Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I didn't even take pictures of my eats though I was 100% good Tuesday. Nothing to hide here. I was just tired and lazy Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday I woke up sore from the weights workout on Monday. Even my armpits were sore. Isn't that weird? Should it hurt to lift a cup of coffee?

I had to watch a video to teach me how to teach the kids a writing concept. English was never my favorite class in school. I did great in it (straight As). English is my first language, after all. I just didn't like writing much so watching a video to teach me how to teach others writing was as fun as watching paint dry. I fell asleep three times and had to rewind it a few times. Do you rewind DVDs??

The rest of the day was similar. Headaches. Sleepy. So I was a lazy bum.

Wednesday was almost a repeat though I did get out of the house to restock an almost empty pantry. But the sleepiness and headaches were present all day.

Did I mention that I'm out of my thyroid meds and just happened to forget to order them? Oh yeah. Maybe  that is a contributing factor. Maybe. Or maybe it's hormones. Of course, thyroid is a hormone too.

Wednesday eats:
Breakfast: protein shake
 Lunch: BLT wrap on low carb tortillas minus the tomato. I don't like tomatoes unless they're in a salsa or marinara type sauce. Not even a fan of ketchup.
Snack: protein shake. They're actually quite filling.
 Dinner: chicken fajita salad with greens, cilantro, queso, salsa and sour cream. Lick the bowl good.
 I used the seasoned chicken breasts that come in a bag in the meat department at Kroger. I know other grocery stores and even Wal Mart sells them too. I trim the fat off and cook them in the skillet though they are wonderful grilled. It just takes forever for me to fire up the charcoal grill.

Dessert: low carb ice cream bar
And then things went downhill. I was so hungry last night. I could have eaten anything. Maybe not a tomato but everything else was in danger. I snacked and munched and tried to find low carb things that wouldn't make a huge difference on the scale. I haven't been that hungry in a while.

The smart thing would have been to make another protein shake or maybe scramble some eggs because it's very hard to overeat eggs. I did not do that though. Nope, I snacked. Not proud of it but there it is and today is a new day. Think I'll start it off with eggs.

Either hormones are really out of whack or I need to add more protein. Maybe both! Today I'm going to experiment on myself by adding more substantial amounts of protein and see how my hunger does and also see how the scale responds. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Of course, the hunger thing doesn't happen often. Usually I don't eat very much during the day but have a decent sized dinner and that does fine. Not sure what happened last night.

Today is weights day so I'll see you tomorrow with sore armpits. :)


  1. Lift with your back, not your armpits. ;)

  2. Ahhhh the snack monster. Has been getting me too but I know it's because I'm trying to come "off" vacation. It's not much, but just enough that I'll soon be miserable if I don't STOP.

    Here's to a better day for both of us!

  3. Yesterday is behind you Kelly, just keep pushing forward to today!!! Take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. I'll bet it's the lack of meds combined with this insane heat that is making you so tired...I hate feeling like that! Do you keep any hard boiled eggs on hand for snacks? That might help. Hope today is a better one - oh, and I can only fathom how boring that DVD must have been. You get the good mom/teacher award for watching the whole thing!

  5. I feel my energy and appetite ebbs and flows with my monthly cycle. Maybe TMI?

    Hope you are having a great day today!

  6. Where do you find low carb tortilla's? I've looked at Walmart and Kroger, no luck.

  7. Kelly, I get them at roger. They're by Mission and are found by the other tortillas.

  8. I've had too many days like that lately when all I want to do is snack, snack and snack!

    You fell asleep trying to learn how to teach writing? How could you? ;)


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