neighbors and could share the lower-carb happiness on walks and such.

    Enjoy the vacay and congrats on a stellar loss.

  7. Eww! San Antonio?! :D

    Those chocolates look so delicious, I wanted to lick my computer screen!

  8. Um, pretty sure all those chocolates are insulin worthy!!

  9. Rocky Road Fudge ? Seriously ? I have to find some immediately !


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