Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Running Club Clinic

I had my first running club meeting yesterday. I received an email from the organizer along with the training schedule and as an afterthought she told me about a clinic they were having that night at Sun, Ski and Sports. I should go if I could. She didn't tell me the time so I emailed her back and figured if I didn't hear from her then I'd just stay home.

I'll be honest. I hate going to things like this where I know no one. I'm already clueless about how this whole thing works and I'm pretty shy around strangers. This is one of those life areas that I'm trying to work on.

With a little pressure from family and friends (thanks again, Chuck and Shelley) I called the store and got the meeting time and left. I got there a little early and browsed around then I saw a few folks mingling by the meeting area. *big breath* Time to go introduce myself.

Every one was very friendly, of course. The store manager asked if anyone would like a glass of wine. The ladies were all quiet so I raised my hand and said, "I could use a glass." With a little wine and a couple of crackers, cheese and meat, my nerves started to calm. The organizer said she would run with me this Saturday and help get me acquainted with the program.

At the clinic we learned about clothing, hydration, and fueling. I didn't realize how much water you needed! I'm concerned about the fuel (the gels, chomps, carbs, etc) because of my insulin issues. I'd like to be able to talk to someone about it but I have no idea who to even ask. A nutritionalist? A trainer?

When I take in carbs my body releases insulin but my cells don't respond to the insulin so my body releases even more insulin and then most of the carbs (sugars) are stored as fat. Mostly right around my belly. Should I still use carbs as fuel for the runs? Should I look towards protein? I have no clue.

Coach said I must have an hydration belt with 4 bottles so I got this Nathan. It even has several pockets and an ID card. We were given a 25% coupon so it worked out great. These things are not cheap.
And they also fitted us ladies for sports bras. I'd never been measured for one before.
The eats.

I found some bread that is only 9g carbs for 2 slices and 90 calories. It's Sara Lee Delightful Wheat with honey. They have one that is just wheat but it seems the one with honey is the lower carb option which is counter intuitive. You'd think honey would add carbs. Whatever. It's tasty. I've found it at a local grocery store called Randall's (probably like Safeway elsewhere) and Wal Mart.
 Breakfast: scrambled egg, cheese and turkey sandwich grilled. YUM!
 Lunch: turkey sandwich and roasted broccoli
Snack: not pictured Atkins bar so my stomach wouldn't growl during the running meeting.

Dinner: grilled turkey sandwich. Way too many sandwiches, I know. It was just one of those days.
 Oh, and the little bit of wine and cheese and 2 crackers at the meeting.
20 minute run. I didn't set the Garmin for any intervals. I just ran at my own pace and took walk breaks when I wanted. I ended up with four walk breaks but only reached 1.47 miles.  That's ok. It's a start.

I found out last night that the running group I'll be in will be running/walking a 5:1 ratio. 5 minutes running/1 minute walking.
Rachel has been busy. She taught herself to crochet from a book and has been making little figures.
(from left to right: grim reaper, Spartan soldier, skeleton groom. Still working on the bride)
One last thing. I read a quote a few days ago and it keeps rumbling around in my mind.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
See? There is no Someday.

It's just a great reminder to me to not put things off.
Have a great Wednesday. See ya tomorrow. :)


  1. I was looking forward to hearing all about the clinic and you did not disappoint! So glad you (wo)manned up and went. :) Good on ya for getting the water belt - just know that eventually, during a longer run, that sucker is probably going to chafe, so Body Glide your waist good!

    With USA Fit, your weekly runs are for time only (20 minutes, 25 minutes, etc.) - they don't care about distance. I know it's strange to not think about that, but they really just want you on your feet, doing your running thang, for the prescribed amount of time. Distance only comes into play on your long run. Very nice that your coach will run with you on Saturday! Sounds like a good group. I'm so happy you joined - I feel like I am living vicariously through you! :):):)

  2. Hi Kelly, LOVE the quote. Yay for going to the running meeting. Glad the coach is going to run with you on the weekend. Sounds nothing but positive. Have a great Wed.

  3. My understanding with insulin resistance is limiting your carbs to whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies. So you can "fuel" on long runs with those things - you do not at all have to use the Gu's, Gels, Bloks, etc. In fact, I tend to get tummy issues if I use too much of that stuff so even my full marathons have been fueled by bananas and a few pretzels (for the salt) later in the race.

    You're going to love this running group. Not only will you make some great friends but you'll learn so much. Take advantage of the knowledge of your coaches!

    I am so completely jealous of all you who can be in one. Our local group dissolved years ago and no one has been able to get it started back up!

  4. Kelly, My advice for the running nutrition is to focus mostly on protein. You should add a little carbs to the plan but mostly protein. Combining the two will be even better. I have insulin resistance too and I believe that if you do just carbs alone, you will crash during your runs.

    BTW I love the Sara Lee Delightful Honey Bread. That is the only kind of bread I eat now. It is very good.

    Good luck with your new running club. I love your new water pack. It is very interesting to me.

  5. Good for you for going to the meeting. Wine, cheese, meat and crackers!!! Now, that sounds like a fine meeting.

    I have insulin resistance too, but I am currently using the ostrich technique to deal.

    Those grilled sandwiches look so good.

    Love the little crocheted figures!!! Rachel is so creative.

  6. So proud of you for joining the club, I could never do that...

    The food looks amazing! yum!!


  7. So glad you got out there and did it!! And who can resist any sort of organization that gives you lectures about hydration while providing you with wine? Sounds like my kinda club!

    I have no idea how people fuel ON the run. Longest distance I've done was a 10K and I couldn't imagine needing a gu or whatnot if I fueled up "properly" before hand. On the other hand, if I'm not fueled up properly, I get hungry after mile 3.

    And I have thought about getting a hydration pack or a water belt, but so far I think I'd rather run with a bottle in my hand. I think that's what Shelley does/did too?

  8. Sounds like a very interesting clinic and I think you will have lots of fun with the group.
    As said before we don't have that here in Holland and I'm always kind of jealous when I read people joining these groups.


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