Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Staying Active

I'm pretty sure that if Weight Watcher activity points were dollars I'd be a rich woman!

I have a passion for living. Or as the song says, "Lust for Life!" I want to do things and experience all I can. I spent a good time on this blog worried about counting every calorie and stepped on the scale every time I walked past it. My focus has shifted more to staying active and having fun! Now if I incorporate healthy eating I think I might just get that athlete's body I've always wanted. Time will tell. Either way, I'm not stopping what I'm doing. This is way too much fun!

Tuesday I woke up sore. My arms and rear mostly. (TMI??) It hurt to brush my teeth! But I had an "easy" run scheduled for 20 minutes so no excuses. Just do it!

Easy? There was nothing easy about it! Never did find my groove and it felt like I was plodding along. Imagine what a zombie would look like running. That was my form. Plod, plod, plod. I may have had my mouth hanging open and drooling too. I don't remember. It was not the run of a Kenyan, I'll tell you that much!

I guessed I was probably running in the 14 minute per mile pace. I just kept telling myself that at least I was doing it. The legs didn't really hurt they just didn't want to be involved in the program. They had a conversation with my lungs and both agreed that running sucks. (Later that night I actually ordered a shirt that says "Running Sucks".)

I posted my run on and mentioned going to the store to look for M&Ms with a chewy Vicodin center. Imagine my surprised when I found out that I ran an 11:39 pace! It's not fast for most of you peeps out there but for me that's pretty awesome. Especially since it felt like I was going so slow. Speed racer I am not. But I'm improving.

20 minutes, 11:39 pace, 1.72 miles.
running interval paces were 10:50, 11:06, 11:25, 10:34

I felt pretty good about myself after that! Even wore the necklace that Chuck had given to me after I completed my own challenge of completing a 5K every single day for 30 days last fall. I mostly walked them but it was a sense of accomplishment to get out there every single day no matter the weather or circumstance and get in my 3.1 miles. Sometimes I'd be out there at 11pm or in the rain or cold but I did it! And this necklace was perfect and I felt like I earned the opportunity to wear it again Tuesday.


Chuck came home early so we could go to the doctor and get the MRI results for his knee. His has a meniscus tear in his knee. In other words, there is a piece of cartilage that is torn and needs to be clipped off. It's a minor surgery and he should be able to take up all normal sports (running, biking, etc) in three weeks.  Now to get it scheduled!

After the doctor's appointment we went to the gun range and shot Chuck's new toy: a Glock 34 9mm. This will be his new competition pistol I think. I have trouble keeping up with that.
Checking for accuracy.
 My turn! So much fun!! There is a casing right above my right hand in midair. Very cool. I have no idea if I even hit the paper.
 Then to the steel plates to shoot a .22 with a red dot scope. That's my favorite. It's a "blast"! (see what I just did right there? Blast? LOL)
 Then the expert comes along and shows me how it's really done.
 It was such a pretty day to kill paper.
Wednesday is a scheduled rest day from running which means I am supposed to cross train. Biking for me!

I rode all over the place. I even got on a scary major highway again. I realized that I can peddle really fast when fear motivates me!! My legs don't hurt at all! Adrenaline takes over and I'm Lance-ette Armstrong!

14.02 miles, 13.6 avg pace, 87 rpm average cadence, 1 hour 1 minute.

Very nice ride and I felt great!!! Can't wait to try riding a road bike.

Have yourself a great day and have fun while staying active. There are so many new things to try! It's pretty much limitless. :)


  1. Shooting guns is awesome! Probably a decent arm workout too, lifting and lowering that hunk o metal. Sounds like fun!!!

  2. You are such an inspiration !! Reading your blog now is like reading a different person's !! I hope to someday be able to accomplish losing some weight & be as "alive" as you are.
    Keep it up !!

  3. I remember that 30 days of 5K's. Quite the challenge! Don't evern think you need to re-earn that pendant, because you definitely don't. One foot in front of the other will always get you across a finish line (real or imaginary).

    Mr. Helen had pretty major meniscus surgery a few years back and was back to full contact martial arts and running after only 6 weeks. It's amazing what surgeons can do with all the new technology!

  4. Love the necklace. Sounds like your running is going just fine, even though some days might not feel like it. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm so glad you have shifted focus from the scale to activity - and the fun that comes along with it. :)

  6. You really DO have a passion for living!
    And you do it so well!

  7. Great necklace...I am always as impressed by Chuck as I am by you!

    Hope the surgery gets scheduled soon, and that Chuck heals quickly!

  8. Kelly, even your rough runs are inspiring to me. I hope you will keep sharing your stories.

  9. What a blessing to have such a supportive husband but also you reciprocate, too.

  10. Yay for your passion for life and your activity. Hope Chuck is better soon.


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