Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sh*t My Mom Says

There's a book called Sh*t My Dad Says.

I was browsing through it at the book store and laughing at it. I was also reminded of some of the little sayings my mom had when I was a kid.

Some of her sayings were (are! She's still around) inspirational:
"You can do anything if you want it bad enough. Anything!"
That one drove me often and she would repeat it to me when I had self doubts.

Most of her sayings were about weather:
"It's colder than a well digger's ass in January!"

"It's colder than a witch's tit in a brass brassiere!"   Classy, yes?

Others were backhanded motivational:
"Either sh*t or get off the pot!" This is one she received from her mother. It means either do something or stop talking about it.

For two years I've talked about joining a running club. I may not mention it much here but it's something I've gone back and forth with and Chuck has listened to me waver. Yes, I want to join. No, I don't have time. Yes, I'm going to do it. No, I don't want to run.

Yesterday I mentioned to Shelley in an email that I had asked the USAFit division near me when registration ended. They have extended registration until this weekend. Oh, ok. Good for them. Why did I even inquire?

Shelley encouraged me to join and told me how much fun it is and I should just do it. Time to "sh*t or get off the pot." Either do it or stop talking about it. (By the way, this works with weight loss too.) Or, as Elvis sang so eloquently, "A little less conversation a little more action."   I'm pretty sure he was talking about something else but we can apply it here. :)

So, before I thought about it too much and talked myself out of it, I signed up with the running club!

My hands were sweating as I filled out the online registration. My stomach became queasy. So many self doubts.  (You can do anything if you want it bad enough. Anything!)

For some reason I thought I was signing up to train for 5Ks. Nay nay. I think I just signed up to train for a half marathon. This is what happens when you don't think before diving. That's ok. I can do it!

And thanks to Shelley and Chuck for encouraging me to do things that I didn't think I could do. Chuck is my biggest cheerleader. I wouldn't do half of what I do without his support.

As of yet, I have not received a schedule or directions to the meeting place. I'm still very nervous because this is something I'm doing on my own (I usually have a buddy with me when I try something new) and I'm way way out of my comfort zone. But I'm going to embrace the challenge and go for it. Plus I get a tee shirt.

Quote of the day from Rachel: "You paid to do this?!"
Exercise: rest day.  My legs were still sore from weights workout on Sunday.

Breakfast--scrambled eggs (1 egg, 1 white) with cheese and salsa on low carb tortilla
 Lunch--can't quite shake my hot dog cravings.
 Dinner: the best tacos x2. Love these so much. The recipe is from America's Test Kitchen and they really are some of the best I've had. I didn't make my own shells this time. Too much work for a Monday night.
 Dessert: a mini "no sugar added" ice cream cone
Is there anything you've been talking about doing but haven't done yet?


  1. Lose 30 lbs.
    Go to Texas to see Shelley (and you and whoever else cannot wait to meet my fabulous self)!
    Get WiFi in the house and then get a notebook, netbook or iPad.
    Lose 30 lbs.
    Lose 30 lbs.
    Lose 30 lbs.
    Did I mention lose 30 lbs.?

  2. Yep. I've been talking for weeks about getting my butt in gear and moving some but I have yet to set foot on the treadmill. My daughter is moving back home though and she is a love wire so maybe with her influence I can actually get into some kind of program.

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! You are going to love it, Kelly - the running club is going to open up a whole new dimension of running for you!

    As for what I want to do? Write my damn book. I have dribs and drabs written, but I need to focus on it for realz.

  4. Well now that you mention it...yes, yes there is something I have been talking about doing but I haven't done yet.

    Way to go on joining the running club!!!

  5. Congrats on joining! Thank goodness for online sign ups - if I had to fill out pen-and-paper applications for stuff, there are so many many things I would never do. I am not in a running club, but I <3 my rowing club. And joining it without knowing anyone was awesome - it lets you jump right into meeting people and talking about the activity since you can't just hang back with your friend and whisper about how weird all these new people are.

    Right now I'm so busy, I can't even think about what I'm NOT doing. Maybe next week, after I've gotten through my end-of-semester rest period and this weird stress-related-eye-twitch goes away.

  6. Laughed out loud at Rachel's comment, lol.....still laughing.

    Seriously though, I think it's a great idea...very proud of you for jumping in with both feet. I'm walking a Half in November. We'll suffer together. :)

  7. going to BALI
    going to BALI
    going to BALI

    Have I told you Ive talked ABOUT going to bali for 20 years and not yet gone?


  8. Good for you for signing up! We don't have running clubs like you have here in Holland but I've always read Shelley's adventures at hers with pleasure and I think you will like it.

    Once I talked and talked about wanting to exercise more and never did it till 2 years ago.

    All I talk about now but don't do: lose the last weight I have to lose.


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