Monday, July 18, 2011

Night at the Museum

Saturday night the family unit went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for a preview of one of the dinosaurs that will be in the new paleontology hall.

The star of the night was Mosasaur. He was huge and a relative of modern snakes.
 We went to a lecture by Dr. Robert Bakker and Charlie even answered one of his questions correctly. It was fascinating and we all learned a lot about dinosaurs. I can't wait for the new hall to open.

Charlie and I had balloon hats made.
We all got temporary tattoos sprayed on. It's Monday and mine is still on!
 Chuck getting his tattoo.

The museum had food, cash bar, a DJ and several activities. All free for members. 
And this cute baby alligator. :)
Rachel is checking out volunteers working on fossils. I talked to a couple of the volunteers and decided this is something I want to do eventually. In my spare time.
 We all had a great time and I just love this picture they took of us. :)
That evening we put the top down on Rachel's car and we enjoyed the cool of the evening riding around. We stopped at a canoe launch and saw fish hitting the water, some ducks and a skunk crossing the road.
Confession time: my eating has been all over the place. Some days my resolve is so strong and other days I just don't care. I must stop this right now.

One thing that has kept me accountable in the past is taking pictures of my eats. I hate telling you that I am trying to lose weight then showing a picture of something that I shouldn't have munched.

So I'm going to start taking pics and sharing them with you right here every day until I get this whole thing back under control. I want to lose weight. Now. Again. I think the exercise part is going pretty well. I got in 19 miles this week. 6 of those were paddling Friday night but the rest were all on my own two feet.

I need to be able to have something to think about when I feel tempted to have things that aren't helpful:
  • looking decent in clothes
  • getting my membership to Bayou City Outdoors when I get into size 8
  • hiking Grand Canyon rim to rim with my Chuck
  • my health
Maybe I should print them out and carry them with me wherever I go. And before I splurge ask myself if it's worth the price. Is it worth giving up on everything in that list?

Splurges happen and there's no way that I'm giving them up. But I can make a splurge the norm. They should be occasional, not daily.

And that's that! Wish me luck! :)


  1. Kelly - you don't need luck!
    Luck is for the ill-prepared!
    That's a line from a Arnold movie.
    But it's true!
    You have so much fun -
    it's only natural to want to cross over-
    between the two worlds....

    But once you set a goal for yourself -
    watch out - even the alligators
    won't be able to stop you!

    Go for it!

  2. That museum night looks fun, and the family picture is awesome!

    I agree, splurges should be rare - like maybe once a week. That is a tough thing to remember once you've lost a lot of weight - the prize gets closer, but we (the royal) tend to start "enjoying ourselves" a little too often. Sighhhhh.

    On that note, Jeff and I were talking about LaKings in September. Did you make your hotel reservations yet? We just did. Can't wait to see you guys again and Palooza it!

  3. Hi Kelly, good luck! Though your post sure seems you won't need it as you are determined to carry on with your weight loss. I KNOW you will reach your goals!!!!! Thanks for sharing the fun pics of the museum! Have a wonderful day!

  4. That family photo is great! What a wonderful reminder of the fun you guys had.

    You know, Jackie Warner has one of the strictest diets I've ever seen and once a week she 'makes' her clients have a splurge. Not a whole day but a limited thing. I think splurges are a great idea because they can help keep you focused the rest of the time. Of course, the trick is to not let hte splurges overtake it all, isn't it?

    So, I think you should print those reminders out Kelly! Several copies. Put one on your fridge, one in your car (because I know you guys often need to eat on the run). Maybe one on a mirror that you see yourself in naked? (Or do you close your eyes and refuse to look - lol!)

  5. Fun Time! I took your advice and tried some Quest bars. Not bad at all! Best protein bars I have tried so far. Thanks for sharing.

  6. yes kelly yes!!!

    print them out :)



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