Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet 16

 On this day 16 years ago I became a mom. I was so clueless. I was afraid to touch little Rachel because she was only 5 pounds 12 ounces and I thought I might break her.

Rachel was born via an emergency c-section because the doctor could not hear her heartbeat when I was in labor. It was the most surreal experience of my life being rushed to the OR and in labor pains.

Time stopped and I woke up to a nurse telling me I had a baby girl. Rachel had to be resuscitated several times because her blood had drained into my body through the umbilical cord. They let me see her briefly through the nursery window (of course I was in lala land with all the meds and just coming out of surgery) and she was as white as a sheet. She wasn't doing well. She had almost no blood in her system and the doctors weren't sure if she'd make it or not and if she did they expected some brain damage.

Rachel was rushed to a different hospital and they had to resuscitate her in the ambulance again along the way. Chuck and his mom followed in a car while my mom stayed with me at the other hospital.

Checking Rachel in to her new hospital, they wanted to put "Baby Schumann" on her crib. Chuck insisted that they write Rachel Schumann on there. She was the only baby in ICU whose first name wasn't Baby. :)

The doctor injected blood into her umbilical cord and Chuck said he got to watch her turn pink right before his eyes as the blood spread through her body.

Little Rachel had to stay in ICU for 10 days before I got to take her home. They still weren't sure if she'd have brain damage from the lack of blood flow to her brain for so long. Premie diapers were too big for her.  Today she's taller than me and such a sweet, beautiful, smart, talented girl.  I'm so proud of the woman she's becoming. I was worried about the "terrible teen" years but she's been wonderful and doesn't even pretend that she doesn't know me when we're in public!

Saturday we had a birthday party for her at Splashtwon ($$) and she got to invite a few friends and have a blast.
Today, June 6th, is her actual birthday and I had planned to take her shopping to spend some gift cards but my van is in the shop. :( Vincent Van Go is on thin ice here.

So today we'll hang around the house and take her out for a birthday dinner tonight.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Rachel. 16! How did it go by so quickly?!

Sorry I haven't been posting much in the past few days. To say we've been busy would be an understatement. I'll do better. :)

Hope your summer is going great so far!


  1. Kelly,

    That put tears in my eyes... what an amazing story.

    Tell Rachel happy birthday!

    June bday! she's a Gemini like me!! lol


  2. Awww!!! What a great story! Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!!! (you have a good day too Kelly!)

  3. Happy Birthday Rachel! What a scary start to her life, but so glad that all turned out well. She is such a good kid - you and Chuck did well in raising her.

    Vincent needs to GO. Time for a Mini Cooper? ;)

  4. Kelly, we were ALL clueless with the first one!

    Happy Sweet 16 to Rachel!

  5. What a wonderful ending to such a scary story! Happy birthday to your baby girl!

  6. Rachel is a miracle! What a special girl! Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

  7. Scary story...but I am glad everything turned out!!!

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful Rachel!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Rachel! Same thing with my daughter - the cord was wrapped around her neck and leg, so every time I pushed, she was pulled back in.

    I had an emergency c-section - although she was fine after she came out - so glad Rachel is happy and healthy!

    I am with you - where did the time go??!!

  9. God sent you a jewel, and she is one lucky girl to have an amazing mom and dad to nurture her. I hope her birthday made her totally glow with joy!

    Hurray for dad for insisting on her name. How sweet is that?

  10. Hey lady I gave you a blog award!

    Go check it out =)

  11. Happy birthday Rachel (a few days late)!


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