Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Daily Run + Hills

Monday I had to go out shopping for a new faucet. It's not an especially exciting thing to shop for. It's not like buying new sports and outdoor equipment or shoes or clothes. But it was a necessity.

I just love technology. You can drag a friend to do the most boring shopping with you via texting. Text shopping? Shopping texting?  

Got to Lowe's and they had a huge wall of kitchen faucets. I didn't even know where to start. That's when a friend gets dragged into the mix and the texting starts flying with pictures. "What about this one?" "Which one is better?" LOL  It was nice to have the input.

With some help I ended up with this one and I love it!
It was a rather busy day what with faucet shopping and running and all that. It was also weights day.
Chalene Xtreme, burn phase, circuit 3, week 3
32 minutes of strenuous exercise. It was perfect for releasing some tension. I wouldn't have minded a longer session. What is wrong with me?!

Dinner? Oh yeah. I'm the head chef here. Forgot about that part. Buffalo Wild Wings cooked me up some naked tenders and Diet Coke. No breading on the tenders, hence the "naked", so lower calories and carbs. Just dip them in some buffalo sauce and you're good to go. 4 of the little guys filled me up.

Tuesday What's the best way to start the day? Getting up at 6am for a hill training run, of course. I live near Houston. Hills are not part of our landscape. No, you have to seek out hill-like structures. So I drove for a while and parked near a bridge that's popular with other runners seeking hill formations to punish torture train their bodies.

It's a good half mile walk before I even get to the "hill."
 It doesn't look like much but, trust me, it is pretty steep when you're trying to run it. I tackled that bad boy up and over 4 times. I felt freakin' awesome!! The last uphill run started hurting. Booty, quads, hamstrings, calves. Every bit of it was screaming for mercy. After it was all done my legs were a little shaky but it was a great feeling.

Hill training, I found out, is not so much about distance but survival. LOL I survived so I'm pretty happy about that.
 20 minutes, 13:10 pace, 1.52 miles, avg HR 161 bpm

A great, great workout. I can't wait to do it again. Who is this person that enjoys a challenging workout? I like it!

I was a sweaty mess. Sweat was literally running down my legs and my hair was dripping. It was even dripping off my fingertips. Is it wrong to enjoy sweating like that? haha
The playlist that kept me going:
On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez
I know You Want Me by Pitbull
Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolph
S&M by Rihanna
Rock Me Tonight by Billy Squire
Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (I LOVE this song. The sweetest words. Makes me smile just hearing them.)

On the way home I had to stop twice for ducks crossing the road. That's an unusual occurrence! The second time I stopped I got a picture. Aren't they cute?!

I never thought I'd say this but I think I'm starting to enjoy running. It's not something I tolerate now. I'm looking forward to each new run. Big change! I feel more energetic and very happy.

Happy Texan signing off. Don't forget to exercise today! :)


  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think shopping for faucets is REALLY fun! :) Well done on all the exercise Kelly. Have a great day.

  2. Your new faucet looks similar to the one in my parent's house. Which confuses me every time I'm there and try to use it. Does the handle sort of pull out, and then move up and down for hot and cold? I know, sad that a faucet gives me trouble. It's hard being me! But it's a very pretty faucet, and I like shopping and texting too - what DID we do w/o camera phones and text?!?

  3. Texas has hills??

    I love any kind of home improvement anything! New faucets, light switch covers, you name it.

  4. Kelly, you know what? I was thinking the same thing on my run today - I got a late start and seriously a couple weeks ago I would have just ditched the run, but I WANTED to - who am I??!!

    And guess what - on my hilly 5k I did a PR of 32:07!!!!!!!

  5. That post about the Buffalo Wild Wings had me craving some on my own naked tenders. Today I bought chicken breast and wing sauce and that is what I will be having after yoga. With a bleu cheese dip of course.

    Yay to surviving the hill runs!!! I love to sweat too...

  6. My sister and I 'text shop' all the time. You should see all the dressing room photos we have of each other.

  7. Just wondering, did you help Mr. Ali up there above me?

    You know what faucet I'm coveting for my kitchen? They've come out with a new one that you just tap and it turns on. So when your hands are messy you can whack it with the side of your hand and voila!

  8. I love the last sentence that you are starting to love running. Love that.

    Where I live it's flat too, I don't even have a bridge close by to practice on. Most of my country is flat and that means that there aren't many races with hills in them. Basically this means I don't do hill training.


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