Friday, August 5, 2011

Lifting Weights to Watch my Weight

Thursday was weight lifting day for me. I just do it at home because the gym machines still intimidate me somewhat and I don't like driving somewhere to do what I can do at home.  At this point, my dial-a-weight dumbbells are working just fine.

I'm using a DVD series called Chalene Xtreme. The idea is to progress through the 3 phases of workouts in about 3 months. You work with each phase for 4 weeks. Each phase has 3 workouts. For example, I'm on Burn Phase. I work out 3 days a week (usually between 35-38 minutes each) and each day has a different workout (circuits 1-3). After four weeks I progress to the next DVD/phase.

Yesterday I did Burn Phase, circuit 2 which had a lot of lunges and rows. Today almost my entire body hurts. My booty, hams, back, shoulders, arms, hurts to move. I was grunting and groaning to even get up this morning. Seriously, should it hurt to open the refrigerator door?!

Rachel did it too. I'm so proud of her. She has decided (after how many years of me trying to get her to exercise with me??) that she is ready to firm up. I'm wondering if there's a boy she has her eye on because that is one of the greatest motivators. :)  I bet that poor girl is going to be so sore she'll have trouble walking today too. We're both going to look like zombies as we walk stiff legged and moan with each step.

Exercise: Chalene Xtreme Burn Phase, Circuit 2
I'm thinking of trying yoga today in the hopes that it will help stretch out some of the soreness.

There is a small down size to lifting: at first the scale does not look good. Water retention from soreness does make it go up temporarily. My scale showed a half pound drop today but I also had shown a 2 pound gain. So still not too happy with that. I know it'll go down though.

Eats: Still hungry. I'm not sure if it's hormones or working out. Time will tell.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (two eggs & 1 white), a small amount of queso and salsa, bacon.
 Snack: protein shake with Jay Robb vanilla protein, almond milk, SF chocolate syrup from Torani, and a small amount of PB2
I had to drop Rachel off at the movies on the other side of town. Only takes about an hour to get there. While out on the road I was hungry again. And tired again!

Lunch: grilled chicken sandwich minus the top bun and most the bottom bun. Not shown is some mayo and lettuce on there. I really wanted some fries but I didn't get any. Small victories.
It did the trick and kept me going until dinner.

While I was out I found this! It's pink SF Rock Star! Even comes with its own straw. How cute.
 And my cheap sparkly sunglasses broke. :-/
 In case you are wondering, these are the low carb tortillas that I'm always using. I love them.

Dinner: sauteed yellow squash acted as my noodles for spaghetti. I added a few noodles for the texture and taste. Meat spaghetti sauce on top. I did take a bite of Chuck's garlic bread.
Rachel has a friend who has been in the hospital all week so she made him a batch of my favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They're so good they smile back at you.
 She made enough so that we each had a cookie too. Not what I really need. I ate half (oh my gosh, how can something that tastes so good be so bad for you?!) and gave the other half to Chuck.
The rest are protected my plastic wrap from hands that can't control themselves neatly packaged with a bow and ready to be delivered. Lucky friend.
I'm still battling the hunger monster but trying to make better decisions when I feed it. It's going pretty well except for the cookie half. If I keep working out I'll be too sore to get up and get any sort of food anyway. ha!


  1. Hey, I'm proud of you Kelly! Looks like you are doing great with the weights! Food looks good too! My food is always boring!

  2. Yay Rachel for working out with you!!! And yay you for doing the weigh workouts Kelly! Bummer about the sunglasses! Maybe you can wear them anyway and start a trend. :) silly... Have a great Friday.

  3. Sounds like you've had some good workouts. Ouch. I need to start incorporating strength training. Okay, I need to consistently do cardio as well. The eats look yummy too.

  4. My triceps are a little sore today from some sort of side plank-y thing we did in yoga on Wednesday (I'm sure it has an official name, but really, who can keep up?!?) - I can only imagine the full body soreness that you must be feeling! Luckily it will go away soon and as long as you keep lifting with regularity, it will never be this bad again. Plus you'll be all nice and toned and strong!

    Chocolate cookies are the debil. You did great to only have a half - I become a vacuum around homemade cookies. Which is why I never make them.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ugh. I so dislike that sort of soreness. Of course you know it will go away! You know what will really torque you though? Lovely Rachel will probably recover faster. Sigh. Oh the fountain of youth that we never appreciated when we had it!

    Have a great weekend Kelly.

  6. I am thinking of starting some sort of weight routine as well. There is a trainer at the new gym we go to and I wouldn't mind hiring him for one session...

    Food is looking have me craving a protein shake.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Just discovered your blog, it is truly inspiring! You-look-amazing !

    I'm at a different stage to you (the very beginning) so I'm going to read through your blogs. Your photos are so motivating!

  8. I think you could start a trend with those glasses,Woman!

    and you know me.
    Im weights mcgee :)



  9. Thanks for posting the pic of the tortillas, I am heading out to Kroger at lunch to check again. Maybe I will get lucky today and find some!


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