Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthdays & Reunions

This weekend I spent at my parents' house. I've been wanting to spend some time with my folks it just seems every weekend has had some sort of activity planned in advance.  Charlie, my baby, was turning 11 so it was a perfect excuse to go for a visit. He gets to play with his cousins and I get to spend some time with the parental units.

I was determined to stay on plan because I had my splurge meal on Thursday night. My mom is borderline diabetic so I assumed it would not be a problem. Surely she is eating low carb too.  Turns out she is eating semi-low carb. Not even that really.

We arrive Friday night and she is going to order pizza for everyone. I checked out the menu online and there wasn't anything on the menu that would work out for me. So I rode with her and went inside and made a salad at the salad bar. Problem solved. :) Yay, me!

Saturday morning I got up at 9am. Finally catching up on sleep since between Thursday and Friday I only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Mom is offering me a bowl of oatmeal and while it sounded good it just wasn't what I needed. She offers to cook up some scrambled egg, green onion, bell pepper and cheese breakfast tacos on low carb tortillas. Now we're talking! Finally at 11:30am breakfast is served and I'm starved. I have 1 1/2 of those things.

We gather up supplies and head to the lake at Martin Dies Jr State Park to celebrate Charlie's birthday.

 Charlie is having a blast. We all had a piece of cookie. So glad the kids finished it off because it's an evil temptress.

My mom and dad supplied the picnic goodies and drinks:hot dogs and chips.
 Chuck cooked up the hot dogs. I had two on low carb tortillas and a couple of chips.

Oh, I did my part too! I kept an eye on the lake. I was the lifeguard or something like that.
 Charlie, Rachel and the cousins had fun swimming for hours.
 We get back home around 8pm and along the way home I've been getting texts from a friend that I haven't seen in years. 14 years to be exact. In high school we were inseparable. Even after I got married she lived with us a couple of times. We've had some good times together.

Wendy, my long lost friend, is going to be at a place called Starvin' Marvin's that night celebrating another friend's birthday and engagement. It would be a perfect time to get together.

I went back and forth feeling guilty: should I go or should I spend time with my parents who keep telling me how much they miss me? Finally I ask my mom if she would mind and she laughs and tells me to go.

I text Wendy when I arrive at the restaurant and we see each other and hug for a while. 14 years. That's way too long. It was so good to see her.
 I also got to reunite with another high school buddy Melanie. Happy birthday and engagement, Melanie!! More hugs.
 As you can see by the bottles, there was a lot of drinking going on and we got to the party a little late. People were already in very happy moods. :)

We sat outside near the band. No AC out there so it was a bit warm. They had citronella candles burning under the tables because of the mosquitoes and even passed around a can of OFF. Funny.

Did I mention there was a lot of drinking going on? And everyone was having a good ole time.  Some members of the party even got up on stage and danced. Some members of the party fell on stage and knocked over some equipment.
 Oh, man. Beer and margarita? They seem to be enjoying it. None for me, thanks. I did have a couple of Red Stag on ice.
 We didn't have supper yet so we ate some crab balls and boudin balls there. Tasty but certainly not helpful for weight loss.

The band was fantastic!
 I wonder how many of these folks had hangovers the next day. I felt fine and I'm so glad I got to meet up with Wendy and Melanie again. I sure hope it's not another 14 years before we meet up again.
 Chuck and I stumbled into the house around 1:30am. Stumbled because it was so dark. Brings back memories of getting home past curfew and trying to be quiet. Of course, I wasn't trying to sneak guys in! That's a new one. ;-)

Sunday morning got up around 9am again. Had a leftover breakfast taco and just spent time with my parents while the kids played.  Lunch rolls around and there is nothing low carb. I am sad to say that at this point I just gave up the weekend and ate whatever I wanted. Fortunately it seems that my stomach may have shrunk a bit so it didn't take much to fill up the tank. But I will not be weighing this week. No sense in depressing myself over it.
Monday. It's my baby boy's 11th birthday.  I really can't believe he's 11.  I almost lost him when he was born. He had to have all of his blood removed and get new blood. It was a tedious process for the doctors that required them to remove small amounts of blood with a syringe from his navel and then put in small amounts. It took all day and they had to go through the entire cycle of blood twice.  And then they weren't sure if it would work.

I have A- blood (even though I was told my entire life by doctors that I was O positive). Chuck's blood is O positive. The shots that I received that should help prevent problems did not work and my blood got into Charlie's bloodstream and was attacking him. I was in lala land most of the time because I had an epidural with a constant flow of morphine for 3 days.

It was a scary time but he came through just fine. He's healthy, happy, active, smart and a great kid.

For the kids' birthdays we always decorate the stairway so they have a birthday surprise when they wake up. This morning I got up and tied on the streamers and taped balloons. Charlie's not up yet but he loves this part of his birthday. :)
Happy Monday, my friends. And Happy Birthday, Charlie!!


  1. Awww! Happy Birthday to Charlie!! Looks like a wonderful weekend, glad you were able to reconnect with an old friend! Have a good Monday Kelly.

  2. Cool birthday for Charlie. It all sounds like so much fun, Kelly. I wish him the best. We almost lost Nick when he was first born too. Aren't they a blessing? I don't know where we would be now if things hadn't worked out. Celebrate all those birthdays to the fullest. All my best to you and your family. :)

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely and very fun time! Enjoy the day celebrating your Charlie.

  4. What a great weekend! Family, friends, parties...what more could you ask for.

    My son surprised me and is here for a quick visit today! He headed down to work out so I have few minutes before he whirls back in.

    That is so cute with the balloons and streams. I remember when Zachariah turned three...he was supposed to be napping while I was decorating.

    I had balloons all over the place that had to be hung up...he creeped in and shouted "IT'S MY PARTY!!! Hahaha...there was no more nap time after that!

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Love the birthday cookie!

  5. Anybody else notice that you are the thin girl in all those pictures..

  6. How fun, getting to celebrate so many wonderful events this weekend! And reuniting with your HS friend must have been a trip! You look so great in that picture - bet your friends were quite impressed. :)

    Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

  7. I think you did great! After all its all your decisions over the long haul that really count , not one weekend. You tried to make the right decsions and on many occassions you were able to stick with your plan. So chin up! Happy Bday to Charlie! Hugs! deb

  8. WOW Those girls can party LOL.. looks like you had a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!


  9. What a great weekend! It's always nice to meet up with old friends unexpectedly.

  10. What a fun weekend! And Happy Birthday to Charlie!

  11. Kelly..I was SO happy to see you and you are right...14 years was WAY too long! We need to get together again soon...2 hours in a car is so worth it!!

    Love you girl!!


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