Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will Run (or Swim) for Beer

Tuesday evening Chuck and I went to a beer dinner at BJ's Brewhouse. They have these quarterly and for $30 per person you get a 5 course meal and a ton of beer. There's a different beer company represented each time.

We sat at a table with some nice folks. This dinner was much more crowded than the Sam Adams dinner a while back! There was a beer rep, the manager and the chef who would come by and tell us about what we were eating or drinking.

Before the dinner even started we had a beer from the bar. I think it was called Jeremiah Red. Loved it.
 The menu for the evening. The pizza slice was incredible! Haven't had pizza in a while.
 This was tasty. Seared tuna and slaw. BJ's wasabi is so hot! We talked to the chef and he was very friendly. Told us about the ingredients they use and how he prepared them and how he matched the beers. He even brought out the box of wasabi they use. He said they tried making their own but it wasn't as good as this one brand that they buy premade. It's spicy!
 I took pictures of all the beer but I don't want to bore you with pic after pic of beer. Sometimes they'd give me two beers instead of one. These dinners are ridiculous in how much they give you.
 Then one of the beers was mixed with another beer.
I felt no pain when I left. I had fun sharing my favorite resources for wine & spirit dinners with the guys at the table. It was a great time.

Good thing I'm running because a splurge dinner like that can set you back a bit in the calorie department.

And why just stick to running when there are so many other fun things to do?! I also got in a shipment of swimming gear!
swimsuit, kickboard, goggles, purple and a black swimcap.
I tried to channel my inner Shelley when I ordered. She's always so good at matching things. The theme, obviously, is purple and black. Kind of like a bruise. ha!

Question for you swimmers: are "racing" swimsuits supposed to be so tight? I mean, I went by the sizing chart but dang. Not only that but the racing back barely has enough material to cover my rear. And we're not even going to talk about the view from the side. I just hope everything stays where it belongs or I'll be banned from the YMCA. 

I got everything at You can see vies of the swimsuit here both front and back. I'm really not used to wearing so little in public. There will be an adjustment period.
Wednesday was a rest day and I took it. No weights or cross training of any kind. My legs were a little bit sore from the hill training. Poor legs. They've been working hard for me lately.

I ended up cleaning house a little and changing bird cages. I'll admit it: I was pretty lazy. Hey! It said REST DAY. lol Just following the schedule.
Thursday. Time to run again. I had trouble getting my act together this morning. By the time I got outside it was already very hot. Seems to be a theme lately.

I'm not sure why but my shoulders were a little sore this morning. Anyway, I took the first interval at a faster pace on purpose. 11:04 pace.  The second interval I took slow and it felt perfect. 12:30 pace. The next interval I took a little faster. 12:02 pace. And the last two minutes I pushed it. 9:56 pace. 

Those last two minutes were tough but I do enjoy seeing what I can do. It's such a difference from just 4 weeks ago! Overall it was still a slow run. Sorry, I was built for comfort not speed.

20 minutes, 1.63 miles, 12:15 pace, avg HR 166 bpm

Time for the weekly update picture. This is week 4 of half marathon training. Post run this morning.


  1. I'm so glad to hear about BJ's - we just got one up here that I pass on the way home from work everyday. Now that I'm back-to-beer-drinking, I can't wait to try one of their dinners!

    I love when you feel good enough at the end of a run to really pusssssshhhhh that pace! I am excited about getting back into running, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get into swimming like you and Shelley...

  2. I would venture to say that the beer had something to do with the run feeling hard as well. Even if I don't overdo it, a run definitely feels different when I imbibe. Still for your heat and the beer you had a great run!

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Wish they did something like that around here :)

  4. Wow you look great and after working out too! I need to work on that haha.
    Is that a running skirt that you wear?

  5. Girl, your legs are looking thin!!! Very cute running outfit. And your new swim stuff is awesome - I have that exact same purple swim cap. Much approval on the color coordination, too. :) You want your suits to be tight so there's no drag in the water. I'm sure you look fine in it - like you said, just an adjustment for you. Wait until you go with a 100% polyester suit - talk about zero give!

  6. Looks at those legs!! Lookin' good momma =) ... You are doing awesome with your running! Keep it up!!

  7. Love that pic of you Kelly - Your legs ARE doing alot for you lately!
    And the beer and the hard run - well, when I gave up drinking (yikes) my body said "Thank You" by giving me faster times AND faster recovery times!
    Now I pass all the time.... and I get to say "Cuz I'm in training!"

  8. Can I just look AMAZING !!!

  9. What a great evening, funny that 2 of the beers had Dutch words in it: Wit Bier and Oud Bruin (white beer and old brown).

    Love your swimming suit, isn't it great how Shelly motivates us at swimming?

    The rest day you took is necessary. On my rest day I sometimes clean the house but everything else I do is walk my dog on those days.

  10. I only have a few words to say about this have great legs!!! That is all.


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