Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beachpalooza Weekend Volume III

Last time I told you about us finishing the race and hanging out at the post race party. What's there to do after a race? Go out and celebrate and relive your favorite parts with your race buddies. Of course, we were filthy and covered in sand but we kept on our race bibs and our medals. We were still pumped up on adrenaline.

Where to? Back to Mosquito Cafe! While there we saw other Beachpaloozers and gave a shout out. There were people all over the island sporting their race shirts and medals. I even rolled down my window and gave shout outs to those walking on the sidewalk. It was just such a great feeling.

At Mosquito Cafe we sat on the patio (no sense in bringing our sandy stench indoors) and I had an awesome sandwich (though I didn't eat the bread) of turkey, grilled apples, brie and bacon. Oh my!!!!
 After lunch we parted and went to get cleaned up. Yes, I'm a bit proud of my first medal and the awesome shirt that matches my newtons. (if you look on the nightstand you'll see a GIANT bottle of ibuprofen. lol)
 Not wanting to miss the Galveston experience, we immediately met back up with Jeff and Shelley to explore (with the intent of getting to LaKings for our postrace ice cream!).

We parked near the Strand and started walking and came across these art cars parked in front of a gallery. LOVE this sticker.

 The owner of the gallery came over and talked to us and invited us in for an art opening or some sort of event they were having. Usually you don't wear shorts and tee shirt to a gallery opening but this is Galveston. Love island life. :) There were some pieces there that I really liked.
 When we left the gallery another art car had arrived. A peacock!
 The broken CDs created a really neat effect. The photo doesn't capture the iridescence of it. It was pretty cool.
 Ah, our happy place! You can't go to Galveston without stopping here. Or at least I can't. :)
 Old fashioned interior. Chuck is pouring his malt. They do have awesome malts. I had a bit of mocha chip ice cream. Just a few bites. It's so rich! Shelley and Jeff are in the back getting saltwater taffy.
 Yes, because we were feeling so awesome and invincible we had dessert first. Then we went to dinner across the street at Yaga's. I made the mistake of mentioning that I ate here in high school and was reminded how many years ago that was. ("They've been open that long?") No way!!! I'm still 21. I have no idea what they were talking about.
 At Yaga's I got tequila on ice. They brought me a cup of tequila on ice. WOW. So we got to have fun talking and having a drink and eating BBQ chicken pizza. Yum.

There was a guy sitting at the bar in his Beachpalooza gear. For some reason we didn't give him a shout out. Instead there was a friendly debate whether he was wearing a wig or that was his natural hair. I was dared to go up to him and check it out.

And here's where I feel I need to clear myself. OK. Yes, I had a glass of tequila and was feeling quite good. But I did not approach that guy. I had to go to the restroom and as I walked by he extended his hand and congratulated me. I returned the congratulations. Well, I did touch his hair then and told him nice wig. I did earn some undeserved street cred as being a little crazy but I really didn't fulfill the dare because he's the one that talked to me first! LOL  It was funny. ;)

Time to start heading back to the car. It's getting dark now. Love the lights.
 I love lights and sparkles! The art gallery was still having a great time but now the cars were lit! Had to check it out.
 Lasers!!! Shelley's arm with the cool lasers dancing around. Love it.
 We said our goodnights and then put the top down on the convertible and cruised around the island. Great night! I really wasn't ready to call it a night just yet. So we headed to Brickhouse Tavern on the Seawall. I said hi to people I saw wearing the race shirts or medals. I was feeling quite social. :)

At the tavern we munch on a couple of pretzel sticks and chicken and got a yard of Blue Moon. Cool! They put this right on your table. OK, I had one glass. Chuck had the rest. I was more interested in water.
 Funny story. The waitress was so rude to Chuck but was sweet to me. He asked for water and she'd walk away and never bring it. I asked and she winked at me and said sure with a big smile. LOL! I have a way with the ladies. (joking! but it was funny)

Time for bed. Back at the hotel Chuck gave me a calf rub until I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and had this on my thigh. Those walls gave me a battle scar. I have bruises here and there all over.
 After breakfast we headed to Stewart Mansion. I visited this place over the summer with the kids and loved it so much. It's a shame to see a place like this in such disrepair. The courtyard.
 A room off the entrance foyer. It's kind of like a gallery. A busted piano lies on the floor near the fireplace and there are pirate paintings on the walls.
 Exploring and admiring the house. Yes, it's Sunday and we're still wearing our medals.
 Love this room! Windows all around and a beautiful fireplace.

 The fireplace was marble! It's a little sickening to have it just sitting there like that. If I thought I could restore this place (and I was wealthy!!) I'd do it.
 Each window had handmade scroll work around it. There used to be lights above each window.
 This turned my stomach. These paintings were not vandalized when I visited this summer. I'm seriously thinking about going back to clean them. At least the art should be saved. Maybe I can call the developer or something! Yes, this place is owned by a developer that is talking about putting condos here. This historical piece of property where Jean Lafitte fought the Karankawa Indians and where pirates docked their ships.
 Across from the main house are the remains of a ball room. I can only imagine the parties this place has seen in the past.
 Time to head to my favorite running store: Fit to Run. I wanted them to check out my shoes and see how much life I had in them. And who should we see when we walk through the door? Shelley and Jeff! Small world. 

While there I tried on some Newton women's Isaacs. Of course I had to bring them home with me!
 The owners of this shop are just the nicest people. They even gave us all some tee shirts from a past Galveston marathon.
 We said our goodbyes again and then headed over to Murdochs because we weren't ready to leave the island yet. Sipped on a couple (that multiplied into several) beers while sitting in rocking chairs on the deck.
 The waves crashing and the sound of steel drums from the's pretty easy to fall into a nice state of mind. And the time just slips away with the waves.
 Finally it was time for dinner. How did that happen so quickly?! So we went to a place on the Seawall called Fish Tales. Had one of these beauties. Just one.
And as we left the restaurant our weekend drew to a close.

It was a great weekend! The race, hanging out with Shelley and Jeff, a kidless weekend, laughing, and having a good time.

OK. Long post, I know. I just couldn't leave anything out, you understand.

Maybe you'll want to do the race with us next year? I think you'd enjoy it. The more the merrier. :)


  1. You never cease to amaze me! You have inspired me to get out and enjoy life more and do more stuff! I plan start running more and hopefully compete in more bike races. I love your determination and will power, it’s like you’re not afraid of anything!! And you enjoy life to the fullest! Look at all your food and drink pics! Love it!!!

    We are Galveston people maybe I can join your team next year and do this race!


  2. Wow you have such exciting and lovely weekends! Thanks for sharing everything - it is so cool to see all those colors and decorated cars.
    Love it!

  3. It WAS fun to see so many people that night wearing their medals - we were part of the IN CROWD, baby!

    What a weekend this was.
    5ks are one thing. THIS was something I can really get into.

    My favorite part of the weekend?
    The cargo net. You kicked it's ass. Not that cargo nets have those things... I digress.

    I've noticed a common thread in many of the comments on your blog. And I agree.... You are an awesome inspiration. Watching you do these things has inspired me to continue something I started a year or so ago.

    Keep on keepin' on, Baby. You ROCK!

  5. Thanks for the fun recaps!!! Glad you wore those medals for days!

  6. Never knew Galveston was such a fun place! Your blog is educational as well as inspirational ;)

  7. Food looks great!
    You look great!
    Life is good!

  8. What a cool old mansion! I love things like that.

    We were in Austin and Waco this past weekend. We had a TOTAL blast!!


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