Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 minute run

I got up on time for my morning run but I was sleepy and phoned it in and went back to bed. Yeah, I felt a little guilty but not as guilty as the YMCA membership that I've had for almost a year and haven't been using.

I finally made myself get out in the crazy heat.....
 Fall? Are you out there? Please come soon and bring some rain with you.

Made myself go to the Y for some dreadmill time. Oh no! I forgot to bring music! Yeah, there are TVs but no sound unless you bring earbuds. So for 30 minutes I get to watch the tv and try to read lips. lol
 I start my run. It's supposed to be an "easy" run according to the schedule so I set the treadmill to a 12 minute pace and start.

Five minute intervals is what I usually run. This time I got to 5 minutes and thought, "I'll just run 5 more minutes."  I get to 10 minutes and think, "I'll run 15 minutes. That's halfway. Then I'll take a break."

Fifteen minutes show up and I figure I may as well just go to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I decided I'm so close to running the whole thing that I just went ahead and ran it.

Yay! I ran the whole 30 minutes and felt like I could have kept going. HUGE accomplishment for me. I know it's a bit easier to run on a treadmill but I was very happy that I could do this and still feel great! That's a big change from just a couple of months ago.

30 minutes, 2.5 miles, 12 minute pace.
 Even though they keep the air conditioning pretty cool in there, I got a nice sweat going. My shirt was soaked! I tried to get a picture but you can't really see much except the sweat hanging off my chin. LOL Gross!
I didn't feel like running yesterday but I'm so glad that I did because I felt fantastic afterwards!! Bouncing off the wall fantastic!!

And it was a good thing I ran because I gained 4 pounds over the weekend. oops. It'll come off this week.

Hope your Monday was great too. And really hope you are getting cooler temperatures than we are here! Ridiculous, I tell you.

Oh, forgot to tell you. I was leaving the Y and got a compliment on my running shoes. The turquoise Newtons. I got them after Shelley got hers. Now I'm conscious of what I wear trying to make things match. LOL The Shelley influence. Chuck says now I have to "fashionize" all my workouts. Thanks, Shelley!


  1. I never regret making myself go for a run :)

    Good job Kelly!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! You ran without stopping!!!!! That is fantastic, Kelly!!!!!

    I got a little excited there. But WOW! That is such a great feeling, to just keep going! Look how far you've come since you joined the running club. That half will be a piece of cake! :)

    I love the Newtons, and that's very cool to get a compliment on them. You MUST fashionize your workout clothes - it's practically a requirement! ;)

  3. Congratulations: that's so great you ran it without a walking break!

    Shelley is the greatest at matching workout outfits. I almost feel guilty if I wear something not matching even though she can't see it :)

  4. AWESOMENESS!! SO proud of you!! Oh...and did you forget? You live in Southeast Texas...it's only September...we still have about 3 months of summer to go! (hee hee!)

  5. Great job on the run!

    And fall? Come here in the next couple days. Overnight low is supposed to be 40 degrees. 40! Good biking weather :D

  6. Great run!!! Wooohooooooo!!!

  7. Woo Hoo. Way to go Kelly! Holy smokes, that is SERIOUSLY hot heat in your neck of the woods. I'm sending cooling wishes and precipitaton thoughts your way. Take care.

  8. Warning: this comment contains a certain amount of words written in all caps, i.e. there is shouting below.


    Shoot. Forgot to warn people about the excessive use of punctuation...

  9. Im channeling you today.
    this morning.
    wish me luck :)



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