Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Quickie

  • I felt wicked awesome after my run yesterday. Is that the runner's high? Can I get that in a pill?
  • My hips are quite angry about the run yesterday. It hurts to move them. It even hurts when I'm not moving. I'll be getting friendly with ibuprofen today.
  • Did I mention my first group run is tomorrow? (Saturday)
  • I'm scared about the above bullet point.
  • No food pictures to post from yesterday. Oh, I was perfectly good I just didn't feel like taking pics.
  • Actually taking a rest day today! My legs insisted and I'm not going to argue with them.
  • I made a nice sugar free cranberry cosmopolitan (Baja Bob's mix) and sipped on it while listening to Def Leppard last night. Just a relaxing evening.
  • My mom's ducks drowned a chicken. Mean assassin ducks. (Random, I know. And tragic! And true.)
Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Ducks drown chickens?
    That sounds like the punchline of a really odd joke. Bizarre.
    I am sending positive thoughts toward your hips; I hope they start feeling better soon :)

  2. Take your rest days - your legs (and hips) will thank you!

    You are going to do great tomorrow. I look forward to your email telling me all about it. And yes, that was the runner's want more, don't you? ;)

    Were the ducks in some sort of gang? Was this an initiation thing? Poor Clucky (yes, I named the dead chicken).

  3. I always took a rest day before my group runs and it was good especially as the runs got longer. Do IT Band stretches - they will help those hips of yours.

    Assasin Ducks. Sounds like a great name for a rock band!

  4. Yay to rest day!!! Good luck on your run tomorrow...don't feel like you have to keep sense knocking yourself out...that will mean no running at all and that would suck.

    Bad ducks!!!

  5. The ducks drowned a chicken????? Those are seriously nasty ducks! All the best for the running group and the rest of the weekend!!!


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