Friday, August 26, 2011

Visiting the Old Homestead

After my stellar run yesterday (which seems to get better the more I think about least in my mind I'm a Kenyan) I needed to get Charlie who had spent the week at my parents' house before we get started back to school (though we've been doing school throughout the summer).

Road trip! Rachel and I headed out to the Beaumont area. Stopped at a convenience store for some Diet Coke and beef jerky.  Saw this sign.
 I remember when you could have a crush on someone for free! Inflation.

Arrived at the folks' house finally. This is the same land where I grew up but the house where I spent my childhood is torn down. My parents built a new house.

The front yard. They lost a lot of big trees during Hurricane Rita.
 Back in my day, it was a small quarter horse ranch. I showed my horse in horse shows and did fairly well with her. I won a few horse shows and got neat prizes like silver bridles, silver mugs and many trophies and ribbons. It was a lot of work and a lot of money.

Prepping a horse for a show is a lot of work. You have to use shaving cream on their muzzles and shave them. Trim the ears. Trim the hair between their ears. Apply baby oil to the eye, ear and muzzle area. Apply black hood polish to the hooves.  And I had the whole cowgirl gear: boots, hat with silver band, chaps.

So here is part of the pasture that used to hold several horses. It's a bit overgrown now. No more horses.
 My parents love their plants. I kill plants.
 I also had about a hundred chickens growing up. I loved those chickens. Each one had its own name. Why yes, I could tell them apart. :)

My mom loves to tell how I used to have tea parties for the chickens. I also put up a Christmas tree one year and wrapped several loaves of bread for them. They were so excited that Christmas morning. haha
 Those are cochin chickens. They have feathers down their feet.

The front of the new house.
 Lots of pretty flowers everywhere.
 The long driveway where I practiced driving as a teen. Also drove around in the pasture. I only hit one tree.

 Self portrait under an oak tree.
 The bamboo clumps would hang over and make great places for me to relax with a book as a kid. I also had a friend named Kyle who would spend summers with his grandmother next door and he and I would play out there all day. We would cut bamboo and have sword fights until we were bleeding. I won most the time. :)
It was a nice road trip and trip down memory lane.

Have yourself a great weekend. I have group run tomorrow. Still a little nervous about those. A lot nervous. It makes me sick to think about it. LOL I'll be ok.


  1. Don't be nervous! You're doing so well. You sure have been leaving me in the dust lately. You'll do so well tomorrow morning. Soon you'll be guiding a group of your own!

  2. Good luck on the run.

    Loved the trip down memory lane. I wish I could do the same and it would be in Texas. The home place was sold and the current owner let it run down terribly and won't let any of us in the house to see it.

  3. Good Heavens, Miss Kelly - you are beautiful!
    You look simply radiant!
    Love the pics - the flowers - the chickens -
    Infatuation Inflation!
    Love it all!

  4. OMG - Kelly, I had no idea you were a horseshow girl, too!

    I'm having withdrawals this weekend - I get them from time to time - I'm going over to watch the NRHA Classic - to get my fix!

  5. As a person who grew up moving 22 times by the time I was 18 years old, I envy these sorts of memories. You are so blessed to have that!

  6. Nice place to grow up! Very nice.

    You will be fine tomorrow - have fun with it!!

  7. Sounds like a good place to grow up. I'm glad you were able to go home for a visit.

  8. I need to see a pic of you in your gear...I can only imagine how adorable you looked.

    Lovely trip down memory lane.

    You will rock the group run! You are doing such great work!!!

  9. What a nice area to grow up! And it's good to see some bamboo still alive - all of it is dead around here. :(

    Your group run is going to be so much fun!!! Think of the water stations! The ice cold wash cloths! All of the runners out there, all doing the same run - woohoo!!!!! What are you going to wear? That's the best part, planning the outfit. Well, the running is good, too. ;)

  10. Hi Kelly. What a lovely place to grow up. Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane with us. Have a great day.

  11. That was lovely! Thank you for the tour :)

  12. How lovely! Surprisingly green, too. I was thinking all of Texas would be brown by now.


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