Monday, September 26, 2011

Beachpalooza Galveston Recap--Volume I

There's so much I want to share that I don't even know where to begin! And there are so many great pictures that I hate to leave any out!

So this is going to be a two...maybe three parter.

Friday Chuck and I arrive in Galveston. I have a gift, a knack you may call it, for doing things wrong. After checking in I'm at the elevator pushing pretty hard on the button but can't get it to light up. Chuck grabs my hand. No!!! That's for the fire alarm!  Oops. Disaster one averted. But I thought it was funny and laughed the whole way up in the elevator. Great way to start the weekend.

Nice room at the Hilton.

 Great view of pool and ocean from the room. The pool has a swim up bar that I swore I was going to visit but never got around to it.
 After settling down and sending some emails and texts Shelley and I decide to go out to a place called Mosquito Cafe for dinner. Oh yum! It's so good!! I got a thai chicken salad. Get those chopsticks out of the way.

And Shelley, that crazy sweet lady that she is, surprised me with a gift. A tech shirt and hat to match my newton running shoes!!! Isn't she the best? :)
 After dinner we head to the grounds where the race would be held the next day. Just to get an idea of where we were to go and maybe get a glimpse of the obstacles.  After all, LaKing's Confectionery was closed so that was off.

We said our goodbyes and headed to our hotels. Love seeing the lights at night.

Once there, Chuck and I had a little drink and then crossed the street to take a walk on the beach. I love hearing the waves and feeling the sand on my feet. It was nice.

Then back to the hotel where I try to get some rest before the big day. I was a little nervous. I'll admit it. I pictured Navy Seal training for the race.

 Saturday morning. Game day. We get breakfast delivered. Ahhh. Breakfast in bed. I feel so spoiled.
 So I was pretty nervous. I sent Shelley some texts. Turns out we both had some jitters.  I got dressed and was trying to get some hair gel out of the bottle and it splattered all over my shirt. Nooo!!! So I rinse it in the sink and Chuck sets it out to dry by the air conditioner vent.

Almost time to leave and shirt is still not dry!!!! Chuck gets the hair dyer and starts to dry it for me while I run around in circles in a panic. I put the room service tray out in the hallway and the door closes behind me. I'm locked out of the room! Chuck has the hair dryer going so I have to bang on the door pretty hard but he hears me.

Time to meet Shelley and Jeff! Beachpalooza, here we come!!!

As soon as we arrive the race atmosphere kind of carries you away and the nervousness starts to subside. We didn't plan on matching our outfits I swear!
 This race was huge! People everywhere. We were directed to the tent for packet pick up where we got our shirts and pineapple hats. We be styling.
 Just to give you an idea of how many people were there.
 All smiles before the big race.
 We got a glimpse of the cargo net wall. This was what was scaring me. It looked so much higher in person.
 Time to make our way to the starting corral.

 It's 11:30am. Usually by this time I'm finished with a race. Not starting one! And it was HOT! Not a little hot. But we're off and jogging (that's yogging. I think the j is soft) and having fun.
 The first 1.5 miles is just running in a straight line down the beach. In the sand. Sand is a bit tough to run in!! And I picked out my future house while at it.
 At mile 1.5 we get a little water break. Then you make a u-turn and start heading back and that's where the obstacles come in. The first one Shelley and I approach with confidence. I even give a wave to an imaginary crowd somewhere. We got this.
 Since that first obstacle was nothing more than going through giant dog-doors, we felt pretty confident after we emerged. We are so awesome!
 Feeling a bit radical and confident now!
 Oh no! Hurdles? Walls? I like this shot because it looks like I'm jumping it but I'm really not. Just climbing over slowly.
 I did learn on the very first wall that you should not roll over the wall. That causes extreme pain and causes the pins on the bib to open and stab you in the stomach. Here's the proper way. I did get a lovely bruise on my thigh. :)
 At one time there was a person wearing that pineapple. But they are gone now. The obstacle must have taken him/her down. RIP pineapple hat.
 The 12:00 wave is just starting out as we're heading the opposite way down the beach. Oh sure, they all start out running but by the end everyone is walking. Except the hard core folks who are in it to win it.
 Now here's an obstacle I can do. Pool noodles! THIS is what I saw on their web site when I decided to sign up for this thing. Pool noodles. Not walls and cargo nets and fire.
 Shelley tackled those noodles like a true warrior. I embraced the noodles. Loved the noodles. Didn't want to let go of the noodles. Shared a bonding experience with the noodles (in a much different way than I shared a bonding experience with those walls!).
 Where are all the menfolk in the pictures? Well, someone had to be our photographers! But here's Jeff avoiding a puddle. If he only knew what was ahead of him he might have embraced the puddle.
 Shelley and I looked at each other and decided to go for it. That's so much fun!!!! Before the water I had a nice pile of sand in my shoes. After the water I had some sort of cement that bunched under my toes. Not a pleasant feeling. But the atmosphere of the race was so much fun that it didn't matter one bit.
 Oh, good. More walls. Higher walls. Let me show you how NOT to tackle this wall. If you look closely you'll see my foot is off the ground but I am firmly (and painfully) perched on top of the wall. I did it wrong and may have screamed a little. Ouch!!! That's a pain that will linger.
 Shelley and I tackling those walls! Stretch those legs!
 Now this is more like it! I can scale this wall!
After these obstacles, things started to get on the more intense and scary side.

Stay tuned for Volume II tomorrow! LOL
And thanks for letting me share it with you. We had such a great time!!!


  1. Navy Seal training is right! And that cargo net WAS high. Like 100 feet in the air, I'm sure.

    Giant dog doors cracked me up - that's exactly what the first obstacle was! So fun. Great recap - I feel like I was there...oh wait. :)

  2. Love, love, love!!!

  3. So much fun to read this from both your points of view!


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