Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food Photo Journal

I apologize if this is incredibly boring but I am taking pictures of my eats to keep myself accountable so I can lose this weight and finally reach my goal of wearing a size 8 again.  

I know that if I have to post pictures of the foods I eat that I'll be much more apt to eat only the things that will aid (or at least not hurt) my goal to lose weight.

So, here it goes......
Breakfast: almond milk with Jay Robb chocolate protein powder
 Lunch: a turkey, cheese, mayo wrap on low carb tortilla; a few cherries
 Snack: half of an Atkins bar (yum!!). Only 1 carb for that piece.
 Dinner: tried out a new recipe from the latest issue of Cook's Country magazine. They're published by America's Test Kitchen so I know that anything I make from there will turn out perfect.  I prep all of my ingredients before I begin cooking. It's a pain but it makes cooking much easier once I begin.
 Chile Relleno Casserole. So pretty and very tasty. Low carb except for having to use a bit of flour in the batter for the topping.
 And a side salad with some feta crumbles.
 Dessert: low carb ice cream bar.

America's Test Kitchens is/was having a sale on their cookbooks so I got a few while they were on clearance. Time to try some new recipes. Also found quite a few that I want to try on a splurge meal. Cheesecake brownies? Eclairs? Pizza? Pasta? YES! But not right now. I'm still recovering from my previous splurges.

So day 1 of photo journaling complete. I didn't do too bad! Now why hasn't this weight melted off this morning?! :)


  1. I guess I'm one of the few weird people who loves these food photo journal things. I also like to gaze into other people's shopping carts and look to see what people at the table next to me ordered. Haha. Who knows, I might be inspired!

    And mmmmm cherries.

  2. Hi Kelly, I echo Ty's comment, it's not boring at all to see food journals. And I too look what is in people's grocery carts. I also have an unhealthy love for cookbooks and read them like novels. Maybe we should start a support group! :) Have a great day!

  3. I like food pictures too - including pictures of splurges! Ditto with me and the cookbooks. I rarely buy them anymore though because so many good recipes are available online. When I get a new one it's a real treat!

  4. Of course the foodies all want to see the food!
    Looks good as usual.
    I found an Atkins bar as I cleaned out the fridge.
    And I got a one carb hit off of it!
    Wow- Probably been in there ... a while!
    Still - it's ok ... all the preservatives, ya know!

  5. That casserole looks great. I will have to look for some of those cookbooks.

  6. I don't know if you saw Shelly's post the other day in which she references skinnybloggers who post lots of fatty foods...but thank you thank you thank you for your post showing what people REALLY eat when they are watching themselves! I'm trying to get back on track some this week and I like the accountability of food photo journaling...but I'm also a terrible food photographer. sigh. Maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow as a wordless wednesday (ish) post...

  7. I love the "I dieted today, why aren't I skinny yet" thoughts...I'm totally that way, too.

  8. Love seeing what you're eating...ok that sounds weird, but I do! lol

  9. Mmm...I love food photos too!

  10. Score on the cookbooks! I've loved every single recipe I've tried from Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen.

  11. would you mind sharing the recipe for the casserole? it looks yummy!!!

  12. I have posted the recipe for all to enjoy. :)

  13. That cassarole looks good. I love a one pot dish.


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