Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Stuff

Wednesday: Not much going on around here. Grocery store. I did go by the book store and got some reading material. Didn't realize it was printed in the UK so everything is in pounds in the ads.

I think it would be fun to do a triathlon. IF I decide to do one (which I probably will) it will be the Danskin Triathlon in Austin. Women only. Very beginner friendly.
Work it out: Chalene Xtreme Burn Phase, circuit 2, week 3  Great workout. It was tough. There's one "pose" where you stand like you've just bowled a strike. Very little weight on the back leg. You're in a lunge and pushing that hip out. Oh, and while doing that you're doing a row with free weights. Yeah. It's tough!
Shelley and I are doing Beachpalooza next month (see the counter on the top left of the blog?) and since we're all about the outfits and coordinating (we may not be fast but we have style) I was thinking of a cheap and easy outfit. We'd wear our normal running gear but we'd wear coconut bikini tops and grass skirts over the clothes! Except I'd trim the grass skirts.

Then I remembered a very important part of the race: jumping over fire. Those little grass skirts would have gone up in flames. Talk about wardrobe malfunction. I'm pretty sure I could PR with a flaming skirt though. :)
Thursday: 20 minute run, 12:09 pace, 1.65 miles, avg HR 162 bpm. 5:1 (run:walk) intervals The last two minutes I pushed it and ran in the 10s. :)

What a great run!! I felt fantastic except my stomach being a little queasy from my thyroid pills. But my overall heart rate was below what it has been. My breathing wasn't gasping. I just felt good. That's what running is supposed to feel like.

I was super sweaty but it feels so good. A nasty, sweaty Kelly neck.
It's time for week 3 of half marathon training picture.
Love this little running skirt. :)
Just as I was finishing my run this morning it started to sprinkle. Come on, rain. The drought is like nothing I've ever seen. My grass is dying (yet homeowners wants me to keep it alive yet not use a sprinkler!) and some shrubbery is starting to brown. So rain is very welcome here.

As far as tales from the scale, the weight is up slightly but the clothes are fitting better so I'm not worried. The scale can say 500 pounds as long as I get in my size 8s. :)

Have a good Thursday. Hang in there. The weekend is almost here.


  1. Burn it baby!! Hope ya'll are getting some of the AMAZING rain we got here this morning!! I LOVE IT!! We aren't under any mandatory conservation, but it sure helps the water bill when we get a good rain!!

    You are doing absolutely fantastic Kelly! Keep up the good work!!

  2. You had me at coconut bikini tops...sweet!

    That rowing pose sounds tough!!! It is hard enough keeping a similar pose at yoga with no weights!

    Happy Thursday to you!!!

  3. We COULD wear the coconut bikini tops...all four of us. ;)

    We got the first rain in months last night. Even when it's rained in South Texas, it's skipped us...until now. It's WONDERFUL!!!

    You are doing so great with the running! Remember that I haven't been able to run a lick, so BP is gonna be a challenge for me. Fun, but definitely a challenge.

  4. I vote that all of you wear coconut tops, INCLUDING CHUCK AND JEFF!!!

    Did I ever tell you that I wore a grass skirt and coconut top to greet my daughter's high school graduating class as they came off the bus at their Drug & Alcohol Free All Night Graduation Party? (The party theme was Aloha Class of 97.) She hated me then but now she thinks it was pretty cool ;-)

  5. Some crazy lady keeps texting me 'random stuff' I love the title LOL... Keep up the good work!


  6. Love the idea of the coconut bikini tops! :)
    You are AMAZING...calories are being burnt in your tracks. Have a good Thursday!!!!

  7. Yeah... coconut tops... probably not going to happen. Coconut drink holders, yes. Tops, no.

    If BP is going to be what I think it's going to be, I will be topless.

  8. Topless, Chuck? We'll have none of that. This is a family event. I got you to wear tjhose striped socks I think I can get you in a coconut top. ;-)

  9. Your weekend starts and my work week begins.
    *sigh* such is nursing.
    Have a great one - you look great!

  10. good gosh I love you...and could NOT agree with you more about the scale.

    as long as the clothes fit we're OK!




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