Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Exercising; More Eating

Seems like my life revolves around food and burning that food off lately. Eat, exercise, eat, exercise. That's not a bad thing!

Yesterday was me against wifi. Seems that all of the electronics in the house wanted to malfunction. It started with my scale not sending my weight to the computer. Then it was Charlie's ipad. I was able to fix those then the computer wouldn't connect. Then Charlie's Nintendo. It was just one thing after another. As soon as I fixed something another thing would die. Finally, all is working well.  I was quite proud of myself because usually I'm the one breaking things instead of fixing them. :)

Breakfast was some chobani plain with a tiny bit of honey (it really needed more in my opinion) and a few walnuts. Mmmmm.
 Lunch: a leftover cheeseburger patty on a low cal, slightly low carb bun.
 Exercise: Chalene Xtreme burn phase, circuit 3, week 2. My legs were shaking and sweat was all over the place. A very good workout. No running because it was my "rest" day.

Snack: half of an awesome Atkins bar. Tastes like a Baby Ruth.
 Then my neighbor brought over cupcakes! Strawberry ones. Oh my. Charlie had some friends over so they helped eat some. I had to try it. One of those tiny guys in the back. They really were only one bite worth. Homemade strawberry frosting. There are still 2 left in the kitchen right this moment. That's why I'm in the bedroom. haha Is there a cupcake diet? Or maybe a pizza diet? Because I'd be all over that.
 While battling the electronics I got a roast out of the fridge to cook for dinner. It was supposed to have defrosted but it was still frozen solid. Not in the mood to deal with one more thing, I chunked it into the crockpot frozen. By 7pm it still wasn't cooked enough. *sigh* Off to Buffalo Wild Wings. I got naked......tenders. Dipped them in medium buffalo sauce. It did come with fries but they were nasty which is a good thing for me!
Then it was home for some reading and then off to bed. I'm reading aloud the last book in the Hunger Games series. I know we're going to be sad to see it end.
It is now Thursday morning. I got up at 4:15am. Let me repeat that. I got up at 4:15am. That's craziness. Chuck wanted to run with me but I just never feel like doing it in the evenings. At the time, this seemed like a good idea. Get up early and get it done.

The alarm goes off and I'm confused because I had a dream that I had gone running so I thought we were already finished. That's the brain trying to protect itself from what I'm about to do to it.

Fortunately I had all of my gear together and was dressed and ready to go under 10 minutes. Then out the door for 5 minutes walking. It was still dark! This night owl prefers to go to bed at 4am. Not run.

I was very surprised. I felt great. The first 5 minute interval seemed tough. The second felt great! The third was just ok. The last interval was only 2 minutes and I pushed it a little because I still had a tiny bit of energy left.

Totals: 20 min run, 1.66 miles, 5:1 intervals (run:walk), 12:05 avg pace, 160 bmp avg. HR
The splits were: 11:24, 11:39, 11:24, 10:49 (that was the 2 minutes)

I took 35 seconds off my pace! Very happy with that. Last week my avg pace was 13:54 and I thought I was going to die. This week I'm down to 12:05 and feeling pretty darn good.

I'm off from running until Saturday when I do a 3 mile run. I'm going to take the pace down for that. Maybe a 13? I don't know. I think there are going to be hills where I'll be running so it may be slower than that!

Week 2 of half marathon training
That's all the smile I've got after such an early run. lol

I got some compression shorts at Target that I really like and only $12! I wear them under my regular shorts.

*yawn* Well, it's still early. I think I'll take a shower and then go back to sleep for an hour or so. Good morning.


  1. Good job! You are kicking butt.

  2. "Hottie" takes on a whole different meaning here!
    Doing great!

  3. You are so funny. Watch out... you may get addicted to those early morning runs!!

  4. I get up every work day at 4:15...... Ugh....

    I love honey and walnuts in my yogurt, I haven't had that in a long time!!!!

  5. Your rocking your journey to health!!

  6. Dang Kelly, that was EARLY!!! Good job getting your run done. I'd go back to sleep, too - hey, you earned it! :)

  7. There is a cupcake and pizza diet. It's just not a weight loss diet LOL!

  8. How brave of you to face the morning. Early morning is definitely not my time to exercise.

    Those tenders look delicious!

  9. YAY you Kelly!!! You are a runny maven! Hope your Thursday is going well.

  10. Yummmm! I love cupcakes. And cupcakes with strawberry frostings are delicious! Now I want a

  11. I wish you were my NEIGHBOR

    Id run with you.
    behind you.
    after you :)



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