Thursday, July 28, 2011


I saw a quote this morning that I'd like to share:
"It's better to wear out than rust out."

I like the sound of that. But sometimes you must take a day off from wearing out. I did that Wednesday.

Tuesday (see post below) I went running and wrote up my blog post while I was cooling off. I can't shower immediately after exercising because I just continue to sweat as soon as I dry off. So I have to wait to cool off before I can shower.

After I finished the blog post I tried to get up to go bathe but my left leg wouldn't work. I could hardly lift it and each step was painful. At the joint where my leg meets my hip there was a sharp pain. It was located more near my inner thigh though. Hard to explain without getting too graphic. The point is that I had something wrong going on.

I did some fancy and painful stretches in the shower and they seemed to help. I did a few more stretches when I got out trying to get my hips into alignment and finally it started to feel better. Never had that happen before!

Wednesday I took a rest day from exercising mostly because I was so sleepy. No amount of caffeine can make up for a long night of little sleep. I just couldn't sleep Tuesday night.

I guess my stomach wanted a rest too because I didn't eat very much. Certainly not as much as I should.

Lunch: leftover burger patty in low carb tortilla with a few bites of watermelon.
 Captured the kids playing together.
 We read about New Zealand and the Maori people and Polynesian Islands. Afterwards Rachel decided to paint her brother as a Maori warrior. Cool!
 Sleepy. So sleepy. Carl's Jr. offered to cook dinner for me (aren't they sweet?) so I got a chicken club sandwich but at home I tossed the bun and put it on a low carb pita half. VERY good.

Dessert: low carb ice cream bar. Not stellar eating today.

Yeah, nothing too exciting to report. OH, did I tell you that Vincent Van Go is finally in the shop getting his fanny fixed from my accident back in March? Yep, he went into the shop on Monday.

Even though it wasn't my fault the other insurance company wouldn't pay for my damages because their policy holder wouldn't cooperate. I think they should still pay but my insurance company will pay for it (after I pay a pricey deductible) then go after the other person and make them pay then I get my deductible back. Looks like I won't get anything back from the whiplash expenses. :( At least he's getting fixed. Driving a miniature van is bad enough but a wrecked mini van is the worst.

And this morning (Thursday) I didn't get up in time to go running before the heat set in. I don't mind walking in extreme heat but running is a no go. So maybe I'll get one in tomorrow.

Happy Thursday! :D


  1. I'm glad to hear your van is getting fixed. Sorry about the expense. I hope your insurance company goes after the guy and gets your money back.

  2. Do you stretch after you run?

  3. I'd be taking that person to small claims court and filing suit.

    Never been to Carl's jr.

    Hope you have a great day. :)

  4. Love the painted warrior face! Fun! Glad your leg/hip sorted itself out. Have a great day!!!

  5. Maori Charlie is awesome! Rachel has quite the decorating skills, be it cake or people! Hmmm, she should take up painting, if she doesn't already.

    What is up with your wonky hip? That is no bueno. There must be a specific stretch that could help with it...what it is, I don't know - maybe a visit to a sports massage therapist might be a good idea.


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