Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beachpalooza Weekend Recap Volume II

I realize that these Beachpalooza posts are looooong and that they are becoming an epic. But I hate to leave anything out!

So last post I ended with the wall obstacle.

Next up was a scary table hopping obstacle. I'm not afraid of tables. I've been coaxed into dancing on a table at Joe's Crab Shack with a bunch of friends. Tables are cool. But when they are wobbly and covered in sand and you have to jump to others....I'm out. I got up on the table and the expanse between them looked huge! Like jumping across the Grand Canyon (I've been known to exaggerate). Chuck offers to help me across but I just don't care to try it. This is the only obstacle that I skip.
 All of the others tackle the scary obstacle of death. Shelley is a trooper. You have to see the expanses between these table to understand how amazing it is that she did this. Very proud of her!

I have a fear of heights. Let me rephrase that: I have a fear of heights! It's been there since I was a kid. I remember trying to register for my classes at a horse show once and I had to clumb up to the announcer stand. Halfway up my legs froze and I literally couldn't move them. That still happens from time to time today. I can be going up stairs and my hands start to sweat and my legs seize up and it hurts to move them. After the ordeal my muscles hurt.

I thought I could get over that fear once by facing it. So I did zip lines. This happened.
 I was shaking so badly that I had trouble walking and was near tears. I couldn't even take the cap off my water bottle! And instead of strengthening me it made me even more afraid of heights.

And now back to Beachpalooza. The cargo net wall. I had some real anxiety about this one. But I also really wanted to do it! So I got on there and started climbing.

I get to the top and freeze. My legs are trembling on the ropes and I'm stuck. How in the world will I get over the top to start my descent?! Then Shelley's husband Jeff comes along and says just what I needed to hear: just keep three points of contact. That was it! I could connect that with something that I do know and am familiar with. Canoeing. Always keep three points of contact with the boat. Same with the ropes. And I was fine after that. And I zoomed down that wall. Thanks, Jeff!
 It felt SO good to be able to conquer that fear. I'm not saying that I'm no longer afraid of heights! But I'm not going to let them stop me.

The next obstacle was hills with some muddy water thrown in for fun. These were kind of fun!

 Unfortunately, Chuck tore up his knee pretty good on one downhill slope. It was already injured and needing surgery. Now he's really going to get his money's worth out of that surgery! It was pretty bad but he was able to finish the rest of the obstacles.

Chuck and Shelley heading in to the ball pit. Those ropse are like bungee cords. Chuck lifted one poor girl off the ground when he lifted up on them. I snapped a girl in the face with one by accident.

 The "quicksand" pit. More fun in the nasty water. :)
 Our poor shoes! Shelley and I wore our sacrificial Asics. She tossed hers afterwards but I'm still trying to revive mine. The prognosis is not good.
 The crawling under barbed wire netting obstacle. Keep that butt down, soldier!!!
 Time to jump through fire! No picture for that. It's hard to get a picture when you feel a bit singed. It was so hot!!! There were two fires to jump over.

Then the ice cold saltwater plunge. Filthy water but it felt so good! I got to the end and just sat there for a minute because the water was cool. Shelley is in the blue hat right behind me.
 We emerged very happy and very soaked!
 Time to finish this race! Let's do it!
 Water and bananas at the finish line.
 We did it!! It was so much fun! Look at those people. They're not Beachpaloozas....they're BeachpaWINNERS! ;-)
 Each runner got a free beer or Mike's Lemonade. Shelley didn't want hers so I helped. (this picture is for you, Helen!)
 After a couple of drinks I was feeling really good and got a few pictures taken with some fun people at the race.

Then we walked over to the fire obstacle and cheered for the people jumping. I swear that fire was 5' high when we jumped it! Honest. ;-) (And I don't care what you hear! I was NOT heckling those people! lol)
What a day! We were covered head to toe in sand and were grinning from ear to ear. Proudly sporting our medals, we headed to Mosquito Cafe for lunch and we didn't even care what we looked like. We sat oustide and talked about all of the fun of the race and yelled out to everyone we saw wearing medals.

Simply a fantastic day!!!! I hope you get a sense for how much fun and joy this was. If you get a chance to do an obstacle course race do it!

Tomorrow I'll share more about the rest of the day.

Thanks for coming along for the journey. :)


  1. First thing, Kel, you facing your fear and climbing that wall really spoke to me. Completely and utterly inspiring. Second thing, Rob & I want to participate in Beachpalooza next year! Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Lastly, sorry to Chuck for messing up his knee a little more. I hope he's feeling better.

  2. Goodness...looks like you all had an absolute BLAST!!! How fun it all looks..maybe next year, I'll join ya!

    Have you heard about the Harvest Moon and Margaritas 5K on Galveston Friday evening Oct 14th?...

  3. Ashley, you need to do it. It's so much fun!!!

    Wenday, I have heard about that. I talked to the organizer Sunday. I was thinking about doing it. It's a fun run and afterwards we get 1 free margarita. Can't remember if it was at Salsas or Tortuga. I'll have to see. I have the brochure and I'll let you know.

    It's registration through mail or on site only. No intnernet registrations. They try to keep the cost down.

  4. I so want to do this with you guys! What fun! And bravo on facing your fears. Cargo nets are really hard! Especially when other people are on them at the same time.

  5. I'm so proud of you for getting up and over that cargo net. I know that one was worrying you back in March, when we signed up for this. But you totally smoked it! :)

    I hope Helen likes "her" picture, lol!

  6. You rehydrated with a DOUBLE? Hahahahahahaha! Now that's a palooza!

    Tell the truth Kelly, were you heckling those poor fire pit jumpers?

  7. No, Helen! I swear! LOL I was offering encouragement.

  8. LOVE these recaps Kelly. You and Shelley are awesome!!! The only problem with the recaps? I can't get the old Glen Campbell song Galveston out of my mind for a while after reading, but I can't remember the words, so all I sing is "Galveston oh Galveston" in my mind over and over and over. I'm driving myself crazy!! :) Have a great day.

  9. Great job on making it over the wall!!!

    Love all the fabulous pics...my favourite is you with the big chicken!

    I have a thing for chickens!


    Im in awe.

  11. I've read both posts. What a great event and so much fun. You can tell by all the photos how much fun you guys had. I love it!

    And it's so brave of you overcoming your fear of heights and just try it.

  12. Wow, you sure looks like you had fun! I've never seen anything like what you and Shelley particpated in. I've enjoyed your re-cap!


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