Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Race Weekend Recap

Saturday was my Purple Monkey 5K race. This was the first race I ever ran back in 2008. It was time to revisit it and see how far I'd progressed. Surely it would be better than the first time when a policeman offered me a ride to the finish line.

Friday Chuck and I picked up our race packets and even scored two tickets to an Astros game! That night I had my number pinned on my shirt and everything put together.  I wasn't nervous this time but I was very excited. So I didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night.

Saturday comes bright and early and I hop out of bed and am ready to go in 15 minutes. We arrived at the stadium and got to see a very nice sunrise (I've been seeing a lot of these fabled sunrises since I began this whole running thing).
 The gym was packed with people picking up their packets. I'm glad we decided to get ours the night before!
 The start/finish line.
 My running buddy Renee missed a turn on the way there. Then she got caught by a train! Poor thing got there two minutes before the race started. She ran inside and got her packet. This was her first 5K. It was also Chuck's first 5K. And there were over 600 people running. The whole race atmosphere is exciting.
The gun goes off and the runners start. Renee is on her way as fast as she can. Chuck and I wait for her then we start the race together with 5:1 run:walk intervals.

The first half mile went by fast. And then there was mile 1 where an oasis of a water station awaited.

It started to get pretty tough for me after a while. Renee was doing great and I swear I think she could have run the whole thing without a break.

Eventually I told her to just go on and not let me hold her back. She crossed the finish line at 37 minutes (or was it 36?) and then Chuck and I crossed at 38:06 minutes. Much better than the first time I ran that race at 53 minutes!

It was neat revisiting my first race and also sharing it with two other people who were participating in their first 5K.

And now the fun part: post race party. Lots of goodies! 

 I only had one bite of that donut, for the record. LOL
 Chuck did great even though he hadn't trained and his knee was bothering him. Good job! (See? Not my donut.)
 Got some free samples of Honey Milk and Five Hour Energy.

Time for door prizes and awards. The first drawing for a door prize and Renee wins it!!! Yay. And where was my award for my age group?! Is it wrong that I expect an award even though I placed 12th out of 18? LOL

 Posing with the purple monkey.
 After the race, Brooks/Powerbar sponsored runner Adrienne Langelier gave a clinic on running. She was very sweet and down to earth. She almost got in trouble when she started talking about getting old. She's almost 30. Puh-leaze. That's not old.
I was scheduled to run 4 miles that day so we got home and I finished the day by running 1 more mile at home in 11:13 minutes.

We had such a great time at the race. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Sunday called for some house cleaning and a much needed rest day. My hips were not thrilled with the race.
Monday it's time to run again. The weather was perfect but I didn't feel like running. I took it nice and slow and got my 25 minute run done. 2.01 miles at 12:27 pace. I actually had someone on dailymile.com tell me that I wouldn't be so slow if I did hill training. Why, thank you so much. Maybe I'll be faster if I drop 30 pounds and build up my endurance!

After running we had some friends over for the day. Chuck and I made homemade tacos, refried beans and mexican rice and a few drinks.  I'll let the pictures tell the story. ;-)  Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Now THAT was a nice post-race spread!!! What a great job you did with that "redemption race" - wonderful improvement on your time, my friend!!! Love all the pictures; and I know what you mean about seeing the sunrise more often now that you are a runner.

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats on the great race!!! Love all the pics. Hope your week ahead is a good one.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. I think it is great that you and Chuck do so many things together.

  4. Niiiiiiiice time on that one!! Congrats! I love any race day with donuts and Whataburger and beer. [Imagine Homer Simpson slobbering and saying, "MMMMMM, donuts and Whataburger and beer"]

  5. Congrats on the race!!
    Wow, how funny of a spread for runners!!!!!

  6. Congratulations Kelly! What a great improvement on your time :D

    And fun party, too!

  7. You might be even faster at your next 5K if you start doing hills. JUST KIDDING!!!

  8. Hit enter before I was finished. You did an AWESOME job of beating your time...I am so impressed!

    The food you made looks great and it looks like a fun time was had by all.

    You and Chuck make such a lovely couple...I really love how supportive he is of you. Great guy!!!

  9. You could had the purple chicken to go with the purple monkey!
    You are doing so good- Kelly - you look so happy!

  10. Congrats on a great race and improving your time! Loved seeing the pics.

    I hate it when people tell/judge me about how fast I should run. Everybody's different (I'm a slow runner) and does the best he or she can do. I always say to myself that I might be slow but at least I'm doing it, there are so many people who don't do what I do.

    And about those hills: I've learned their good for your strength. You'll get faster by adding speedwork and tempo runs to your training but that's just my 2 (slow) cents.

  11. You would get faster with hill training, or track training but unless you're complaining about your speed, they shouldn't offer unsolicited advice!!

    Congratulations on SMASHING your old time with that new PR. I say by next year you do it in 33 minutes :D

  12. Kelly...are those the infamous Birthday cake shots that you were talking about? Looks like ya'll had a great time! I am so happy that Chuck ran this one with you...maybe the start of many!

    Take care dear friend!


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