Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quickie Tuesday

Good Tuesday to ya, my friends. I'm terribly sorry I haven't been around quite as much as usual. Often when a blogger (me?) doesn't post as usual (or worse, disappears!) it usually means they've stepped away from pursuing the good life. The healthy life.

It's almost like a Beetlejuice scene where the ghost people step off the porch and they're suddenly in a desert land where a scary sock puppet snake tries to eat them. Once you step off that porch (or step away from blogging and accountability) it's hard to find your (my?) way back.

But that's not the case this time! I know I've mentioned I have trouble sticking with it during the summer but I'm really doing fine.  :)

The reason(s) I haven't blogged much is (are):
1) I've been busy teaching the kids and it takes a good chunk of the day. It's rewarding and tiring at the same time. I'm learning a lot too.

2) Not much exciting has been going on so there's not much to blog about.

We did go out for a group birthday dinner with Chuck's parents since we have so many birthdays close together. We went to T-Bone Tom's in Kemah where I got a wonderful steak, green beans, and spinach. Mmmmm.

Other than that, my friend, not much to report here. Chuck and I do have a wine launch we're going to at Tango & Malbec. No, they don't shoot wine from a cannon (launch).  They are introducing their private label malbec along with hors d'oeuvres.  That should be fun.

Have yourself a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be back soon to report about the wine launch party.

PS: The cortisone shot is still helping Chuck with his neck.

PSS: Coldwater Creek is having a 50% off everything sale. Just an FYI.


  1. I'm glad the injection is still helping Chuck. Happy Tuesday to you too. :)

  2. That's where I celebrated my birthday!! at Tango! very nice place but the $800 bill hurt LOL

    That restaurant in KEMAH was on the food network! love it!


  3. Glad Chuck is doing better and all is well! Have a great Tuesday Kelly!

  4. ...although loading a wine bottle into a cannon WOULD work, if you consider it. ;)

    Have a good time - glad to hear from you and that all is going well! :)

  5. I say hurray for a bit of a routine. I'd love a routine right about now...

  6. Glad things are going well for you so far!

    And hooray for the injection working, that is a relief!

  7. Glad to see you 'round the ol' bloggin' block again! I'm so glad the injection is helping Chuck! Good stuff :)

  8. Glad to see you're doing ok! Hope to hear more from you soon! :)

  9. Yay to the injection helping...that is great news!

    Have fun at the launch...wear a helmet!


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