Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poor Kitteh

Monday was a tough day for our little kitteh. We found her last September under a van in the storage facility where we keep our travel trailer. Poor little thing was pathetic so we took her home and started trying to find a new home for her.  No one was in need of a cat so she just ended up staying here.

We have birds, snakes and a lizard. Cats love those things but for all the wrong reasons. Plus the kitteh likes to scratch up furniture. My leather furniture. Kittehs come in heat something like every two weeks and drive everyone up the wall.  So Libby the cat had to get "fixed" and declawed. It's harsh but necessary if she were going to have a permanent home here.

I got her to the Humane Society at 8am and left her there. Poor Libby was scared. I got to pick her up at 4 and the poor girl was loopy off medicine. She couldn't even focus on anything. Her pupils were huge! I made her a bed in a cage and we have to use shredded newspaper for her litter for a week.
She'll get out of the cage in a couple of days. I just want her to take it easy so she doesn't hurt herself.
 The bandages on her feet did not stay on long. She got those things off fast. She also has pain meds that she takes 3 times a day for 3 days. Poor baby.

In other news, I got a shipment of puzzle books in the mail. It's official: I'm old.  These things can keep me entertained for hours. :) Hey, it keeps the mind sharp.
 It was a perfectly low carb day. I haven't been weighing myself but have been going by my clothing fit. My clothing said, "You can do better than this." Yeah, some things were tighter than I would like.  And I know how to remedy that!

For dinner I made up a Paula Deen recipe (one of the few that actually fits with a low carb lifestyle) for a cilantro-lime grilled chicken. Chuck cooked that while I shredded some zucchini and summer squash in spaghetti shapes and cooked it with lemon pepper, olive oil, lots of garlic and a little bit of hamburger seasoning. It was soooooo good! The kids said the squash tasted like pasta and actually ate it all up! *shock*

It was a busy day with Libby, doing school with the kids, running errands, cooking dinner, shredding newspaper, making a place in the garage for Rachel's car, etc. By 9pm I was ready for bed. I took a melatonin (just to make sure I slept hard) and dozed off looking through a trail guide. *zzzzzzz*


  1. Your Kitteh will recover soon. You did what needed to be done so that you can give her a happy home. With so many homeless cats around, your Kitteh is very lucky.

    BTW, that receipe looks wonderful and I'm going to try it.

  2. Your kitty will be much happier now that she is fixed. I have experience with this. She will be much less likely to stray and tear things up. Our cats scratch the walls rather than the furniture but I just couldn't have them declawed. They go outside to play sometimes and I want them to be able to defend themselves if they need to.

    The chicken looks great.

  3. Yum on the chicken. I'm always looking for another way to grill chicken! The spaghetti veggies sound wonderful too.

    Poor kitty. But soon she'll be as good as new, but without the issues, right?

  4. The only reason I can have cats is because they are declawed. My furniture gets enough abuse without razor-like claws adding to it. Your kitty will be fine soon...mine even climb trees!

  5. Oh that poor kitty! What a cutie!

    That chicken recipe looks delicious!!

  6. Awww...wishing beautiful little Libby a quick recovery! Short term pain for long term loving home! Take care.

  7. Poor sweet kitty! I had to have Pixie declawed because she has 7 toes and some of them were ingrown claws. They even had to take some claws off her back feet, can you believe it. My deformed kitty.

    I do have to say that have a declawed cat is really nice. She doesn't seem bothered by it at all.

    I felt really bad doing it to her, though.

    The spaying thing is such a good thing to do. Your kitteh will be so much better hormonally and they actually live longer!

  8. Congrats on the responsible, albeit expensive thing, spaying Ketteh who is so lucky.

    In my small rural town we have a major feral cat problem. The LEGEND is a woman from Chicago came to Bull Shoals in a BUS loaded with her possessions and 50 cats from whence came our feral cat population. How true it is I don't know.

    There are two female ones in my neighborhood which keep having kittens. Local ordinance says if you feed 'em you own 'em and that includes water.

    We are more dog than cat persons, but I hate it we cannot be kind without breaking the law.


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