Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have so much catching up to do. I'll keep it as short as possible and just touch on some highlights. I can't believe I haven't posted since last week!!

Friday was a "rest" day for me so I took it easy by going for a 7.2 mile bike ride. I clocked in at the lightning speed of 12.3 mph. Watch out, Lance Armstrong!!  You about to be schooled on Living Strong.  (I'm just talking smack.)

I was feeling pretty good after my ride and decided to go check out some road bikes at Bike Barn (I've come to realize that I like places with the word "barn" in them: Dressbarn, Bike Barn, Burger Barn...weird).

Road bikes are stupid expensive!! I fell for a carbon frame one.  Only $3300!!! Only. Geez. I do have good taste if I say so myself. It's a Trek Specialized called Ruby. And she wants to come home with me. But her adoption fee is a bit steep. She will be mine one day.
 On the way home I stopped at a park where I love to feed the geese and take the canoe out for a paddle. This sign cracked me up. Looks like the Screamer is drowning.
 Armand Bayou. Great place to paddle in the Houston area.

Later that evening Chuck and I went out for some dinner. I had beef fajitas and one (yes, only ONE!) blue margarita. After all, I had a long run the next morning.

Saturday morning I got up at the ridiculous hour of 5:30am to go for a 6 mile run with my running club. It was dark when we started and I could see the different running groups running around with their blinking lights.

I had been nervous about this run but it turned out to be great!!! Our group took it very slow and by the time we were back at the parking lot it wasn't quite 6 miles yet. So me and my running buddy Renee decided to run around some more until we hit 6 miles. Fortunately we're both numbers girls and like even numbers. I already had it in my head that I was running 6 miles and anything less would have been disappointing.

Afterwards I felt fantastic!!! I felt like I could have gone further. Now that's a great feeling. We ran 6 miles at the blinding pace of 13:13.  No world records were set that day.

Then it was time for Mexican food and Bloody Marys!

Renee gave me the shirt she had made for our relay next weekend. (more about the relay later) I LOVE this shirt!!!!
 We had a pretty decent group of people show up for the social hour. Here's part of the running club.

I'd never had a Bloody Mary before. The verdict? No, sir. I didn't like it! One of the coaches got a beer instead. At 8:30am. Running clubs are awesome!

I felt so good after the run that once I got cleaned up and installed a water cage on my bike. It really shouldn't have been as difficult as it was for me. But I finally figured it out.

And a bllinkie light!! The rear one required me seeking help. But here's the front blinkie that I put on. Love lights!

Sunday was a "rest" day. I really should have observed that but I had some energy to burn. My hips were very irritated with my decision to ignore the scheduled rest day. As a matter of fact, they were a bit pissy about the run Saturday. I told them to man up and deal with it.

So I went on a bike ride. I rode all over the place. On the road a car got too close and I had a "kelly moment" and tried to honk my horn at it. My bike doesn't have a horn like my car. Oops.  I even got on a major highway! Don't worry: I wore a helmet. Safety third!

I had planned on riding 7 miles. But then I decided on 10. Then I figured, "Why not 12?!" 
Bike ride: 12.55 miles, 12.5 mph pace

That afternoon we went over to our friends' house. The whole house was decorated for Halloween!  I was enamored by this life sized pirate!!
They cooked us dinner and we got to hang out and laugh and have a great time. When we were leaving we could hear coyotes yipping in a field nearby!! Crazy, right?

Monday I had a run scheduled. Hips and calves were still complaining so I told them if they cooperated we would take it slow. Compromise reached, I headed out the door.
30 minutes, 2.35 miles, 12:44 pace
Nothing specatcular but it got done.

Then I packed and got on the road to see Shelley. She was having ankle surgery and needed some help getting home. And I needed an excuse to go see her! So it all worked out! I even got to meet Paco the Wonder Dog!!! Paco and I are now best friends. That dog has the biggest personality. He listens to every word you say. He'll even growl to be a part of the conversation!

Shelley, Jeff and I went out for dinner then out for frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Holy yum!!! 

Then we ditched Jeff and went shopping. Oh my gosh. So much fun!!! We grabbed an armful of clothes and tried things on and critiqued each other like an episode of What Not to Wear. It was hilarious! We tried on jeans that were supposed to lift our rears. We couldn't tell if it worked so we took pictures of our butts. Yep! We were lifted!!

Then trying on of all the shoes. Shelley and I rocked some leopard skin boots. I still can't believe we didn't buy them. Shelley is wearing the boots with shorts. We are so chic.

These red shoes wanted to come home with me. Still kind of kicking myself for not getting them.
 I did come home with a jacket though. Navy blue peacoat that's really a hoodie. Sounds terrible. Looks great. :)

I set my alarm on my phone to get me up super early. I finaly pass out and at 12:45am my phone goes off. I got a text! It's from Chuck and says, "Stupid dog barking!"
So I reply with something like "sorry." I don't remember.
He says, "Why are you still awake?"  Um, because you woke me by sending a text?!

Tuesday Leave Shelley's around 5:50am to get to the hospital for the operation.  She gets prepped and ready to go.
Everything went fine. It took a little under and hour and a half for the doctor to remove some "spurs" of bone from her ankle. I got to see pictures!! Very cool.

Doctor said this should solve the problems and she'll be back running painfree soon. YAY!!!!!!

Got Shelley home and tucked in bed, said goodbye to Paco (and Shelley, of course!!) and headed home.

And here I am. Home. No exercise today. The only running I did was running the roads and that's ok.

Yeah, I guess I've been a little busy. But I've been having a good time and very happy. I guess you might even say that I'm a Happy Texan. ;-)


  1. I have to say, the shopping was the best part. Next time let's just skip that whole surgery thing and concentrate on clothes and shoes!

    Thanks for coming - you were a tremendous help and it was nice to have someone with a fully-functioning brain to talk with the doctor after. :)

  2. WOW - Tell Shelly HI for me!
    And you....what fun you always have!

  3. Hi Kelly. Sounds like your running group are great. Also great that Shelley has come through the surgery well. All the best for the running week ahead!!!

  4. Best wishes to Shelley for a speedy recovery!

    You have been busy and I have concluded that you are in fact a Happy Texan!

  5. What a great friend you are! Glad someone was there to help Shelley out!

    Pick me up a Trek too when you get yours :)


  6. First you are such a great and lovely friend to help Shelley and I'm jealous you got to meet Paco!

    I would have bought the red shoes too, love, love, love them!

    Great training the past couple of days. I have this 'obsession' about numbers too, there always has to be a zero at the end. I would never run 5.35 it has to be 5.30 or 5.40 miles. If my training plan says 30 minutes tempo training and the 30 minutes are over and the Garmin says 5.35 I run till I hit 5.40. Call me crazy, guess I am LOL

  7. I want to go shopping with you two! You are a good friend :) $3300 for a bike? I didn't pay that much for my kid's last car. Well, I didn't pay for it, he did.

    Your body really cooperated, mine would have went on strike! You made me tired just reading it all.

    Sounds like your life is really good. Good for you!

  8. You guys did not buy the boots/shoes?


    Do not comprehend.


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