Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recovery: There's an app for that

No, there isn't really an app for recovery.  But Friday I was definitely recovering from the Thursday run. My hips were tight and aching all day. I had to waddle. (Commence pity party)

Speaking of blogger friend Our Debt Blog (no known name for him so I'll call him Mr. Blog) told me about an app that he likes better than the Garmin. Better than the Garmin?? No way.

It's called Run Keeper and it's free for iphones and droids. It may be available for other smartphones as well. Not sure about that. Anyway, it does so much! I'm really impressed with this app. It will let you set intervals. You can sign up for fitness classes and let Jeff Galloway train you for a 5k. Or you can train all the way up to a marathon. You can track other activities like hiking, cycling, rowing, etc. It calculates how many calories you burn. It keeps track of your pace. It talks to you and lets you know your average pace, distance and time. It keeps track of your route with Google maps. Love. it. FREE.

It also syncs with my Withings wifi scale and keeps track of my weight. I hope this isn't visible to the world. :-/

After your workout you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of other places I've never heard of.  You can even sync it with your Polar heart rate monitor. Amazing, I tell ya!!

AND.....if you pay extra (not sure how much) and become an elite member, if you run in a race your family and friends can watch you in real time during the race! How freakin' cool is that?!

OK. Now that I'm finished gushing over my new app (thanks, Mr. Blog) I'll tell you some about my day.

Breakfast was cooked by my hubby: turkey sausage with a little sugar free pancake syrup (just a little bitty bit) and some scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. Yum!
 That morning I was looking through one of my new history books that I got and found my family in there! My maiden name was Pattison and the little town of Pattison, TX is named after a great, great, etc grandfather. So cool. It makes history come alive. Yes, they did have a plantation and slaves. Can't change the past. It happened. Sure would like to have that old homestead though.
Rachel had another meeting for some other activity so we dropped her off there and went browsing at Gander Mountain (I got a "life is good" shirt) and Academy (got two wicking shirts on clearance).

After she was finished we headed to Paulie's in Houston for lunch/dinner.
With a wall of windows facing Westheimer, I love the casual feel of this place. It's somewhere that you can slow down, take your time, and relax.

I behaved myself and got a Caesar salad with grilled tuna.
 The rest of the family, however, indulged in some majorly good food. Fettucini alfredo, pizza, chicken piccata. It is so difficult being this self righteous. LOL

And then the kids got some of Paulie's famous cookies. Restraint. That's the word for the day. Pure restraint. Yes, feel free to applaud me. It was a major victory not to devour those friggin cookies.
Oh my god. Look at them!  Moving on....

Got home and relaxed a bit before I decided that I absolutely must go for an evening bike ride. The temps had cooled somewhat and there was a slight breeze. The sunset was gorgeous.
 It wasn't a fast ride. It wasn't a long ride. Just 5.2 miles of happiness. Nothing wrong with that. And I used my new Run Keeper app. Love me some gadgets. :)

For a snack/dessert I had a few sugar free caramel drops by Russel Stover. Oh my. All on sale for $1 per bag at Kroger right now.
Eventually my salad did wear off so I finished the day with a PB2/chocolate protein powder/almond milk shake. Really hit the spot.

I'm hoping my hips get back in the game soon. And I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. That is a gorgeous sunset picture!!!

    You and your gadgets - so funny. I shall call you Inspector Gadget from now on. ;)

    Have a great weekend - oh, and nice finds on the clearance wicking shirts!

  2. I hope the hips feel better soon. That is the problem with me working out. I almost always overdo it when I get in the mood to do something and then am out of the game for a few days and my good intentions are ruined. It is like self-sabotage. I need to find a moderate program that works for me so that I am not tempted to overdo it.

  3. The restaurant does look nice and relaxed...I am applauding your restraint!!! Clap, clap, clap!

    Great sunset!

    Did you do any hip stretching? We do them in yoga and they are lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. Hey that's me LOL! Glad you liked it! what I like is it will also email you when your done and show your route on Google maps! and the link is there for ever, nice to look back and see where you ran on a certain day. You can also set up a page on, similar to FB and keep all your runs etc on there!! It will also post on Facebook and Twitter when you start but haven't tried it on mine..

    Have fun running!



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