Thursday, June 9, 2011


Now that I have my wheels back I was on the road yesterday. Wheeeeeee.

First stop was the library to get the kids signed up for the summer reading club. The entire parking lot was packed and I had to park way around the corner in the only remaining spot.

Our library is small. Very small. It shares space in the teeny, tiny strip center with a little cafe and some other business that I have no idea what they do. That little library was packed with kids and their parents. Apparently I had picked the day when they were having one of their summer activities that included live animals and parents come out of the woodwork to bring their kids anywhere to see live animals. I've been guilty of this as well and it usually turns out to be something we've had as a pet or my parents have had as a pet.  Turtle? Done that. Guinea pig? Rat? Squirrel? Birds? Dogs? Skunk? Opossum? Cats? Snakes? Lizards? Frogs? Alligator? Chickens? Ducks? Owl? Wallaby?  Already seen and held all of it. Either I have had these in my own house or my parents have. All of them.

We waded through the sea of kids and signed up for the program and left. The library was seriously lacking some space. Our stomachs were starting to rumble so we decided to try the new cafe that opened up next to the library.

I had high hopes of having a little place that I might like to visit from time to time and hang out with their free wi-fi. I ordered a chicken salad. This is what I got.
So there was a little bit of chicken on a mound of iceberg lettuce that had been tossed with a ranch dressing lacking any flavor at all. All was topped with a few shred of cheddar and a piece of chopped American cheese. I've never had a salad with squares of American cheese slices before. Now I know why.

Charlie ordered the kids' chicken strip. Literally, it was one chicken strip and was certainly not homemade.  The dishes were lacking flavor and we laughed about how terrible it was when we left. It's a shame really. It would be nice if this little town had something good besides Taco Bell and Sonic. Yes, those are our finest restaurants. :)
Chuck and I had given Rachel a gift card to Barnes and Noble so we headed over there for her to spend her loot. I brought my nook to see if I really could read any book for free while in the store. Well, what do ya know? It works!  While I sat amazed at my electronic gadget, Rachel picked out her goodies: a zombie cross stitch kit, The Odyssey, Lord of the Flies, and a book about cookie designs. This store has it all. Lacks nothing.

Then home to do school and that took us the rest of the day. By the time Chuck called to say he was on his way home, we were just wrapping up a math lesson. Rachel has finally settled into a routine with her work but Charlie still fights me every step of the way unless it's science. The kids loves science. I have high hopes of him fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a mad scientist.

Dinner: bacon cheeseburgers in a low carb pita half. A couple of Doritos (oops)

The burgers smelled so good and we were all so hungry that I forgot to take a picture. We ate every last bit of them. They were very good. I used some seasoning that I picked up at Kroger called Hamburger Grill Seasoning. Excellent. Certainly not lacking any flavor.

After dinner I read aloud to the family from The Hunger Games then went to bed.  It had so many good ratings online that I thought we'd read it together. So far it's a little dark but it's definitely holding Charlie's attention which is just short of a miracle.

We were busy all day but I wouldn't say it was an "eventful" day. I got a lot done and we all went to sleep easily except for me who got caught up in a James Patterson novel (1st to Die) and couldn't stop reading.

One thing that was lacking in my day was exercise. I've got to get back to my schedule. Eating is going ok but the exercise is just not there. No excuses either. Just do it, right?

One area that I am not lacking is happiness. I have a good life with a good family and I am very happy. We don't have it all figured out and sometimes things will happen that cause stress and strife but I wouldn't change anything. Well, except I'd get my exercise on. :)

Tomorrow, Friday, Chuck will be having a procedure at the hospital. He has another bulging disk pressing on a nerve (he's already had two neck surgeries) and they are going to give him a cortisone shot in the neck.  Waiting for a procedure in the "family room" of the hospital is the hardest thing because I don't know what's going on. It would be so nice if they could send tweets or something to let me know each step and that he's ok. I feel absolutely helpless sitting there waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I don't mind the actual waiting, it's the not knowing that makes me about as calm as a nervous Chihuahua.  So that's where I'll be most of the day tomorrow. TGIF? I'm not complaining. I'm glad that "we" have the medical knowledge to be able to do these things. I just hate that my sweetie has to go through it.

I'll make a post tomorrow after it's all over. Guess I better pack some books (or nook) tonight and a few low carb snacks so I'm not tempted to eat from the dreaded snack machines.

Hope your day (and your life) is lacking nothing. :)


  1. We'll be thinking about Chuck (and you!) tomorrow - I'm sure the procedure will go just fine, and I sure hope this takes care of his pain, poor guy!

    Oh, and your chicken "salad"? That is what we refer to as a "Texas salad" - I swear, some restaurants really think that is a salad! Boo on them.

  2. For crying out loud on the salad. Jeepers! I don't know what you pay for a salad but around here to get a decent one they are $9-10. It's why I pack my own. Besides I only put stuff I like on my salad. Ewwww on American cheese!

  3. There is one good bit of news about the 'procedure' tomorrow. I will be drugged out of my gourd so you could probably get away with just about anything. :)

    Maybe I could get one of those little bells to ring whenever I need something? That's a good idea I think.

    Seriously - it's all gonna be fine. We have too much to do for me to be laid up for too long.

  4. Will be thinking good thoughts for Chuck (and you) tomorrow.

    Yep, the "Texas" salad :-)

  5. Best wishes to Chuck during his procedure!!!! Bummer about that salad. Blech. The rest of the day made up for it though. Have a good one today!!!

  6. My Dad was just in the hospital last night for the 2nd time this week because he couldn't get out of bed....his back hurt too badly. (He has MS). They finally did a CAT scan in the ER last night and said he has a bulging disk...he's supposed to follow up with his doctor tomorrow...that is, IF he can get out of bed so mom can get him there. I'm wondering if this means he'll have to have surgery? Disturbing.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the kids, Kelly. I always enjoyed taking my kids to the library. The girls are still voracious readers and that pleases me.
    I will be thinking about you all tomorrow for Chucks procedure. I have had the epidural steroid injections for bulging discs. It isn't fun but not really painful either and Chuck will be fine. Try not to worry. The steroids will help his pain a lot.

  8. Hope everything goes good.

  9. Positive thoughts going your way for Chuck's surgery tomorrow.

    I just started reading Hunger Games based on a recommendation from a collegue. Seems pretty good so far but not my usual genre. I will let you know how it goes :)

  10. Now -hold the foam a minute!
    I think that poor stupid salad needs some defense.
    A couple of years ago, any one of us would have called that a "healthier" choice!
    We would have felt good to chose it!
    Now we snub our noses!
    (Good for us!) It's about typical of what you find out there in the real world!
    Yay for progress!
    The Feast isn't what's Moveable - our tastes are just changing!

  11. Oh - yes - and my best to Chuck - as always.

  12. Good luck Chuck!!!

    Sorry about the disappointing lunch...the salad sure did look unhappy.

    I am LOLing at the thought of someone being in the operating (procedure?) room sending out tweets! I think it is a fabulous idea though.

    Sending positive thoughts for tomorrow. Hang in there!


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