Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rekindled Love

Saturday we had Vincent Van Go's windshield replaced by Safety Glass. It's nice that they come to your house to do it.  Then Chuck cooked up breakfast for all of us: bacon and eggs. mmmmm

Last summer we participated in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Geocache Challenge and had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. The state is divided in regions and you go from state park to state park finding geocaches and answering questions about animals (at what temperature does an alligator start to lose its appetite? 80*).

Looking for geocaches involves hiking. First we went to Brazos Bend State Park for a very short hike before we found our first geocache of the challenge.
 Rachel drove to the park and back home. It can be kind of scary having a teen practice driving so I sat in the backseat and looked through magazines. But she did great. :)

Then it was off for our next cache at San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site. By the time we got there the temperature read 103* according to the van. Yikes!
It was so hot that the air felt weird to breath. We did get to see some coyote tracks, stilts (birds with long legs), spoonbills and these cool wood storks!
 We found our cache and hurried back to the car. The heat can take a lot out of you.
 After we got back to the van with glorious AC and water, I realized how much I love and miss hiking. We used to go almost every weekend. Then life gets in the way and other things vie for attention.

After Saturday's hikes I've decided that I'm going to make sure I get out for more hiking. I just enjoy it too much.

We got home and took showers then Chuck and I meet some friends at Crave Sushi in midtown. We started the evening off with sake bombs (sake dropped in beer then chugged) and "hot rock" with beef.  Hot rock is a very hot rock that comes with raw beef, garlic slices, butter and dipping sauces. You butter the rock with chopsticks then add meat slices to the sizzling butter on the rock and let it cook briefly. It was a fun thing to do plus it tasted great.
 We ordered yellow tail tuna and red snapper sashimi and a cheetah roll:Surimi Crab Mix, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado, Siracha, Spicy Mayo and Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Outside: Crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Wasabi Cream and Jalapeños

Cheeto's?! YES! It was incredibly good.
...and a Pho Sho Roll: Angus Beef, Basil, Romaine, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts, Green Onions, Jalapeños, Peanut Hoisin, Siracha, Rice Noodles Wrapped in Soy Paper

Holy smokes! This was also incredibly good!
And where are the pics of us with our friends? I forgot to take them again. We got caught up in talking and just having a great time that I forgot.

Not ready for the night to end just yet, we headed to a martini bar. We sat outside because by evening there was a nice breeze and the temps were bearable. The company was great but the bar was terrible. It was our first and last time to visit there.

So Saturday was a fantastic day. Hiking, good food and's hard to beat. And my love for hiking has been rekindled. :)  I think it's time to invest in a new daypack.

Hope you have a GREAT 4th of July weekend.


  1. That hot rock with beef looks like fun! I'm amazed at the things restaurants come up with - way to keep us coming back, you know?

    You look so pretty in your hat - hard to believe it was that hot outside (I KNOW it was) because you don't look like you're melting! Glad you rekindled your love - it's funny how we can forget how much we like something.

  2. I love hiking too...but I hate having to go to the bathroom all the time, so my hikes are usually short.

    The food looks good!!!

    Glad you had a fantastic Saturday and I hope Sunday is going just as well.

    Happy 4th of July!!!

  3. wow, dinner looked like so much fun. The presentations were fab too.


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