Friday, June 24, 2011

The Week in Review

I make a post on Tuesday and then *poof* the week just disappears and it's already Friday. Seriously, I am a bad blogger.

Every single day it's been something. I've been busy with school. In case you didn't know, we I homeschool the kids. Reasons: we're on the move a lot, don't like some of the things going on in the schools, don't like being told what to do, I thought I could give them an education with more variety, wouldn't have to move on to a new topic until I know they understand something, and no teacher will love them as much as I do. There are, or course, positives and negatives to anything. It wasn't an easy decision but I hope it was the right one. I'm very pleased with their progress.

Why do we do school in the summer? Because it's so darn hot and all of the fun places are too crowded. We take a lot of time off during the fall when the temps are cool and everyone else is back in school. :)

Right now we're studying our way through the Middle Ages. We read sections of history books and the kids each have a journal where they write a summary of what they've learned. I find it sticks in their heads longer if they have to write it down.  We're also working through a writing program, spelling, grammar,science, lots of math(!), Texas history, and we'll soon be starting up Spanish, art and music appreciation.  Both are enrolled in the library's summer reading program too. Believe it or not, it takes up most of my day.

Tuesday the library had a make-a-mummy activity so I took the kids. It was a little young for Rachel but she still had a good time.

The mummies. Very cute.
 Wednesday they had Indiana Jones and the Readers of the Lost Book. This guy was so funny. I love all of the puns he used and I tried to file as many as I could away into my memory so I could use them later. But I'm pretty sure my memory is not what it used to be so it may be gone with the wind.

 They had a good turnout for our little bitty speck of a town. This guy was so good he was able to keep the kids' attention for a full 30 minutes.  Charlie loved it. There's my little nugget in blue.
Thursday they had a teen event where they learn to make origami. And where is the picture? Oh yeah, I forgot to take one. My mind. I'm worried. They had 2 teens show up so Charlie participated.

Then last night we met up with some friends (we've known them since Chuck and I were dating 20-something years ago) at Alamo Drafthouse for an 80s sing-a-long. Once the beer started flowing we were all dancing and singing our heads off. Yes, dancing. In a movie theater. It was cool though. Everyone in there was dancing and belting out the lyrics to Love Shack and Just Can't Get Enough.  We also had a good time laughing at the cheesey 80s videos and styles. Ah, memories. And, hello? Where was Thriller?

The movie theater gave us all blow up keytars (like a guitar you wear around your neck but a keyboard instead) and we played our inflatable keytars like real rock stars during Take on Me.  Lots of fun.

At the end I know someone got a picture of all of us together but I'm not sure whose phone it's on at the moment. Not mine.  After the sing-a-long we sat at the bar and laughed and reminisced. It really was a good time even though I know I had way too much to drink.

And today is Friday. I'll be playing taxi to Rachel (I've got to get that girl driving more so she can get her license!) and then chill out for the rest of the day. We typically have 4 day school weeks so we'll probably take today off.

So happy Friday, y'all. I'll try to be a good blogger and not let the week get away from me so quickly again. :)


  1. they had a night of 80s sing along here a few weeks ago and I so wanted to go...damn wish I was in texas... LOL maybe next time I will tell hubby I signed him up to volunteer for that too :)

    I have 80s sing along on our playstation though me and my teen girls pull it out once in awhile. :)

  2. I continue to get a kick out of the joy in your lives and family-fun love. So cool.

    Yeah, update more frequently! hah, says the Princess who has slacked off herself. Gosh, I hate this humid/heat.

  3. You are amazing for homeschooling. I couldn't do it - my patience wears thin in about 10 seconds!

    Keep cool and have fun!

  4. Nice recap of you week - dang, you HAVE been busy! Love the 80s singalong and the keytars!

  5. Kelly, you ARE a good blogger, you are also a GREAT Mom and wife and have other priorities. Love your posts no matter how often they come!!! Have a great weekend.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. I wish I could have been there to make a mummy.

    Happy weekend!!!

  7. Love the 80's songs - Makes me wanna dance all day.

  8. So homeschooling takes up most of your day? Who'd a thunk it. lol (For anyone reading comments, I'm a homeschooling mom, too.)

    The 80s things sounds like a blast! I would have loved doing that even though I can't dance!

  9. Sounds like fun! I love all of the activities that you find for your kids. :)

  10. TGIF. WOW you cram a lot into a week. There is more than one way to teach.

    We have employed a 16 yr old AD kid, maybe ADHA, not sure who is trying to make it through conventional school. He's always in trouble and I think the kids pick on him. He needs a friend his age. He likes to hang out with us, but we're ol' foggies--my teenage term for old people.

    He works good and hard. He is helping my husband remodel our lot to be as self maintaining as possible. It is back breaking work.

    When we don't have work, he comes over wanting something to do. We may be broke before summer is over.... just kidding.


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