Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ode to My Love

When we first got together we didn't always get along. There were days when I didn't really like you at all! Some days it bordered on hate. And you weren't exactly nice to me either.

I quit you a lot but I always came back to you. Everyone else seemed to enjoy you so much that I didn't want to miss out. I couldn't stay away.

It wasn't until a couple of months ago that we started getting together four times a week that I realized that I had fallen for you. I felt so good after our sessions! I was so happy every time we got together! I felt so full of energy and my mood was so good! Some days that euphoria carried on throughout the entire day.

It wasn't until this week when we couldn't get together according to our schedule (because you hurt me last weekend) that I realized how much I missed you. I felt down. I felt sluggish. I missed you.

And today we were reunited. It felt so good to be together again! I loved every moment of it.

I love you, running. I'm so glad I didn't give up on you because I'm having a lot of fun and I don't want it to end. Let's get together again this Sunday.

I woke up this morning for my first run since last weekend. The back of my leg had been hurting because I may have overdone it and/or twisted something running in the dark while dodging pedestrians in Galveston for the 5K Friday. Either way, I haven't been exercising all week and I really missed it!

But it was 46* outside when I got up. Um, I don't do cold. I know, I know. That's not cold to many of you guys. But this Bahama Momma likes it warm.

I usually give up running in the winter so I wasn't quite sure how to dress for the cold. Helen sent me a link to Runner's World to help me dress appropriately. I thought I was doing it right but I didn't. I ended up dressed like this:
After one lap around the block I had to go back home and shed some layers. In the end this is what I was left with:
Half marathon training week 11
It's good to be back running the roads.
25 minutes, 2.22 miles, 11:16 pace
Ran 5:1 intervals (5 minutes running, 1 minute walking)
My running splits: 10:29, 10:32, 10:56, 10:48, 8:34
Did you see that last one?? Yeah, I pushed it for the last minute of running and got 8:34. I was pumped!

So my love and I have been reunited. May our relationship be long and pain free!


  1. Me first? Woo!
    It's ok to have an ambivalent relationship with running but if he's hurting you, dump him for Mr. Bicycle.

  2. When I saw your post on FB my immediate thought was, "I would wear a long sleeve technical shirt, and either capri-lengh pants or loose pants." Looks like that's what you ended up with LOL!

    I sent you the link so you could figure it out for yourself. The link works well if you admit how you like to feel when you run and are accurate about your temps and wind conditions... although a lot of times it recommends a hat and I am so NOT a wear a hat runner so I usually skip that.

  3. I have that "I hate you, why am I doing this?" relationship with running for about the first mile, usually. Then we fall in love most of the time and hold hands for the rest of the run.

    It's been so long since I've run in cool weather, but I probably would have worn capris, a long-sleeved shirt, maybe a vest, and gloves (my hands get cold!). You'll figure it out. :)

  4. Im so happy you have a good love.. Hoo Hum. Im still trying my hardest to get running more than 2 min before I go back to power walking. You are motivating me though.. :)

  5. Fun! May you and your running have a long and happy future together!!!

  6. Great post Kelly! And way to get out there when it was cold - it was 37 the other day and I chickened out!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Reunited and it feels so good...sing it with me Kelly!!!

  8. You have great resolve. Take care of the knees and feet: I know you do.


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