Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lacitc Acid Dropper

Yesterday was such a crappy run for me that it was difficult to think of signing up for races but it needed to be done. I have to beat the deadlines before the price increases.

First scheduled race: Space City 10 Mile Relay.  The name that my running buddy Renee and I are going with: I Thought They Said Rum!  Great name. Can't wait to earn my tee shirt on October 9th.

The next race is scheduled for October 23rd. Two races in one month? Do people do that?  Anyway, the Houston Half Marathon Relay will be held downtown and our team name is The Knights Who Say KNEE! Blatant Monty Python reference and I love it.
After my morning run I had to get my weights workout done. M,W,F.
Chalene Xtreme Burn phase, circuit 1, week 3, 36 minutes
One more week before I move to the next phase. :)
It was a busy day but I didn't seem to get much done. Ever have days like that?  I did take Rachel on a hunt for some headphones. She wanted Skullcandy after reading some reviews and comparing prices. We finally found them at Best Buy and they really are nice.
I did something to my neck and back because on the left side it's killing me. I probably need an adjustment from the chiropractor. Instead I had a little bit of whiskey on ice and it helped relax me.
Tuesday morning and it's time to run again. I got up at 6:15am and it was already 81* outside. Neck still sore but I got out there and did it.

It wasn't a bad run! I did my 5:1 intervals (5 minutes running/1 minute walking) but the last interval seemed to last forever. My breathing has gotten better (not so much gasping for air) but my legs felt tired. Probably from lifting weights the day before. All of my running intervals were in the 11s and one was 11:05. I sure hope to break into the 10s one day.
20 minutes, 12:03 pace, 1.66 miles, avg HR 165 bpm

I am so happy that the rest of the day is a rest day. No weights. No exercise. Well, unless you count folding clothes as exercise. ;-)

Happy Tuesday to ya.


  1. 81 at 6:15 a.m.,... yikes. Good for you for getting out there and gettin er done :)

    I love all the exercising you are doing. It's getting me motivated to get my butt moving again.

    Once life settles down for me in September, I'm hitting the weights and thinking about starting the C25K again (if I can get a treadmill or feel comfortable enough running the country roads).
    You rock Kelly!!!

  2. Wow - you are out there doing it for sure!
    Looks like you've found your happy place!

  3. Your prescription for your backache sounds just like something I would do LOL!

    I'm sure some of that lactic acid is from the Chalean Extreme and not just the running. As you increase your mileage you will probably find that you'll have to adjust strength type workouts quite a bit in order to save your legs.

  4. What Helen said. Stop doing squats and lunges - your legs are getting enough with the running. Hope your neck feels better!

    I think One More Mile has shirts that say "I thought they said Rum" - in case you want team shirts (which you totally DO!). Love both team names. :)

  5. Hi Kelly! Love the prescription!! Youe workouts are super impressive. Hope your legs (and the rest of you) feel ok today!!

  6. Good luck with the races!!!

    Running, lifting...you are a machine Kelly!

    Hope your neck feels better.

  7. Happy rest day! You should take one more during the week, too :D


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