Monday, August 29, 2011

More Random Stuff

I was surprised how many people are afraid of crowded social situations. I guess there are a lot of people trying to blend in and worried what others think.  That actually makes me feel better. :)
Sunday did an Ab Burner workout. It was only 11 minutes but it was a very painful 11 minutes. Apparently my abs need to be strengthened.
Went to Bass Pro Shops for a little shopping. This picture was in the elevator. That man really loves his fish. Look at the adoration on his face. Sweet and creepy. No, just creepy. Maybe he wants some tail. LOL Sorry. :-/
Went out to eat with the in laws Sunday afternoon. Saw this ride in the parking lot. I want to be a party girl on the go!
Got up early to run today. At 6:20am this is what it looked like. Hot around 83* and not a breeze.
I could not see the end of my street!

Not wanting another craptastic run like I had Saturday, I decided to take things nice and slow.
12:51 pace, 25 minutes, 5:1 (run:walk) intervals, 1.95 miles. Avg HR 167 bpm

I wasn't worried about distance or speed since the weather was not the best for running. I felt great! I could have kept going. Definitely a better run that Saturday. I think the humidity in the air kept me hydrated!

And a big thank you to the guy in the truck who whistled at me. Just the boost I needed to straighten up my posture and speed it up a little. ;-)
Our kitchen faucet broke. Chuck replaced it and when I turned it on to test it out water sprayed from the faucet all over me. That one was broke too!  Today I have to go shopping for a new one. Maybe a little bit better quality.
Vincent van Go (the mini van) is still dead. We got in the parts but they were the wrong ones. New ones on the way. I hope it works. I miss my party wagon.
New toe color: Back to the Fuschia.

That's about it. It's definitely Monday. Time to get back to the daily grind. Hope yours is good. :)


  1. That's the way to look at humidity - as hydration! :)

  2. Hi Kelly, ok...laughed out loud at the creepy fish guy wanting some tail!! HILARIOUS!!! Hope you have a great Monday!!!

  3. Happy Monday Kelly! Hope this weeks sees you getting to your goals and maybe...just maybe...we will get a cool down soon. Ok...maybe within the next 6 weeks or so...

    Take care chickie!!

  4. Can you blame him when the tails look as good as all that?

  5. Nice nails!!! Way to go running through the soup!



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