Thursday, July 21, 2011

First to Find

Day 3 of back on the wagon.  The day starts with a PB2 and chocolate protein/almond milk shake. So tasty it tastes like dessert.
 Did a little school with the kids and suddenly it was time for lunch. I rolled up some leftover roast with mustard in a low carb tortilla. Had some cherries and a few pickles on the side. For some reason I was craving pickles. (no, I'm not pregnant!)
 Back to school with the kids. The usual: math, writing, science (learned a lot about the ocean!), history, etc. 

Then I was ready for a snack: Quest Vanilla Almond bar heated for 15 seconds to make it soft and chewy. mmmm.  My favorite protein bar ever.
 Going back to my low carb eating means that I'm denying myself of my usual amount of carbs. Not all carbs. Just less. And when I deny my body of something it likes (could be caffeine, sugar....anything) I get headaches. You can see where I'm going with this. Being in denial gives me a headache and I certainly had one Wednesday.  Having a headache also means I do not want to cook. And so I didn't. Burger King did it for me.

Thinking I was being righteous, I ordered a double BK Stacker.  I get it home and toss the top bun and am left with an itty bitty burger. I was sure it would be bigger than this! (this is not a regular dinner plate but a small side plate)
 I didn't eat all of the bottom bun. This was all that was left.
Man, that wasn't enough dinner to fill the void. So another PB2 and chocolate protein shake for me. (why, yes, it is the same picture as the other one. no sense in taking a picture of the exact same thing over and over, right?)
The shake really did the trick. Void filled.

Around 8:15pm I got a couple of emails of new geocaches just published 9 miles away. Wanting to be first to find (FTF), Chuck and I hopped in the car and took off.

They were small, it was dark, and I was in flip flops. Not the best planning going on there.  I waded into some weeds searching for the elusive cache and Chuck says, "Something just moved in the grass." *eek!* The grass was between Chuck and I which means if he startled something it would be heading my direction. He clarified as terror gripped me that it was something small like a grasshopper or something.

And then, eureka! Geocache found and we were the first to sign the log. Woohoo! FTF!

Crawling out of the bushes Chuck tells me to look at a giant stick bug carrying its baby on its back.
LOL That's not its baby. That's more of a "heyyyyy, baby!" Boyfriend/girlfriend getting friendly. In Chuck's defense it was dark and I guess it could look like it was carrying a baby bug on her back.  I helped the lovers across the parking lot so they wouldn't get tragically squished by a car.

One more cache in the area that we could get a FTF (first to find)  at a community college. We had to walk a little way and the cache proved extremely difficult to find in the dark. It was so tiny! But Chuck spotted it in a tree. YAY! Another FTF!

With our night adventures complete, we headed home and toasted the fun with a shot of rum, "First to find; last to quit!" :)

You never know when an opportunity for adventure will arise. I say take it as often as you can. Makes life so much fun.


  1. The geocaches sound fun. I have never heard of those. Lots of things in Texas that we don't see here. Good for you on your plan. You are doing great.

  2. I love that you ventured out for the geocaches!!! You seem to have alot of fun in your days! Which is great. Have a good one today Kelly.

  3. Have you and Chuck ever considered trying out for the Amazing Race? Because I think you guys, with your sense of adventure, would be perfect!

  4. Shelley, we would SPANK all of the other contestants. Then the show would be over, and no one would watch again.

    It's true.


  5. oooh and you just missed a huge AMAZING RACE open call here in Austin too :)


  6. That is as pitiful a hamburger as the so-called, hmmm better word-'labeled' boxes of frozen 1/4th patties in Wally World. I bought them once as I was hunting 1/4 pound patties. Most are now 1/3 pounders.

    Wonder if the theory is the 1/3 pounders shrink after cooking to 1/4 pounders? Well 80/20s and 85/15 are still over 1/4 pd in my skillet after cooking.


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