Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Gaining Ground

If you've read my blog for any amount of time you've probably noticed that it's more than just about weight loss. It's my life. The ups and downs. The adventures and the monotony. The daily grind and the little vacations.  But always there is the common thread in the background of me trying to get in shape.

I haven't posted a weigh in for a while. Currently I'm 177.5.  It's not where I'd like to be but things are firming up and the clothes are getting a bit looser. The number is just a number. I'm happy as long as my body shape is changing. That being said, I'm ready to drop the rest of these pounds!!

Tuesday was supposed to be hill training day but I turned it into a non-hill day. I made it into more of a zen run. I put on some nice chill music (Dido, Mazzy Star, etc) and just enjoyed it. Beautiful sunrise with bright pink clouds. It was just a pretty morning and I let myself just go without worrying about speed or time or whatever. The only concentration was on intervals and getting in 30 minutes.

30 minutes, 12:10 pace, 2.46 miles, avg HR 159 bpm

Got cleaned up and had a nice lunch. I think I've earned the right to be lazy after exercise. LOL

I had a voucher that was going to expire this month (gasp--no! You mean I waited until the last minute again?!) so I thought I may as well use it now.

Crave Sushi in Houston. This place is great. I love the feel of it. It's trendy and the food is pretty. Oh, and it's tasty!

So the voucher gave us an appetizer, two salads or soups, two rolls and two bar drinks.

The appetizer was chicken lettuce wraps. The lighting is so dim at the restaurant that the picture didn't turn out. Darn you, ambiance!

Then a mixed greens salad with apple vinaigrette. Yum. (No picture. Unless you'd like to see a dark blurry image.)

Drinks were Menage-a-Berry. Oh wow. These are dangerously good.
 Cheers! To you and me and a good life!
 The two rolls were a cheetah roll (it is rolled in flaming cheetos!!) and a pho sho roll (has cilantro and beef in it and very good).
 We may have had a couple of more drinks. And then Mr. Happy Texan thought he was still hungry so he ordered a Tiger Lily roll. It was like eating the entire ocean at once! Not my favorite. I think a reality series could be made on the amount of seafood that must be caught and slain for this one roll.
 To home for a little TV time and chill time. I watched Biggest Loser. I know this sounds terrible but I love watching them at their first workout and they are dying and they start puking. I know the feeling! But I missed Jillian this year. She really added another fun dimension to the first workouts. :)
Wednesday is my rest day from running. But that doesn't mean I get to sit around eating bon bons all day (what exactly is a bon bon anyway?). I got up a little later than usual but still made it out for a bike ride.
7.01 miles, 32:28 minutes, 13 mph pace
Just road around the neighborhood and on the road a bit. My legs weren't very happy with the whole thing but they cooperated.

Get back home and I've locked myself out. Darn it!!! Fortunately Rachel was up so she let me in. :)

Later today: strength training! (I'm shocked at how many showers I have to take now. And how much laundry exercising produces!)

Be sure to look at my little ticker at the top left. See how close Beachpalooza is?! Can't wait!!! I'm thinking I need to get a new running outfit. What do you think?? Did I hear you say yes? That I should go shopping for one?! I agree!!! Thank you for that.

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday to you too, Kelly. It sounds like you had a great run yesterday. It is inspirational to read your blog.

  2. You are doing such an amazing job, Kelly!
    Now I'm craving sushi! Looks so good :)

  3. Bonbons are little balls of vanilla icecream covered in chocolate. Haha.

    Definitely not something that should be eaten all day while sitting around.


  4. Now I am hungry thinking about all the good sushi you ate! Good job with the running. Sounds like you are doing great with everything!

  5. Nice job! Get some rest :D

    I am not a fan of the sushi. I like cooked eel rolls, but that is about it.

  6. No sushi for me thank you.

    Kelly, the rule about running outfits and racing is that you should not wear anything you haven't worn before to a race. Too much chance of rubbing or chafing or some other horrifying thing happening!

  7. Yes, yes, yes...get a new outfit!

  8. Hey that picture of you, you look great! And that drink....yummmy!!!!

  9. What a good look you've got on you.
    And yes to the extra laundry.
    Ah- Fitness is such a cruel mistress!


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