Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running and Biking and Cooking

Are you getting sick of me talking about exercising day in and day out? :)  It's time for some adventure, right? Well, it's not happening today. This weekend is Beachpalooza. I'm going to fill this blog with pictures on Monday! Shelley and I (or would that be me??) and our hubbies will be hanging out in Galveston all weekend. You know there are going to be some pictures. We'll be regulars at LaKing's this weekend. I have a table reserved for us the entire weekend. (not really but that would be so awesome!) (ok, maybe not awesome for the waistline.) (but omg, can you imagine?!)

OK. So yesterday  I told you about the bike ride. I also told you that I was going to lift weights. Didn't happen. Ugh. Sometimes life happens and the time slips by.(go ahead and shake your finger at me. I deserve it.) Today those weights will be lifted whether they like it or not!! They can protest all they want but those weights will be lifted repeatedly. And I shall laugh at them.

Yesterday I tried on some running gear. Why, oh why, do all of the tops fit so tight and show all my belly bulges? And why must my booty hang out of all the shorts?! I left feeling not too happy. Maybe I'll embrace the bulge and just get some clothes and be done with it. Really I want new clothes so I'm not always posting me wearing the same thing! Must fashionize the exercise routines. ;)

Then grocery store. Not my favorite chore. But I did find these low carb margarita, mojito and pina colada mixes on clearance!! These are really good and 0 calories. Well, the pina colada has a few but it's not bad.
 Guess what Kroger has by the water flavoring mixes. Sugar free electrolyte tablets! Hellz yeah I bought some but I haven't tried them yet. They're a little pricey ($5.99 I think) but cheaper than the nasty Nathan tablets I bought at the running store.
 How did these make it home with me?! And this is the big boy bag. 12 ounces. I've had 4 (M&Ms, not 4 bags). Feel free to applaud my self control because these babies are good! Oh, and there is another bag that snuck home with me that's not pictured here. Maybe I'm just starting to ease into island time for this weekend. Mojito and pina colada mix? Coconut M&Ms. Hmmm.
 I love cooking up some good dinners but some nights I'd rather chew broken glass than get in the kitchen. On those nights I have to get creative (in other words, embrace the lazy Kelly). So I bought 4 baked chicken breasts at the grocery store, some salad mix, real bacon bits (none of that fake crap for me lol), shredded cheese and instant dinner. It was really quite good! Served in my elegant plastic storage container. I'm not only lazy but classy! ;)

The scale was sweet talking me this morning. 175.4! Now if I can only get it to say 160. But after my run it said 173.8!! Water loss.

Had a run scheduled this fine Thursday morning. I'm not a morning person but I'm slowly changing that. I'm loving the sunrises so much. They're just so pretty and each one is different.

Sorry it's blurry. I paused the Garmin during a run segment to take the pic so my heart was probably pounding and made for a blurry pic. :)
 Not a great run. My legs felt tired and my breathing was off. I was sucking air but couldn't seem to get enough for my lungs. I felt like I was going so slow!!

Well, color me shocked! I did pretty good!
25 minutes, 2.1 miles, 11:56 pace, avg HR 162 bpm

Did you see that? In the 11s! I know that's not fast but it's pretty darn fast for me! My running interval splits were:
11:18, 11:18, 11:17, 11:23, 10:19   Yay!

Time for weekly picture update.
Half marathon training week 7. I really don't see a difference from week 1 but the weight is down and the clothes are fitting quite nicely.

I'm SO excited!!!!! Tomorrow I leave for Galveston. I love that island. Almost moved there once. ;)

Have yourself a fantastic day.


  1. Looking good, Kelly. I hope you enjoy your weekend away. I'm always inspired by your perseverance at your running.

  2. Good grief! You look so freakin' good.

    Fantastic job. Really fantastic.

  3. You are going to have a fantastic weekend!!
    You look awesome :)

  4. Oh you guys will have so much fun! Who me? Jealous? Moi?

    I find running clothes are different in sizing and fit depending on the brand... just like regular clothes. Sigh. You could solve everything with the tops by buying a size larger. I do that sometimes.

    Oh, and I'm surprised Chuck didn't reach down and bonk So Fat on the top of his head! Ha!

  5. Oh I WISH we didn't have things planned this weekend (bonus sons 13th birthday party and Walk Like MADD 5K on Saturday)...I would so be in Galveston with you!! I just told hubby last night that I needed some "us sans kids" time...BADLY!!

    Have a great weekend and have a GREAT BEACHPALOOZA!!!

  6. Haha, I think you are DEFINITELY on island time already, with your grocery store purchases!

    Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. :) :) :)

  7. You look great Kelly!!! Have a great time on the beach.

  8. I may have said it before but that won't stop me from saying it again. You have hot legs!!!

    Have fun in Galveston...I will be eagerly awaiting the pics!

  9. I always never don't go. That's why I joined a gym class. To make me go! Have fun in Galveston!

  10. Good luck on the beach!!! It's an awesome weekend to get out and do something in tropical Galveston. You and Shelley will have a blast!

    And just FYI on the nuun stuff... all the hardcore lady-rowers used it all summer and they are in looooooove. Check out this website (or just google "nuun cocktails") - there are recipes for cocktails with it:

  11. I've already saw some photos on Facebook of you and Shelley and it looks you're having a great time.

    You know, the tight running tops show all my curves too but I don't give a sh*t about that. I like it when my running clothes fit and aren't to wide. If people don't like the way I look, they just have to look the other way.


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