Monday, July 4, 2011

Conquering Fears

Since I got bit by the hiking bug (or was it a mosquito?), we were out hiking again on Sunday. This time was Sheldon Lake State Park.

 It was still just as hot as the day before but we were all in good moods and most of the trail was shaded.
 Even this bird was panting and hot.
 Then we saw this guy but I have no idea what kind of bird it is and it's driving me crazy trying to ID it. Any ideas? Looks like a kookaburra but that wouldn't make sense.
 We were out there for a geocache as part of the geocache challenge. It was located off of "Bent Pine Loop." I wonder why it's called Bent Pine?
 We found the cache after some searching in the woods. It was right at our feet the whole time. We didn't even have to get off the trail. But that was just a little too obvious for us. ;-)
 Charlie's shoes were covered in little bitty seeds after the search.
 Time to work on my fear of heights. The park has a new observation tower that is super high. My hands start to sweat just talking about it!
 Even though there was an elevator, I wanted to take the stairs. I can do this!
 On my way......don't look down!
 Chuck got in on the action too.
 It was tough for me. My hands were sweaty and my legs kept threatening to seize up but I did it! I made it to the top. And there were such beautiful views to take in. Working on those fears one step at a time.
By the end of the hike we were hungry, thirsty and very thirsty. I brought along some Quest bars and we all munched on chocolate brownie flavor on the way home. Nom nom nom.

Get home, take showers, then go to the in-laws' house for dinner. Maybe it's the activity of the past couple of days but I was starving. Fortunately they had a huge spread of grilled meats and veggies and mac-n-cheese. I did indulge in some mac.

We said our goodbyes after a while then took Rachel to a car lot to look at used cars. It's time to get that girl her own wheels.

I was so tired but I got to shopping for some gear online and stayed up until 2am! That's late for even this night owl. I ended up getting an Osprey Sirrus 24 day pack with hydration pack. SO excited. Wish I had it today.

Hope you're having a great weekend. :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with the family. I should get into some of the hiking around here but it is all up hill here in the mountains. The air is thin and it is hard to breathe. The major thing though is that I'm out of shape. Of course, I could fix that if I really wanted to.

  2. Atta girl Kelly!!!! Heights scare the heck outta me too, so I bow at your feet for getting up to the tower! Enjoy your 4th!!!

  3. Brave girl - nice job climbing those stairs! Looks like the view was totally worth the fear.

    How fun, helping Rachel find her first car. You never forget your first! Hope she finds a beauty.

    Have a wonderful day - your new day pack sounds awesome!

  4. Hi! I can't see the underbelly of the bird in question, but it looks like a Great Kiskadee. Google-search it, and look at images or Wiki.

  5. HOW FUN!
    And look at you - all up in that Ranger Station Thing!

    Now I need to try a Quest bar!

    You rock - your whole family and life is a grand adventure!

  6. Congrats on conquering fears. I would love to do that but bionic knees revolt.

  7. Love this!!! Congratulations on conquering your fear! You rock Kelly!


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