Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Lose 1.5 pounds in 25 minutes

I have had two trainers tell me that they weigh themselves before and after their workouts. For every pound of water you lose you're supposed to drink 24 ounces of water.

I've never weighed myself after a workout so I decided to experiment with my Monday run. The schedule was for 25 minutes easy (is it ever easy?!) run.

My hips were still aching from the Saturday run but I got out there and did it. I didn't even feel like I was about to die! Yay for progress! My legs and hips weren't thrilled but they cooperated long enough for me to finish up.
25:41 minutes; 2 miles, avg. heart rate 159bpm; 12:52 pace

I lost 1.5 pounds during those 25 minutes and it was in the low 80s outside that morning. Wow! I had no idea I'd lose that much water in such a short time. Good lesson. Hydrate, people!

Monday was also cross train day for me (M,W,F) so I did Chalene Xtreme, Circuit 2, week 2 for some strength training. 38 minutes. It's a bit more difficult after a run.
I've gotten lazy with my picture taking. Last night I made spaghetti with yellow squash noodles. Here's a picture of the squash noodles I made with my spiral slicer. I LURV my spiral slicer.
Chuck has decided to join in with the running thing. Last night he started out with 15 minutes at a 5:1 running:walking interval. I rode my bike to cheer him on and because I have a blinkie light on there. Gotta protect my man. Thinking I need to get a blinkie thing for running. He did great! He had a better pace than me but I won't hold that against him. Guys: they're faster at running and they lose weight faster. >:-/

Anyway, I got a 1.59 mile bike ride in. :)
I really am proud of Chuck getting out there after a long day of work and after mowing the grass. That's a lot of determination right there.
If you're counting, yes, I did exercise 3 times Monday but you can hardly count meandering around on a bike for less than 2 miles exercise. I didn't even break a sweat. I almost broke my pride once when I tried to make a turn too sharp though! lol
Tuesday's schedule called for 20 minutes running. Everything was put together in a neat pile waiting for me this morning at 7am. That's early for this night owl.

It wasn't too hot at that time though still warm. I just wasn't feeling the running mojo this morning. I felt sluggish and I was sucking air. It felt like I was hardly moving. More like plodding than running. I tried to work on my form a little because I know it's an area where I am lacking. I was just having trouble finding the groove.

Then a garbage truck passed me and I thought I was going to lose the breakfast I hadn't eaten yet. Bleck! I was breathing heavy and sucking in those smells and the tummy started to churn. I turned down a street to escape the stench that was assaulting my nostrils. But now everything smells like garbage truck. It's like my senses are stuck.

The stats: 20 minutes; 1.58 miles; 12:40 pace; avg heart rate 160bpm
I was more than a little shocked (and a bit proud) that I shaved 10 seconds off my pace. The whole time I was thinking that I was running a 14min. pace. Go, me! :)

I also weighed before and after the run. This time I only lost .7 pounds of water. Not quite 2 cups. Still amazes me that a person loses so much water in such a short time. I'm sipping on a glass of water right now. Cheers! :)
Last night I signed up for a race called the Purple Monkey 5K. It was the first 5K I ran in 2008. I weighed 230 pounds.
I didn't know about sports bras or cotton being bad. I also didn't know you weren't supposed to clinch your hands like dead spiders.
It took me 53 minutes and the most I could run was 12 seconds at a time. With determination, a lot of sweat, maybe a tear or two, I crossed that finish line. One of my proudest moments. Just a couple of months before then the most I could do was walk around the block.

I still have my race shirt. I still remember crossing that finish line like it was yesterday. And the popsicles!

I think it's time to revisit that race and see how far I've come. I'm even going to wear that old, worn race shirt on September 3rd. This time Chuck will be running beside me.


  1. I'm looking forward to the 5ks coming up!

    Thanks for protecting me last night. More of the same tonight, I suppose?

  2. You are doing great, Kelly. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are the workout queen Kelly. And I know it's not good to covet things of other people's and be grateful for all that I have - and I AM grateful, but I REALLY covet your spiral cutter! :) Have a great Tuesday!

  4. To be a better runner, you have to.... RUN. Improvement happens.

    I bet no matter how many times you run that 5K, the first one will always be the most special to you.

  5. How fun that you are going to revisit your first 5K! Love that you are planning on wearing the shirt, too...you will look like an old-timer! :)

  6. How awesome to see how far you've come by running the same 5K again! You are inspiring me! keep it up!

  7. I love that you were aching and you did it and you rocked it!!!

    (and no, Ive never weighed before and after a wo either :))


  8. I love the part about your first 5k! You have come so far. I'm proud of you. :)

    There is this stretch on the trail that I run on that just SMELLS so bad! I knew exactly how you felt when the garbage truck drove by. It makes your stomach churn and you want to throw up-- it makes it 10 times worse when you're running!

  9. It's very encouraging to look back on where you've been and see how much you've accomplished. You're awesome!

  10. I may not have been blogging lately, but when I was online, I'm always reading what you are up to Kelly! Again I must say how much you impress me with your dedication and determination to get all that exercising in. It's so wonderful to read how Chuck shares it with you. If he ever comes here, you need to come as well so we can all talk to Mr. Sandra about how much fun it is to workout with your partner :).. hee hee...

  11. I've never heard of that equation for knowing how much water to drink. Interesting!

  12. That's so cool that your husband is doing the 5K with you, you inspired him!

    Great workouts!

    How do you like the Chalean Extreme workouts? I've been thinking about adding this to my workout DVD collection.


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