Monday, August 22, 2011

There's No Running on Vacation!

Friday we packed Rachel's little car (Vincent Van Go is still dead) and headed for Castroville west of San Antonio. It was such a hot trip. The temperature got up to 107*!

We finally arrive at the Alsace Hotel and Spa Resort and get checked in. Such a beautiful place! Thanks, Groupon.
Very large room with a balcony and a relaxing zen feel to it. Definitely a place I'd like to visit again. We got unpacked and headed out for a burger at the local eatery called Sammy's Restaurant. It's a dive but a dive with very good food. Charlie wants to drive back just for the food.

Saturday morning Chuck and I got up at 6am and headed to the regional park for a run. I had 3 miles scheduled. We parked the car and it was still dark. The gates to the park were even closed. We walked around and started the run then suddenly there was this terrible stench. I mean bad. It burned my nose and made me want to hold my breath. Goats. Over a hill was a goat farm and the smell was terrible.

We ran 5:1 intervals at a slow pace which was just fine with me. The smell finally got to Chuck and he had to go vomit. Yes, Chuck up-chucked. Poor guy. He did good though. And I appreciated the company. Makes the run go by quicker.

Besides the smell, there were hills, large rocks in the trail, overhanging branches to dodge and some spots where the gravel was very deep and it was like running through quicksand. Slow run? You bet. One other fun element: I tried some new running shorts and they rubbed really bad. It felt like I was trying to start a fire with my thighs. Never leave town without some Bodyglide packed. It still hurts.

The totals: 3 miles, 40:37 minutes, 13:32 pace, avg HR 156 bpm

After the run we went to Sammy's for breakfast where we sat next to a long table of grumpy old men. Apparently this is where they meet for coffee and breakfast and to complain about everything from beer to politics to how cotton is loaded on trucks. I kid you not. Chuck and I enjoyed listening to them as we ate our bacon and eggs and multiple coffee refills. As one old timer got up to leave another would arrive to start complaining. The group kept recycling.

Then back to the hotel to get the kids at the hotel and take them to the local bakery for donuts. Oh man, that place was dangerous. Charlie got a Texas cookie for breakfast.

I felt like I had a full morning and it wasn't even 10am yet. The kids wanted to go swimming so we got on our suits and stayed at the pool for 2 hours. I swam for about an hour of that time total. Rachel and I had swimming races which was a lot of fun. I tried different swimming styles back and forth. Swimming is a tough workout! My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. I brought out a water bottle and had to keep getting sips. Whew!

Running and swimming all before noon. We got cleaned up and headed to the hotel's restaurant where we had a free lunch coming to us (thanks again, Groupon!). I got the chicken cordon bleu which came with a salad and a bunch of veggies. VERY good.
After lunch we got in the car and drove to Garner State Park which was about an hour away. The Frio River was so packed that we didn't stay long. Plus it was just so darn hot! I had planned on getting a pedicure at the spa while Chuck got a massage but they were booked up for the day. :-/

Back to the hotel we go, get cleaned up, then head in to San Antonio for Mi Tierra. LOVE this place. We even got a parking space right up front. A small miracle if you've ever been there on a Saturday night. I had two margaritas and felt no pain.

To the hotel again. By this time it's hard to believe that I had been running just that morning. It seemed like it was a day or two ago. Usually exercise is not on the menu when we go on vacation. But I feel like we got to do more since we weren't sleeping the morning away.

Sunday was breakfast at Sammy's again and then on the road home. Ahhhh......I get to sleep in my own bed again. :)
Monday. Back to the daily grind.

I got up at 6:10am this morning for my Monday 25 minute easy run. I don't know why they call it easy. I've never found a pace that is truly easy unless I'm walking.

Not one of my best runs. I was having an off day. Heavy legs. Breathing hard. Tired. Heart rate up. But I pushed through it and I always feel better afterwards.
25 minutes, 2.04 miles, 12:17 pace, avg HR 163 bpm

It was nice catching up with you. I've finished my glass of electrolytes and guess I should get cleaned up and wash some clothes and plan my weekly menu. Hope your weekend was enjoyable and some crazy alarm didn't wake you up to run at 6am. :-)


  1. I'm jealous of the Groupon deals you get! We just don't get it like that around here. The place you stayed looks so nice, I'm not sure I would have left to do anything else. And good job getting your run on, even while away!

  2. It's funny, but getting up at the crack of dawn to run sure makes you get a lot of things accomplished...and then you look at the clock and it's only 10 am - LOLtime.

    Poor Chuck. Those goats must have needed a bath, big time, for him to upchuck. You have the stronger stomach, but hello, you are a mother and had dealt with worse, I'm sure!

  3. Sorry to hear about the goat smell and poor Chuck's up chuck! OTHER than that, looks like a lovely weekend! Hope the week ahead is a good one Kelly!

  4. I used to be a waitress in a place where the cranky old men complained about the world and especially how their cotton trailers were loaded. Fun people!

    Sounds like you had a great time. Someone needs to wash the goats!

  5. I assure you...there was no 6:00 a.m. alarm around here.

    Looks like you had a fun weekend with the family...aside from the smell, upchucking and running through quicksand. LOL!

    The chicken cordon bleu and vegetables looks really good. Did I see some red cabbage there? One of my faves!

    Enjoy planning your meals for the week!

  6. Wow - such deals on Groupon! They are usually never close enough for me to take advantage of. :(

  7. Woohoo! Swimming is a great workout! And fun!


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