Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Tuesday I had planned a "Take a Hike Tuesday" outing but we got rain in this parched land! Rain! It was so good to see the sky leaking again. So no complaints about rain here.

For breakfast I had a camera-shy vanilla protein shake made with Jay Robb vanilla protein, almond milk and a little coconut flavoring. Nice and tropical.

I had a tough time waking up and I had a nasty headache which rattled me and put me in a nasty mood. Trying to teach the kids while I'm irritable is not the best idea but I did it anyway.

Lunch was a turkey wrap made with turkey, cheese, mayo and a low carb tortilla; a few BBQ pork skins; a few cherries
 To make sure I get all of my water in I used some Mio Berry Pomegranate in a quart sized jar. Love this stuff. My favorite is the sweet tea. 0 calories!
 For a snack I made up some chocolate protein powder with almond milk and a bit of PB2 (a powdered peanut butter with less fat and calories). LOVE this. It's like drinking a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
 While cooking dinner, I reached in the pantry to grab my onion powder and accidentally grabbed the PB2. They're similar in size and color. I almost had peanut butter spinach for dinner. Bleck! Now PB2 and onion powder are on different shelves. :)
 I had a roast in the crockpot all day and by dinner time it was perfect. It just fell apart. Tender and full of flavor. Crockpot Roast recipe here.
 Dinner consisted of roast, spinach and mashed cauliflower with roast gravy. Did not feel low carb at all. The kids cleaned their plate and told me how good dinner was. Love nights like that. During dinner I kept thinking how good a soft roll would be with it. I behaved myself though.
 Snack was one of the low carb ice cream bars.
That evening I read aloud from Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games series. It's the only time Charlie has asked for more chapters each night.

I was tired at bedtime so I thought I was going to get a good night's rest. Nope. I got up five times to visit the little blogger's room. I forgot how much water carbs cause you (me) to retain. Then when the carbs go away so does the water retention. I read it in a book somewhere and my experience with it has matched what the book says.

Shouldn't complain though. I lost 3 pounds of water in one day.  Yay! That's the kind of boost that keeps me motivated. Yeah, I know it's just fluid but actually seeing the scale move in the right direction does wonders for my confidence. :)

So it's Wednesday. I didn't get up in time to see the space shuttle fly over one last time (still can't believe there won't be more!) but I was told it was too cloudy to see it anyway. Being up all night has me pretty tired this morning so I'll be getting friendly with a cup of coffee or two.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Happy Hump Day, Sweetie.
    And the dinner last night was fantastic. Not "diet-y" at all.

  2. Food that is good for you doesn't have to taste diet-y does it? But I know you know that already as you're such a good cook!

    You've explained perfectly why long distance runners eat so many carbs - they need to water retention. Unfortunately, the rest of us do not, even if the carbs taste good. Sigh.

    Hope you're feeling better today!

  3. The roast looks wonderful. I could totally go for some of that. I'm sorry you didn't sleep last night. I wish you a better night tonight.

  4. I love how the food on your dinner plate is absolutely NOT touching. ;) And the roast looks fantastic!

    What is this wet stuff of which you speak?

    Sounds good that the low carb thing is working again, even if it did mean visiting the LRB several times during the night. Are your kids too old for "nap time" during school?

  5. Hi Kelly, hope you are feeling better today. And yay on the water loss. I cracked up while reading about your "camera shy shake" and getting up to go to the "little bloggers room"!! Hilarious!!! Glad to read that you've got some rain! Have a good day!!

  6. Hi Kelly - I wanted to post here that you can absolutely use a hybrid bike to ride distances. That is the kind I have and regularly put up big miles. They are actually more comfortable than a road bike. You just won't be as fast, but that's okay!

    Your food looks yummy today!


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