Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Quickie

  • Waking up early to run yesterday made me tired the rest of the day. But it was good to get it done and out of the way early.
  • My eating started out great but went downhill. Dinner was great (roast and spinach) but then Dairy Queen was running commercials for buy one, get one half off Blizzards. Darn you, Dairy Queen. A mini chocolate extreme found its way home to me.
  • My weight is going down every day since I started this running club. And the clothes are fitting better and better.
  • I lost .8 pounds today. Yay!
  • I checked this book out from the library. Ohhh....just browsing. ;-)
  • I'm packing for a road trip to Castroville today. A whole weekend of doing nothing but swimming and relaxing.
  • That's not exactly true. Saturday I have to get up at 6:30 to run 3 miles. 3 miles is usually not a big deal but I'm still adjusting to the 5:1 intervals. Oh, and it's in the hill country so the legs are going to be screaming.
I've been signing up for some races. Yay! Here's what's coming up:
  1. Purple Monkey 5K September 3rd
  2. Space City 10 mile relay October 9th (still trying to think of a team name before I register)
  3. Koala Half Marthon Relay October 23rd (I'm not sure if my running buddy Renee knows we're doing this one yet. lol)
  4. Hope for Health 5K November 5th (with my friend Wendy, her first 5K)
  5. Texas Metric Marathon Relay November 13
  6. Gorilla Run 5K January 21st (you get to run the streets of Austin in a gorilla suit!)
  7. USAFit Half Marathon January 29th (it's all leading up to this moment. Scared, nervous, excited all at once)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Anything fun/exciting planned?


  1. Well aren't you becoming the racing queen?!! With all that ripping and running you won't have to worry a hot minute about a mini blizzard :-)

    Have fun this weekend! Nothing planned my way but something always seems to come up.

  2. I can only say I'm impressed!! I can't believe you signed up for all those runs. I can also say THANKS!! you've inspired me to get out there and run a couple of miles every other day, I tell myself if Kelly can do it why can't I?


  3. Wow, those are a lot of races! Good for you - I still need to sign up for two 5k's before Labor Day - you just reminded me!

    Hope you have a great weekend - I have nothing planned but its supposed to be beautiful. :D

  4. I am going to take today off. I'm trying to decide between lying out in the hammock or sipping tea on the patio. Decisions, decisions...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. How great is it that your fear is a 13 mile race.. That in and of itself is Awesome...

  6. Way to jump into the racing!!! They all sound like fun - you are going to need (NEED!) a medal hanger, and soon! :)

  7. Holy smokes Kelly, you are a racing MACHINE!!! FUN!!! Hope your Friday is going well.

  8. Sounds like fun plans your have. My son and younger daughter and I are going to Dollywood tomorrow. It will be a lot of walking and water rides and fun on a 93 degree day.

  9. You are becoming a running guru :)

  10. Wow - you found your deal!
    Love it when that happens!
    You are strong!

  11. Good for you for signing up for races. To me that always helps to stick to my training plan, knowing I'm training for something.

    Aren't you used to running early in the morning? The first times I did it I was tired too around lunchtime but it gets better up to the point where you will be having more energy the entire day than you have when you aren't running in the morning.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Wow, I am impressed! You have a lot of runs coming up! Good luck!


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