Thursday, October 6, 2011

Go, Speed Racer!

Speedy. Fast. Those are not words I've ever had describe me. Well, I used to be a speed demon when I drove a 1970 Chevelle that was tricked out nicely. ;) But running and biking? Never fast.

My running schedule called for "speed drills." Feh! This will be easy right? Only 8 minutes running? No problem.  Then I did them! Problem.

My heart was pounding and I was gasping for air by the end of those 8 minutes. One problem I had (besides exhaustion) was the track was way too curvy for speed work. I was supposed to try to do these drills on something not as hard as concrete so I went to a pea gravel track at my local YMCA. Some curves are so sharp that you must slow down to turn. Not going to work. I really must find another track.

8x30-30 That's what I did. It means that I ran hard for 30 seconds and then recovered for 30 seconds, repeat 8 times. For recovery I jogged very slowly.
.71 miles, 8 minutes, 11:11 overall pace

My all-out running paces of the intervals:
7:59 (hellz yeah!), 9:26, 9:32, 9:18, 10:02, 9:48, 10:26 (stupid curves in track), 9:16

So my first speed drills weren't as speedy as I'd like. I expect to see improvement next time. ;)
Even though that was a tough workout, I just didn't feel like 8 minutes was enough to call it a day. So I got home and decided to try to install my Garmin speed/cadence sensor on my bike.

I'm so bad at doing things like this! Why are the instructions so difficult to understand?! Usually I just turn things over to Chuck but I was very impatient wanted to see if I could do it myself.

I sat on the concrete and became an instant snack for several ants. Ouch! I could have gotten a chair to sit on or even move to a different location but one ant crawled up my shorts and bit my thigh and it was on!! War was declared and I started an all-out massacre on the ants. I was so angry with them. I let a few live so they could run home and tell of the horror of that day. It is now in their history books.

Then karma bit me in the rear. The wind blew my bike over which caused my kickstand to scape up the side of my leg as it fell. I was afraid to look because I thought there was going to be blood and Kelly bits everywhere but it wasn't too bad. Sure did hurt though!

After a while I finally got it installed and tested. With some adjustments I was able to get it to work. YAY!!!
 The sensors are on the bar, the pedal and the spoke. And it works with my Forerunner 305.

Of course, I had to take it out for a test drive.
30:40 minutes, 6.53 miles,12.8 mph, average cadence 86
I wanted to keep the cadence at 90 so I was a little off.
Another picture of shopping from my trip when I went to visit Shelley. I really can't believe we didn't buy the boots we tried on. So cute. :)
I skipped running this morning. I needed a day off.

Tonight I have a running clinic about injury prevention and the guy from Newton shoes will be there!

Have yourself a great day and be happy. :)


  1. Awesome scar!
    You are now a certified bike mechanic. You make me proud. So many things - nothing gets in your way!

  2. Ouchies! Getting that cadence thing right on a bike is hard - I have a Catseye thingie on mine and I remember struggling with it...and eventually turning it over to Jeff to get it right, so YAY YOU for doing this on your own!!!

    Speed drills are tough.

    Oh, and you need to go buy those boots. And the pumps! What were we thinking, leaving those cute shoes at the store?!?

  3. Ouch! I'm glad you didn't get hurt worse than the scrape. Sounds like you need a day off. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. DANG - you look really great!
    Glad you are not too banged up!

  5. Yikes! That looks painful!

    Great job on the speed drills. You are such a machine!

    Yay to finishing the installation!

  6. I am so not technical either - I always think I can do it, but Tony ends up fixing it in the end.

    Thank goodness I have a handy husband or we'd both be screwed!

    That was so nice of you to take care of Shelley! :D


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